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Thread: Battle Subway Discussion & Ranking Hall~ Now With Singles Team Building Guide!

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    I had put my White version down months ago to focus on other games, but with nothing to play, I realized I needed to get a White Trainer Card for it, and I only had done two of the five requirements, finishing the National Pokedex (648/649) and beating the Elite Four. So I figured the Battle Subway would be next, as all I needed was a 49 win streak on the Battle Subway doubles line, I had done the singles line before. Doubles had been giving me trouble for a long time, because there is such a different style of play required in doubles that I am not used to, so I put together a proper team, and managed to win 48 in a row. Here's what happened with I met Emmet.

    My team consisting of DrizzleToed, DDKingdra, NPThundurus, and SDScizor against his Excadrill, Haxorus, Chandelure, and Eelektross.

    Turn 1
    Politoed 100% / Kingdra 100% vs Excadrill 100% / Haxorus 100%

    I switch out Kingdra expecting Dragon Claw/Tail, it used Dragon Dance. Excadrill attacked Politoed with Aerial Ace, did about 20%, while Toed gets rid of Haxorus' Yache Berry.

    Turn 2
    Politoed 80% / Scizor 100% vs Excadrill 90% / Haxorus 80%

    Scizor attacks Haxorus with Bullet Punch, does about 60%, Politoed Encore's Dragon Dance, and Excadrill uses Rock Slide which did about 25% to both Scizor and Politoed.

    Turn 3
    Politoed 55% / Scizor 75% vs Excadrill 80% / Haxorus 20%

    I switch Kingdra back in now that Haxorus is basically dead weight, meanwhile Excadrill uses Aerial Ace on Kingdra for about 30%, and Politoed puts Haxorus to sleep with Hypnosis.

    Turn 4
    Politoed 55% / Kingdra 70% vs Excadrill 70% / Haxorus 20%

    Kingdra uses Dragon Dance, Excadrill uses Earthquake, killing Haxorus and putting both Politoed and Kingdra in the 10% range, Politoed finishes it off with Scald.

    Turn 5
    Politoed 10% / Kingdra 10% vs Chandelure 100% / Eelektross 100%

    Kingdra uses Waterfall on Eelektross, does 95%, while Eelektross KO's Kingdra with Thunderbolt, and Chandelure KO's Politoed with Shadow Ball.

    Turn 6
    Scizor 100% / Thundurus 100% vs Chandelure 100% / Eelektross 5%

    Scizor uses Bullet Punch to KO Eelektross, and Thundurus uses Thunder to KO Chandelure, it was a critical hit, though I'm not sure Chandelure would have survived a non crit Thunder.

    44-30008-43386 is the number of the Battle Video if you're interested, and the link above leads to a detailed version of the team.

    I'll probably just leave it at 49 wins for now though, because I don't need any more BP, I bought all the TMs, have all the items, and don't need the Vitamins with 118 BP to spare, but also because I mostly did this for the trainer card, if I was to do the Battle Subway again, it would definitely be singles rather than doubles.
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    So I attempte the Super Single Line once long ago in Black, and lost on Battle 48 due to not having a Dragon counter. I gave it another run with a new team here in Black 2, and I've pulled off a streak of 116 wins! I actually decided to go with the Truant Durant strategy, but that actually led to a loss the first time on battle 35 due to Quick Claw from a Dragonite, but anyway, now for the team itself. And of course, the proof.
        Spoiler:- Picture Proof:

    Durant @ Choice Scarf
    Timid Nature
    EV's: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
    Ability: Truant
    ~ Entrainment
    ~ X-Scissor
    ~ Iron Head
    ~ Superpower

    Obviously, this guy led the team for me. Timd with perfect Speed IV and maximum Speed investment meant I'd outspeed anything, though I don't know what was the maximum investment needed anyway. Not like it needed anything more, but the strategy was as simple as it gets. Entrainment to turn the opponent's ability into Truant, and then switch to Haxorus or Gyarados so they could set up and sweep. This strategy worked on anything that didn't know Fake Out, but aside from that, all I had to look out for were potential Explosions, U-Turn/Volt Switch, and anything that happened to use Protect. In the even of one of these moves being used, I had X-Scissor/Iron Head for STAB, and Superpower for coverage, but that was mainly filler since Durant rarely needed to fight, if at all.

