This is a club for anyone who plays or is interested in playing the guitar or the bass guitar.

- Post questions, post what you're learning, post links to sites with good warm-ups or video lessons. Just post something relevant.
- Be sure to follow all of the rules of the Club Subforum and the SPPf rules as well.
- Behave. Don't be mean, don't type like a little kid.
- No flaming.
- No spamming.
- Try to stay on topic... discussing drums or some other instrument entirely is not on topic.
- To join: ask. Optional things to say to introduce yourself: your guitar(s?), how long you've played, any lessons you've had, what style(s?) you play, what songs you're learning, inspirations.
- I don't want to think up some sort of infraction system, so I won't unless we start to have a problem. Let's all work to avoid that.

Final rule: try and grow yourself by taking part in this club. Learn something new; try out a new style or a new song.

    Spoiler:- List of Members: