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Thread: The Aura Shoppe

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    Default The Aura Shoppe

    Credit to Codeyokoo for the Banner
    Okay, this is my NEW sprites shop,now that I have even more free-time, so lets all enjoy! But first, rules!
    Rules!!!(Must be followed!)
    1. All Serebii rules apply.
    2. If you have a strike, please don't post here until your short period ban is gone.
    3. If the first page says I'm closed, I'm closed due to stack up of stuff or I'm gone for awhile, requesting while I'm gone will result in a strike.
    4. Don't act ticked off if I do a sprite not near how you imagined. Just VM me and we'll talk it out, and I'll try again, being rude will give a strike.
    5. Please give credit, it's not nice to take it and not give credit to my work, not giving credit will give you 3 strikes!.
    6. Only up to 3 requests a day.

    Bekidding's List
        Spoiler:- What Bekidding Can Do!:

    Wolftamer's List
        Spoiler:- What Wolftamer Can Do:

    Fanal's List **Inactive**
        Spoiler:- Fanal's Works:

    HydroSwampert's List
        Spoiler:- HydroSwampert's Work:

        Spoiler:- Those who shalt not be named!:

        Spoiler:- Happenings:

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