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    I don't have too much Pokemon, I've been busy with commissions. But I'll show you what I got!

    You'll see different usernames (Corona, Sora-kun, and Wendigo) They're all me, just posted on different sites.

    -- Pokemon Art --
    Team Cloudburst: For PMDAdventure on FurAffinity, it's a group where you draw to complete challenges.
    Sora-kun badge: My animal persona, a thylacine, as a badge. Following the tutorial by Northern Lights.

    -- Pet Site Commissions --
    Subeta Commission 1: Commission on the pet site Subeta.
    Chicken Smoothie Commission: Commission on the pet site Chicken Smoothie.

    -- Other Series Fanart --
    (Mostly Golden Sun)
    Roc Feather: The Roc Feather from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

    -- Fan Characters --
    Chibi pair: My personal characters sharing headphones.
    Chibi jackal: A chibi of my Twitter RP character, Keavi.
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