I decided to make this club for the people who like Sabrina/Natsume Psychic Pokemon and ghost pokemon. I was pretty shocked to see there was no club for psychic pokemon, ghost pokemon or Sabrina/Natsume.

To join: you must have to say why you want to join this club and why you like Sabrina/Natsume Psychic and Ghost Pokemon. I must approve of your request before you can join.You also must follow these rules:

No Cyber bullying People do have feelings. Cyber bullying is a big problem on the internet.Cyber Bullying is not allowed.
No spam
No flaming
little to no swearing
Please keep relevant to either Sabrina ,Psychic or/and ghost Pokemon.
*Failure to follow these rules will result in you being banned from this group I will give you 3 warnings. After the 3 warnings are up, you are banned from this group. I might change or add something to the rules at any time.*