Welcome to the Battle Subway discussion thread and Ranking Hall! There are a
few rules that you should be aware of before you start posting.

1. All SppF rules apply
2. When posting about your current exploits in the Subway, please have at least
a few sentences. Posts like "I got pwnd by Excadril crithax whaaa?!?!" are
not acceptable and infractions will be given.
3: Please don't post your record unless you've reached 60+ battles.
4: Include the team(s) you used when posting a record streak.
5: When posting a record streak, please try to include some sort of proof,
such as a battle video or photograph. This is more for people with larger streaks
but it still wouldn't hurt.
6: DO NOT post your team in this thread to be rated. RMT's belong in
their own threads.
7: Only the Super Train records are accepted, as they go up continuously.

    Spoiler:- Example Record Post:

~Battle Subway Leaderboard~


1: Shuckle: 462 Shuckle/Gastrodon/Ferrothorn
2: poopoop: 226 Politoed/Ferrothorn/Latios
3: Vandaslaux: 145 Whimsicott/Durant/Dragonite
4: Jolteon135: 117 Politoed/Ludicolo/Scizor
5 meeeps: 102 Garchomp/Ferrothorn/Chandelure
6: misterdarvus: 94 Gengar/Garchomp/Suicune
7: Simipour: 93 Tyranitar/Excadrill/Garchomp
8: Dave Himura: 83 Slaking/Volcarona/Serperior
9: Larry: 74 Dragonite/Haxorus/Porygon-Z
10: Psycho Cut: 69 Politoed/Poliwrath/Kingdra
11: Final: 65 Starmie/Scizor/Garchomp
12: Bigheaded: 64 Uxie/Latias/Drapion
13: Kerech: 62 Darmanitan/Omastar/Ferrothorn


1: pidj: 120 Yanmega/Terrakion/Latios/Ferrothorn
2: Magikrap: 119 Metagross/Yanmega/Garchomp/Gyarados
3: fake_out: 112 Garchomp/Rotom-W/Scizor/Latios
4: Jolteon135: 111 Terrakion/Whimsicott/Scizor/Latios
5: soulsurvivor: 65 Hariyama/Cresselia/Smeargle/Jellicent
5a: pokemans1: 65 Dragonite/Machamp/Porygon2/Metagross
6: dewey911p: 63 Yanmega/Heatran/Jolteon/Latios
7: Larry: 61 Tyranitar/Heatran/Excadrill/Lucario