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    Double battles streak just ended at 65. Lost to team starting with terrakion, cresselia with cobalion and regigigas.
    Everything was going great till bright powder holding, double teaming regigigas came out and everyones attacks started missing. Didn't land a single hit before slow start wore off. Machamp was already taken out before regigigas came out or it wouldn't have been a problem. Could have gotten a lot further, probably should have just switched machamp out for metagross at the beginning. I'll just have to try again. Any thoughts or comments about the team are appreciated.

    Here's the team I used.

    I know none of my team uses any kind of multiple hitting moves but Its worked out pretty well.

    adamant, multiscale
    stats at lvl 50: 182/185/115/108/114/130
    Dragon Claw
    Fire Punch
    Dragon Dance

    One of my leads. Can always survive the start of the fight and start powering up to wreck havoc later on and has great coverage for what ever may come. I pair him with my other lead machamp to take out all of his weaknesses.

    adamant, no guard
    stats at lvl 50: 197/187/99/74/101/70 (has an 8iv in attack, sucks I know, but too lazy to breed haha)
    Stone Edge
    Ice Punch

    My other lead. Usualy just dynamic punches everything to death or protects. End up using protect a lot more than what I orginally planned but a lot of the time he ends up very low on health and draws all the attacks from dragonite so he can set up even more or get extra hits in. I'll often switch machamp out with metagross when it gets too threatening for him, but only when hes at good hp otherwise he'll just die anyways due to the slow speed.

    bold, download
    stats at lvl 50: 191/81/128/121/127/80
    Tri Attack
    Ice Beam

    Overall great extra team member who is the tank for the team. He got me through the subway boss at 8hp haha. Usualy gets thrown in when I dont know the next pokemon switching in. Has basically perfect coverage, and is the much needed special attacker to change things up a little.

    jolly, clear body
    stats at lvl 50: 168/172/159/97/115/110
    Meteor Mash
    Zen Headbutt
    Bullet Punch
    Hammer Arm

    Metagross is the perfect compliment to dragonite and machamp. He can take any hit thats super effective on them like a boss. And is able to do some serious damage in return. Bullet punch was a relatively new addition over rock slide for him and it has been awesome taking out injured foes that would other wise get an extra turn in. He can often be switched in to replace machamp when theres too many physic attackers.

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