    Haxorus @ Focus Sash
    Nature: Adamant
    EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Protect
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Earthquake

    My primary sweeper. I chose him over Garchomp because of better attack and Dragon Dance, which helps with Scarfed Guillotine Pinser and the like. Anything that Durant could get with Entrainment became set-up bait for Haxorus, Protecting on turns the opponent could attack an Dragon Dancing on the other turns until stats were good enough for a sweep. Sash is in case of Quick Claw or Brightpowder hax, as well as opposing Sturdy users and opposing Sash users. Simple enough, with Dragon Claw being used over Outrage so that I wouldn't be locked into it if a Steel type comes out. And with all these boosts, Dragon Claw was usually enough. Earthquake is for the Steels, though if it was possible, I would have gone with Fire Punch for Skarmory, and Gyarados also packs Earthquake. Haxorus definitely got more use of the two sweepers, though.

    Gyarados @ Leftovers
    Nature: Naive
    EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Ability: Intimidate
    ~ Waterfall
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Substitute
    ~ Earthquake

    Typical sweeping Gyarados, with Substitute and Leftovers to make for a pseudo-bulky set-up. If the opponent didn't pack a rock or electric move, Gyarados came in and could set up exceptionally well on physical attackers due to Intimidate. Substitute was used over Protect to make use of Leftovers, and if set up, was more useful to keep Gyarados healthy against the rest of the opponent's Pokemon if hax were to interfere. It also protected him from status, which is a plus. Waterfall is basic STAB, hitting most things hard, and Earthquake was used over Ice Fang or Stone Edge to hit other Water types, and in the Subway, one miss from Stone Edge could mean the end for me. Naive Nature was an oversight on my part, but it was good enough to run this strategy. It is also the most likely cause of my loss, though.

    The Record Killer:
    So battle 117, against Pokemon Breeder Manford. He sent out a Zoroark disguised as Magmortar, so I was expecting Durant to go down after using Entrainment. (Fun Fact: using Entrainment on a disguised Zoroark will still have the ability pop-up for its ability retain the name of the Pokemon it was disguised as. So in this case, even after Zoroark was revealed, it said "Magmortar's Truant.") Of course, Zoroark used Focus Blast and KO'ed it. My next move likely what caused my loss. Instead of taking out Haxorus, I took out Gyarados and set up accordingly with Substitute and Dragon Dance. I failed to make sure a Sub was set up before sweeping, since I figured I had nothing to worry about. After taking out Zoroark, he sent out Glaceon over Magmortar, unsurprisingly, so I proceeded to use Watefall. At this moment, Brightpowder hax kicks in and Waterfall misses, only for Glaceon to OHKO back with Blizzard. I then send out my final Pokemon, Haxorus, and think that maybe I can win still if I stall out Blizzard with Protect. This succeeds, but only because of Focus Sash and a luck miss which allowed me to get one Dragon Dance in. This wasn't enough to KO Glaceon, though, and so Glaceon managed to KO back with Shadow Ball.

    Final Thoughts:
    Really, my loss came because I didn't use Haxorus here to set up like I should have. Focus Sash would have saved me if Brightpowder hax kicked in, assuming it would hit back with Blizzard, and Magmortar would have gone down from there. Alternatively, if I had a Sub up when Glaceon came out, I may have been able to afford the miss there. All and all, it was a fun run, and I even got the Trophy for beating Ingo and even the Lansat Berry (not to mention a ton of BP). Not sure if this strategy is worthy enough of being on the record rankings, but 116 is a new record in my book, so I'm satisfied.

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    I’m not sure if anybody cares about this thread anymore as the last post is from 2 months ago, I guess most people are focused on X&Y now, but I got a record in the Subway that I wanted to share.

        Spoiler:- Picture proof:

    This is for White, Super Doubles.

    Credit for the team and strategy goes to R Inanimate from Smogon. His original team can be found here. I just copied it and made my own version with some changes. Though I didn’t get anywhere near as far as he did…

        Spoiler:- Team:

        Spoiler:- How I lost:
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