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    Default DarkStar's Shiny & Event Drive-Thru - 400+ to choose from!

    [IMG]http://i51.*******.com/97iexz.png[/IMG] Welcome to my Shiny & Event Trade Shop. I put time in organizing my pokemon, showing the same courtesy is greatly appreciated! [IMG]http://i51.*******.com/97iexz.png[/IMG]

    *Credit to Gladeshadow, Fissurous and FILIP22 for the trophies.

    I need more PC space so I am giving away some free Pokemon rather than releasing them. These prizes are for PEOPLE WHO SUCCESSFULLY TRADES WITH ME only. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and take 1-3 Pokemon. All Pokemon are Shiny.

        Spoiler:- Free:


    Greece edition SMR2011 Shelmet, Karrablast & Zoroark available!

    Added 14 more Pokemon
        Spoiler:- New:


    ¸.•*´RULES `*•.¸

    1. All SPPF rules apply.
    2. Clones and RNG abuse is fine.
    3. I clone my Pokemon. Cloning services are available based on my interest.
    4. Post your offer in my thread or PM or VM me. I will reply via thread or PM or VM.
    5. Please include in your offer – Pokemon name, nature, level, egg moves, UT/BT/T and if caught in a Master ball where applicable. This is guaranteed to save time.
    6. DO NOT offer me something I already have unless it's a replacement. Repeat fails of obeying this rule will result in ban.
    7. Include your FC somewhere in your signature or post.
    8. I will only look up IVs/EVs/HPs for pokemon under “Flawless and near flawless List”.
    9. All Pokemon are Fully Redistributable.
    10. Not accepting Pokemon with "Alex 33394", "PABLO 15721", "Brandon 63288", "Johnny 50908", "HRM 47601". All hacks.

    DISCLAIMER: All of the pokemon in my shop are legit to my knowledge. If you find any hacked Pokemon, I will gladly give you back what you’ve traded me. Evidence must be provided with your claim. i.e screenshots of your source.

    My FC is 3611 1046 3839
    I operate under EST Timezone (GMT-5)
    UNAVAILBLE for trades Mon-Thurs 7:30pm-11:00pm
    ¸.•*´RATIOS `*•.¸

    Any Shiny = Any Shiny or Event *Excluding DW/Shiny Event
    DW Shiny = 2 Shiny
    Shiny Event = 2 Shiny

    Note: Shiny Event does not apply for fixated shiny events.

    ¸.•*´LEGEND `*•.¸

    UT = Untouched
    BT = Barely Touched (Evolved through trade, >1 Lv. Gain)
    T =Touched (<1 Lv. Gain)
    PM = Private Message
    VM = Visitor Message
    FC = Friend Code
    IV = Individual Values
    EV = Effort Values
    DW = Dream World
    HP = Hidden Power

    ¸.•*´SHINY POKEMON `*•.¸ - - 410 Shinies (152 Flawless Shinies)

        Spoiler:- Gen 1:

        Spoiler:- Gen 2:

        Spoiler:- Gen 3:

        Spoiler:- Gen 4:

        Spoiler:- Gen 5:

        Spoiler:- Flawless and near flawless List:

        Spoiler:- Legendary:

    ¸.•*´EVENT POKEMON `*•.¸ - - 149 Events

        Spoiler:- 2003:

        Spoiler:- 2004:

        Spoiler:- 2005:

        Spoiler:- 2006:

        Spoiler:- 2007:

        Spoiler:- 2008:

        Spoiler:- 2009:

        Spoiler:- 2010:

        Spoiler:- 2011:

        Spoiler:- Dream World Events - no OT Mat 30160:

    ¸.•*´WANTS `*•.¸ (MUST be Shiny and UT unless specified)

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    Any other Shinies that can be UT (caught/bred) which are not listed or I don't have.
    Any Shinies that are Flawless/near flawless to replace my normal shinies (listed in Gen 1 - Gen 5 tabs)
    Any Shinies that replace my BT or T or Nicknamed Pokemon.
    Any Events I don't have listed. I don't want PCNY events.

    Not looking for unless hack-checked with Pokecheck
    Note: I have most of these Pokemon available for trade but they
    are proven to be hacked. Disclaimer does not apply.

    E4ALL Manaphy Lv. 50 UT [10187] - not accepting Timid natures
    (えいがかん) 2011 Movie Celebi Lv. 50 UT [07100]
    Pokémon Black & White Guide Treecko (Timid) Lv. 10 UT
    Pokémon Black & White Guide Torchic (Adamant) Lv. 10 UT
    Pokémon Black & White Guide Mudkip (Adamant) Lv. 10 UT
    Pokémon Pia Piplup (Modest) Lv. 10 UT
    Pokémon Pia Turtwig (Adamant) Lv. 10 UT
    PCNYb Kingdra (Mild) Lv. 35 UT [00283]
    Wish Farfetch'd (Quirky) Lv. 5 UT

    Waiting List [Yours = Mine]

    Note: This is not in any order. Come at me
    when you're available. This is a head count.


    Successful Traders

    Un0va, Fissurous (10), FILIP22 (5), Roughneck JB, Lord Of Grapes, sVx Shadow, Dakilla455, PokemonJeff, RulerOfUnova, Gad, Wardek (2), PolioParalyzer, ZottenDim, Hi There, Toawest1, SS28, ZottenDim, Kylie123, Murka101 (3), Freefaller, Lucario44444444 (2), Palkiacatcher, A Carmine FTW, Handul6, Dion_delpino (2), Ex_Hollowman, Road, Speedbump07, Stephgoesrawr, Abrar14, Anferneee, Spük (2), melhouse_06 (2), Curvee, Miyac, DeviantShiny, Local, $h1ny Hunter, Leppy420, PokeKat248, ShadowVictini, Yang Wolf, Flash2010, PokeManMonster, Keldeo 647, LavaBurst14, Grand~Kingdra, Iceberg, Warrior777, Typhlozel, Mateorafa, Darkmightyena

    Banned Traders (for life)

    Thejt, ShadowKyogre443
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