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Thread: Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon?

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    Default Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon?

    What are your favorite Gen 2 pokemon?

    Mine include Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Crobat, Espeon, Umbreon, Skarmory, Tyranitar, and pretty much all of the Johto legendaries. They have the coolest designs imo. I probably forgot some though lol.

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    Well asides from Umbreon lol. My faves are Typhlosion, Ariados, Scizor, Sneasel, Houndoom, Ampharos, Xatu, and Tyranitar. Then all the legendaries, if they count, ofc. I still think Johto had the best overall legendary designs of the franchise. With Kanto being a close second.
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    Lanturn, definitely.

    I love it, I traded over an Egg just to use it in Main-Game B2.

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    Right off the top of my head, Cyndaquil has always been my favorite Gen 2 Starter and I've always had a soft spot for cute Johto Pokemon like Marill, Togepi and Teddiursa as well. Yanma, Octillery and Murkrow are also really great and Raikou and Lugia are my favorite Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon.

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    Ledian is my favorite. I like its design most of all the Pokemon introduced this generation. I think the reason I started to like it was, strange as it may sound, because I spent a whole day trying to evolve a Ledyba once when I was a kid. That memory has pretty much struck with me since then, thinking back at it always reminds me of how much worse as a player I was back then. Nowadays it would take me five minutes to do such a thing, not a whole day. Anyway, Ledian might not be the best Pokemon to use in battles but I don't care about that, though I obviously avoid using it in all serious battles. But I do use one on my post-game team in Diamond, and it is a lot of fun. Since those battles are mostly less serious, I won't have to worry about it being useless.

    Some other Pokemon I like from this generation are Lanturn, Suicune, Smeargle, Misdreavus, Porygon2 and Scizor.

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    Girafarig! He's just awesome and psychic is my one of my favorite Pokémon type. I love his design! And shiny Girafarig is cool!

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    Easily, my most favorite Johto introduced Pokemon is Furret. I love ferrets, have one of my own, I play with him a lot, so I can just imagine Furret being similar, a playful happy active Pokemon. It's my favorite type too, normal, so it can learn lots of great attacks from other types with the aid of HM's and TM's.

    It looks so cute.
    When I saw it's expression in Amie, my heart just melted from over cuteness
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    I have always been a fan of Typhlosion because it was one of my best Pokemon on Gold and really helped me get through that game. I then used one again on my HeartGold. So, I have many memories revolving around Typhlosion.
    I believe it was the first level 100 Pokemon I had, too.

    Other Johto Pokemon I like a lot:
    Chikorita - I think it's super cute
    Espeon - one of my favourite Eeveelutions
    Politoed - love its cry and design
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    Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon? Right off the bat, on the top of my head, has to be the Totodile line. I'm a sucker for reptiles in general, especially those that look like dragons, so you can expect why I'd like Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr. However, I think I'd place the Cyndaquil line higher in my list because of how much I like all the stages. Sure, I like the Totodile line, but I only really like Totodile and a little less than Totodile on how much I like Feraligatr. But Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion? I like 'em all at about the same level.

    A close first would be Houndour and Houndoom. I like their designs, I like their type too, but I also like 'em a lot 'cause they're dogs, and I'm also a sucker for dogs too. XP And a final second/third would be Tyranitar. I mean, it's a freakin' dinosaur/Pokémon Godzilla! It's design's good and, as stated, I like reptilian stuff a lot. XP Also like the three dog legendaries, for similar reasons as Houndour and Houndoom.
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    T'would be a fight between Espeon, Ampharos, and Skarmory.

    Espeon-Adorable, and I've always had a soft spot for eeveeloutions (except you Sylveon). One of the first Pokemon that helped reveal my secret power of always being able to find female starters/eeveeloutions/pokemon with a 7:1 male:female ratio. I don't know why but I just like it- gonna use one for my ORAS competitive team. In fact all these guys will be on my team.

