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    I just looked at Bulbapedia & I'm really upset that the writers did this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Blubapedia View Post

    This episode, in order to better place it between BW039 and BW040, went through a couple of minor retcons:
    • All references to the gang being in Castelia City have been removed.
    • The ending has been altered to show Bianca leaving the group, contradicting the following two episodes in which she is travelling with them.

    Despite the edits listed above, a couple of indications that this was an earlier episode have been left in:
    • Cilan looks up the fact that the next Gym is in Nimbasa City.
    • The gang are surprised to see James owning a Yamask (to the point where Ash scans it in his Pokédex), despite having encountered it several times before.
    I just hope this doesn't happen when they air it in the dub, or find some way to fix it
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