Welcome to The Sk8boarders Club. This is a club to designed to discuss everything in the world of skateboarding. This includes: Favorite skater (pro), favorite skate compant, certain tricks you like or would like to learn how to do, what deck/truck/wheels you have etc.. Anyways, here are the rules:

All SPPF rules apply
Be polite
If anybody asks a question about skating, feel free to answer. However, this is not a help thread. Don't just use this club to ask qusetions
You must fill out this form to join:

Rate yourself as a skater and explain your rating
Favorite pro skater
Favorite skate company

My example:

Generic User Name
3/10- Im a beginner and can't do many tricks
Fave Pro- Ryan Sheckler
Fave Co.- World Industries, Spitfire, and Quiksilver

Have fun!