    Ampharos- Best. Mega. Ever. Seriously this thing is a killing machine. Who cares that its speed is crap. And Amphy herself is a viable Pokemon too. It's a good Electric Pokemon that actually can take an earthquake (given you've set up a cotton guard, which is the best status move ever). It's also really cute in Amie, and again, good Pokemon with a design that doesn't make me want to burn myself (I'm looking at you Pinsir).

    Skarmory- Can we give some points to the coolest typing ever? It's a frikin' steel bird (actually he's not steel, his feathers are so hard and condensed that it gives him a metal-like coating). But anyway he may not be the best guy ever but he's done well on several of my teams and I've always just liked him. I don't know why.
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    My favorite is Tyranitar,both because of its design and wide movepool.Design-wise,I also like Skarmory,Xatu,Umbreon,Lanturn,Houndoom(especially its shiny form),Scizor,and Azumarill(plus Huge Power is nothing to take lightly).My favorite Johto legendaries are Lugia(it is incredibly elegant and I like its cry) and Raikou(fast and powerful,although not very versatile).

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    Quillava just like it not exactly sure why
    Raikou looks like a saber-tooth tiger which is pretty cool

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    I love Scizor! Techincian + Life Orb + Bullet Punch = killer! I love it's design, it's physical move pool, and most of all, it's cool abilities. Scizor is my favorite because of that!

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    Feraligatr as it was my starter in Johto. But here are other favorites of mine.
    • Ampharos: Mareep's final evolution is incredibly superior in physical attributes compared to it (Mareep) and Flaffy.
    • Espeon: I like better than it's counterpart, Umbreon, plus I used an Espeon a lot on Colosseum and it was just a good as the Feraligatr I had in that game.
    • Entei: This beast is my favorite of the group of Legendary Pokémon it belongs to. In fact I like it so much that I went to two different GameStop stores just to get the Shiny Entei.
    • Suicune: Not as great as Entei but at least it looks worth catching.
    • Raikou: It's greatly inferior compared to Entei but this giant cat sure is better than the vague creature that is Suicune.
    • Lugia: This massive avian-like entity sure is powerful, with moves like Extrasensory and it's powerful signature technique, this Pokémon helped me defeat every tough challenge in Soul Silver version.

    If I don't count the Legendaries you can pretty much say that I only like three Pokémon from Gen II.

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    Typhlosion. My starter on Silver and the first Pokemon I got to lv100. I've used a Typlosion in my most of my team's since, in Platinum as part of my main team, SoulSilver as my starter and AlphaSapphire in my post-game team.

    Also love Lugia. My favorite legendary, and definitely in my top 10, maybe top 5 favorite Pokemon. Used to have Pokemon the Movie 2000 on VHS back in the day as well

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    There are quite a few that I really like:
    Typhlosion- a great starter pokémon and a solid team member, also great design
    Feraligatr- I love me my water starters. Picked him in my first HG playthrough
    Hitmontop- one that I don't see talked about much. I came to love him after getting one from Skrub in Colloseum
    Magcargo- not one of the best pokémon, but I've always loved the design
    Donphan- another cool one that I never hear about
    Ampharos- solid choice who is on many Johto teams due to its early appearance and type. Good design as well.
    Entei- one of the coolest legendaries.

    Raikou- my second favorite pokémon. Amazing design, legend status, and powerful. The first time I saw it was in the anime special it was in
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    I think I'll go with Typhlosion, Mareep's family, Umbreon and Celebi.
    Typhlosion has a great design, it's one of my favourite starters.
    Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos are electric sheep, that's awesome, I use them in every game that they're available
    Umbreon looks great, it's both cool and cute, it was my favourite eeveelution until Glaceon was introduced in gen 4.
    And Celebi's cute too, it narrowly beats Ho-oh to my favourite gen 2 legendary

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    I will always have a soft spot for Feraligatr as it was my starter in my favorite game, crystal. Gen. II also introduced my favorite type, Dark, and with it introduced what are still some of my favorite pokemon. Houndoom is so cool looking, and I've used it several times as my in-game fire type. Umbreon is still my favorite eeveelution, plus it glows in the dark. Tyranitar was a beast then, and it still is, especially with the advent of sandstorm based teams; although back then I hated that I couldn't get one until post game.
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