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Thread: The first (Maybe) Choose your own adventure style Mystery Dungeon series! (PG)

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    Smile The first (Maybe) Choose your own adventure style Mystery Dungeon series! (PG)

    The first (Maybe) Choose your own adventure style Mystery Dungeon series!

    OK. Just to get all the confusion settled about title, approving of style, Ect.
    This is actually myself speaking, for those of you who are confused, ask that crazy looking kid in the corner, Lyra will explain everything... Um... Aghz...
    Know what, just forget it. Just read the Stupid story.
    (This Story starts out deep underground, in a PORTAL2 like beginning, giving a backstory to your inner partner. I LOLed at the robot, and he gave me this crazy Idea. I also gave up on my other story because StormBlade wasn't lovable, Moon was, and she was stuck in chapter three in the B-plot.)

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon;
    The Explorers of Comedia.
    Book 1, Red Lightning.

    Prologue <(X_X)> Wake up... Wake up...

    You were startled awake by the pounding on the door, and of course, the fact that you are liquefied on the floor. You squish into a red and blue ball and roll across the rusty room, until you reach the door, someone's voice is barely audible above the banging. You stall, almost incapable of thought. You have two basic options, as far as you care, destroy or sit there. Just the tiniest whirr in the back of your mind spurs your actions.
    (You choose to...)

        Spoiler:- A. Destroy!!!:

        Spoiler:- B. Sit.:

    Yes, it's a rather short prologue, but I just wanted a quick snippet. You guys are going to enjoy this, I promise I won't let you down! (I'll be gone all next week, to girls camp.
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