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    Smile Zombie's Events & Shinies

    Have fun browsing my trade shop!

    Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi (Bold)
    Gamestop Jirachi (Hasty)
    Pklatam Jirachi (Lonely)
    Fal2010 Mew (Impish)
    Alamos Darkrai (Brave)
    Shiny Gamestop Entei (Adamant)
    Shiny Gamestop Suicune (Relaxed)
    Shiny Gamestop Raikou (Rash)
    VGC09 Milotic (Timid)
    VGC10 Eevee (Hardy)
    Liberty Pass Victini (Impish)
    Movie11 Shaymin (Rash)
    Shiny Ageto Celebi (Hardy)
    Shiny Gamestop Pichu (Jolly)
    Ash's Pikachu (Naughty)
    Dw Arceus (Naughty)
    Pktopia Magmortar (Modest)
    Pktopia Electivire (Adamant)

    Azelf (Impish)
    Mesprit (Gentle)
    Phione (Docile)
    Manaphy (Modest)
    Deoxys (Adamant)
    Virizon (Sassy,Timid)
    Regice (Serious)
    Registeel (Lax)
    Regirock (Impish)
    Heatran (Naughty)
    Cobalion (Naive)
    Cresslia (Brave)
    Ho-Oh (Naive)
    Giratina (Docile)
    Kyogre (Careful)
    Groundon (Hardy)
    Rayquaza (Impish)
    Palkia (Brave)
    Dialga (Quiet)
    Landorus (Relaxed)
    Thundurus (Naughty)
    Articuno (Sassy)
    Latios (Naughty)
    Lugia (Lax)
    Scolipede (Bold,Relaxed)
    Meganium (Careful)
    Sceptile (Quiet)
    Venusaur (Careful)
    Torterra (Careful)
    Aron (Rash)
    Infernape (Adamant)
    Cyndaquil (Gentle)
    Torchic (Adamant)
    Charizard (Modest)
    Metagross (Lonely)
    Steelix (Bold)
    Emboar (Bold)
    Blastoise (Impish)
    Swampert (Adamant)
    Oshawott (Brave)
    Dugtrio (Gentle)
    Salamence (Impish)
    Dratini (Adamant)
    Trapinch (Adamant)
    Machoke (Bold)
    Shiftry (Quirky)
    Toxicroak (Rash)
    Rotom (Adamant)
    Ponyta (Naughty)
    Gliscor (Lonely)
    Mightyena (Impish)
    Voltorb (Rash)
    Scyther (Impish)
    Druddigon (Adamant)
    Spheal (Hasty)
    Porygon-z (Bold)
    Granbull (Quiet)
    Gyrados (Jolly)
    Ditto (Lax)
    Corosola (Lonely)
    Mismagius (Modest)
    Togepi (Impish)
    Arbok (Gentle)
    Fraxure (Jolly)
    Hydreigon (Rash)
    Girafarig (Jolly)
    Mr.Mime (Lonely)
    Gloom (Quiet)
    Vulpix (Hasty)
    Yanma (Timid)
    Phanpy (Careful)
    Abomasnow (Jolly)
    Tirtouga (Adamant)
    Oddish (Timid)
    Weavile (Mild)
    Shinx (Adamant)
    Sharpedo (Quiet)
    Chandelure (Bashful)
    Hoothoot (Jolly)
    Blissey (Naive)
    Heracross (Lonely)
    Poliwhirl (Sassy)
    Magnezone (Quiet)
    Ferroseed (Brave)
    Masquerain (Rash)
    Klink (Adamant)
    Drifloon (Docile)
    Gigalith (Brave)
    Spiritomb (Naughty)
    Riolu (Calm)
    Volcarona (Timid)
    Elektross (Naughty)
    Gallade (Lax)
    Gardevoir (Rash)
    Butterfree (Relaxed)
    Jumpluff (Jolly)
    Arcanine (Naive)
    Camerupt (Quirky)
    Tranquil (Naive)
    Mawhile (Timid)
    Golett (Impish)
    Scrafty (Careful)
    Absol (Gentle)
    Ambipom (Adamant)
    Confagrigus (Bold)
    Swellow (Calm)
    Musharna (Adamant)
    Furret (Gentle)
    Zebrastrike (Quirky)
    Ariados (Quirky)
    Forretress (Relaxed)
    Jellicent (Naughty)
    Whimsicott (Docile)
    Kingler (Modest)
    Pelipper (Quirky)
    Lunatone (Rash)
    Audino (Bashful)
    Castform (Mild)
    Tympole (Docile)
    Solosis (Sassy)
    Licktung (Gentle)
    Sunflora (Bashful)
    Grumpig (Calm)
    Snorunt (Modest) (Female)
    Garchomp (Lax)
    Golduck (Jolly)
    Gengar (Jolly)
    Crobat (Relaxed)
    Honchkrow (Naughty)
    Manectric (Bold)
    Mantyke (Adamant)
    Seviper (Serious)
    Pinsir (Calm)
    Cherrim (Bashful)
    Lillipup (Modest)
    Altaria (Lonely)
    Sewaddle (Hardy)
    Delibird (Bold)
    Stunfisk (Lax)
    Darumaka (Quirky)
    Patrat (Gentle)
    Shroomish (Modest)
    Zorua (Calm)
    Zoruark (Hardy)
    Chimchar (Quiet)
    Shelmet (Naughty)
    Hoppip (Hardy)
    Abra (Relaxed)
    Koffing (Lax)
    Mareep (Careful)
    Bellsprout (Adamant)

    I can clone any pokemon.
    I also have many items, so just ask and I will see if I have it.

    Shiny Totodile
    Shiny Snivy
    Shiny Uxie
    Shiny Terrakion
    Shiny Regigigas
    Shiny Marill
    Shiny Houndour
    Shiny Darkrai
    Shiny Mew
    Shiny Snorlax
    Shiny Teddiursa
    Shiny Horsea
    Shiny Lapras
    Shiny Cabuto
    Shiny Skorupi
    Shiny Nosepass
    Shiny Duskull
    Shiny Buneary

    *Do not offer any hacks.
    *I clone most of my pokemon.
    *Cloning services: For every pokemon I clone, I get to keep one copy of each. That is all I ask

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