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    Default Deathstar Shop

    Deathstar Shop!

    All credit for the Banner goes to Mew_

    Kinda geeky as me and my broski are geeks.

    This shop is ran by me and and my friend: Goatmanjaro
    So please message here or Pm anyone of us if you'd like to trade!

    Important: Goatmanjaro will take over when I am on vacation so all trades will be with him.


    Yes we have them here. But it is kinda TL;DR :/

    - All standard sppf rules apply
    - No hack pokemon. >.>
    - That's pretty much it.
    Lets get to the Pokemons!
    Yellow means new.

        Spoiler:- Shiny: Mostly Ut unless stated that it is touched.:

    Lets get to the Items!

        Spoiler:- ITEMS!! :D:

    Yes I do want stuff

    Cool Eggmoves
    Flawless Shinies!
    Flawless good natured pokemon!
    Competitive battling items!

    Choice spec.
    Flame Orb
    Choice Band

    I bolded the stuff I want most ;D

    Im VERY lenient so feel free to offer ^^ but don't offer me things like a patrat for a shiny. srsly.

    Coming Soon

    Give aways (yes, you can get entered if you trade with us )
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