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Thread: Community POTW #26

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    I love heracross, my favourite pokemon along with Suicune. I don't know why this wouldn't work but I'm no expert so correct me if this is really wrong.

    Heracross @salac berry

    Stone edge/swords dance

    Ability: moxie

    Megahorn is just about essential. Stone edge for AA or SD for powering up reversal and then Endure+reversal combo. Sure Heracross isn't the fastest out there but a baton-passer with agility or a lot of speed EVs paired with the Salac berry would make it pretty unstoppable in theory.

    Just my opinion though.

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    Just to say: I don't recommend the SubDanceSalac strategy as Scizor handles this role much better, with the immunity to the inevitable Sand Stream. Hail is rarely seen in OU so Scizor is your choice for that role.
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    my first one
    Choice Scarf Guts Jolly / Adamant
    Moveset EVs
    ~ Close Combat
    ~ Megahorn
    ~ Stone Edge
    ~ Toxic / Night Slash / Sleep Talk
    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    Heracross's mediocre Speed is a letdown as a sweeper, especially because so much of the metagame can revenge kill him. With a Choice Scarf, Heracross can switch in with his numerous resistances and immediately threaten the opposing Pokemon. However, Heracross's power is relatively limited without either Swords Dance or Choice Band, so predicting appropriately and switching into Toxic or Will-O-Wisp is advisable. With a Guts boost, Choice Scarf Heracross can rip through much of DPP OU like a chainsaw through a loaf of bread.

    Close Combat and Megahorn are the high-power STAB attacks for which Heracross is famous. Stone Edge is essential on Heracross, as Heracross's STAB attacks mainly draw in Flying-types such as Zapdos, Dragonite, and Gyarados, all of whom are weak to Rock. Heracross has a lot of interesting options available to him for his final attack. Because Heracross is not as powerful when holding a Choice Scarf, bulky Pokemon have no trouble switching into him and forcing him out; Toxic is a nasty surprise for these Pokemon, especially on a Choice set. Night Slash is an option because Rotom-A is one of Heracross's most common switch-ins due to its immunity to Close Combat and resistance to Megahorn. Though Sleep Talk may seem unreliable because it only works if your opponent has a sleep-inducing Pokemon, Heracross can be a dangerous threat with his Guts-boosted attacks when asleep. However, like with Toxic, being locked into Sleep Talk opens up opportunities for the opponent to set up, so use it with caution. Note that Sleep Talk only works once per switch-in with a Choice item.
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    Sleep Talk without Rest!? I suppose you can bring it in on a random Spore (or even Sleep Powder, especially from Compoundeyes Ability) and use it as your sleep fodder, so that Sleep Talk will always choose an attack, since you don't carry Rest. Candidates for Spore: Smeargle Parasect Breloom Amoonguss. None of them can hurt Heracross that much (with possible exceptions in, e.g. hp-fire) and nail them with Close Combat. (Note that sleep makes you immune to potential poison from an Amoonguss' Poison Point Ability.) Butterfree is the only Poke I can think of that has Compoundeyes and Sleep Powder, but it may over-predict and use Psychic, or even the rarer Gust, to dent or even nail Heracross. Luckily for Heracross, Butterfree is much rarer and cannot learn Air Slash according to Bulbapedia. And Heracross has Stone Edge for that anyway.

    Also abrar14, Rotom's appliances are not immune to Close Combat. Perhaps you forgot about the type change?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 365pokemon View Post
    Considering heracross is most likely going to end up in UU this gen, reversal sets ARE viable, as there is no damaging perma weather at all in UU, with vulpix being banned.
    Hippopotas says hi. Even though it's not really found in UU, it's still annoying. And... sun does nothing to Heracross.
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