here you discuss about kirby games of course

all sppf rules apply

what's your favorite kirby game?

I'd say kirby triple deluxe because it has many copy abilities, exciting bosses, the arena and the true arena and dededetour
it sucks you can't play as meta knight and bandana dee though

what's your favorite copy ability?

of course hammer because it's the most powerful ability and there are many cool moves you can perform with it

what do you like about the kirby series?

the copy abilities and the gameplay, super mario is really hard because you can only take a maximum of 3 hits before he dies depending on if you have a power-up or not and then you have those bottomless pits and lava
but kirby can take more hits, float and can use copy abilities, discovering new copy abilities and trying them out on enemies is really fun

which kirby games so you have?
I have kirby's return to dream land, kirby triple deluxe and kirby and the rainbow curse
I also had 3D classics: kirby's adeventure on my old 3ds but it died so I lost the game and my progress

what's your favorite kirby game music?

I'd say marx's theme, masked dedede's theme and big boss theme

discuss away and have fun