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    Prolouge: Part One: Mew and Ash

    Ash Ketchum had done almost everything. Almost everything a thirteen year old from Kanto could do, that is. Catch Pokemon, win battles, challenge the Elite Four. He had seen a lot of it, if not all of it during his journey. But now that was pretty much over. After three years of almost non-stop traveling, he had begun to feel homesick- a feeling that was new to him. He decided to return home for a few monthes, and he had begun to grow re-accustomed to staying somewhere and not moving on and going somewhere else.

    "Once this whole journey thing is done, I can totally picture myself doing this." He had said to his friend Brock over the phone. "I forgot what it was like to really have a Mom and a family. A real family."

    He had begun to notice that a real family was all he had ever wanted. All he ever really needed. Besides, if he wanted to see most of his Pokemon, he could just take a five minute walk to Proffesor Oak's lab. Pikachu, of course, had stayed with him.

    But what Ash didn't know was that he would soon have to go back to traveling. Not the traveling that he had once loved, though. Traveling that he had never been used to. But that was all in due time. All in due time.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Mew had been stuck here for almost three years now. Well, not really stuck, rather he chose to stay here. Kanto was getting boring to him. Nothing was a challenge anymore, now that the Ketchum boy and his friends had left. Mewtwo had pretty much flew under the radar and hadn't been heard from since their fight a few years back. He didn't know if that was good or bad. After all, what if he was planning something big? And evil?

    "I worry too much. He thought to himself. After all, he did look like he had changed his ways."

    But what Mew didn't know was that Mewtwo was a liar. Mew was trusting him; that was his first mistake. And with Mewtwo, you can only make so many mistakes before he snaps you into his trap.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Prolouge, Part 2: Mewtwo

    The thunder roared around Mewtwo while the lightning lit up the sky like lamp posts at night. The rain hit him, cold and wet. But it was okay. He liked rain. Embraced it, in fact. The rain was his only companion here. All the others had died. Most of them at his hands.

    As he walked down the cracked ground, he couldn't help thinking of the boy he had met three years ago, right here in this very spot. The boy he had almost killed. Ash was his name. A pity that he couldn't have finished him when he had the chance. It would've saved him a lot of trouble.

    And that Mew character. The one he was cloned from. He wanted nothing more then to wipe that smile off of his face. He was stronger now, more expierenced. All he had done in this three year's time was train in case they ever met again. He would not be defeated by that bafoon again. Or the boy.

    Then the idea came to him.

    What if he could draw them in to his presence? Make them obey him? It would take much work, but the payoff would be remarkable. They would be like pawns in his game. His playthings.

    But he couldn't think of the whole plan now. He would have to get out of there first. And find this "Ash" person. He cracked a smile.

    "This is going to be fun."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________
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    Just so you know, the Fan Fiction rules ask you to post your chapters in one post, unless you exceed the character limit, which you didn't...

    Also a Prologue should be at least a page AND typed in a Word Processing Program...
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    Maybe I should start writing one of those...

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    Prologues only have to be one page long on Microsoft Word, just so you know.

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    Just so you know, there’s technically no real minimum length for Prologues, but you were definitely right to combine both parts of it, as you shouldn’t be dividing it up unless it’s too long to fit on a single post. :>

    Anyhow, your story looks interesting from the start! I love anything with Mew and Mewtwo, so this definitely has me interested! I like the title you chose; it really works with Mewtwo's character and his intentions, and it makes us wonder what he'll do and what our heroes will do about it. It doesn’t have a very emotional, powerful beginning, but I think that comes in part as a result of how short it is, and that there’s no real setup for these scenes. Additionally, this seems to really be an alternate universe, since at least Mew and Mewtwo don’t seem to be thinking or acting or even properly impacted by the events of anime canon from the first movie. Those are really your only big problems, but they’re enough that they did detract from the power I think your prologue could have had.

    Regarding the first issue, I think that this could go a long way if you just set up the scenes properly. You’re definitely right in not making them too long – simplicity is often best – but I think that for these scenes to have the most impact, you really need them set them up. By “setting them up” I mostly just mean setting the scene by describing everything – where the character is, what they’re doing, and sneaking in a couple details of their physical appearance so we have a clear scene to imagine.

    To do that, you can just sneak in bits of description with actions, such as Ash running his hand through his messy black hair or Pikachu's fur, or Mew’s wiry tail swishing back and forth, or describing the cool rain hitting Mewtwo’s leathery grey skin. Setting up for Mewtwo’s small scene was the most important, as it’s the one where we really get the ball rolling for the plot. You definitely had the right idea here, describing the roaring thunder or blinding lightning, but I think you could have done even more. Really showing where Mewtwo is might help ignite the reader’s imagination a little more, letting us not only see the lighting and the rain and hearing the thunder, but also hearing the pitter-patter of the rain, smelling the dampness of the forest and feeling the mud under Mewtwo’s toes.

    It’s not entire clear exactly where Mewtwo is, and it would be good to clarify for the reader where this place that he met the boy is, and what it looks like now. While they’re not as important to the story, also letting us know where Ash and Mew were would also have been nice.

    The second thing was that you seem to be doing something strange with the characters, here. According to canon, Ash has travelled to four other regions since he first met Mewtwo, which must have taken longer than three years, Mew is a much more happy-go-lucky Pokemon who wouldn’t consider even the idea of Mewtwo being evil, and after the first movie, Mewtwo reforms his ways entirely, learns to be content with his life without bringing misery onto others and specifically says “I will never forget what conspired here today.” In a sequel made-for-tv movies called Mewtwo Returns, the clones try to find a place to live in peace, away from the world, where Mewtwo even accepts Ash’s help when Giovanni returns.

    My point is that this is what happened in canon, so it’s what your readers know and expect of the characters, so if you’re going to deviate from that, there needs to be some kind of explanation. Why has Mewtwo gone from accepting his lot in life, being grateful to the lesson Ash taught him and trying to find a home for his clones to wanting to beat up and/or control Mew and Ash and kill his clones?

    The idea you have here is interesting, and I think it can work, but there needs to be some sort of explanation. Perhaps setting this further in the future, maybe after Mewtwo has suffered at the hands of another (maybe Giovanni?) so he's now insane could work? Maybe he has grown old and seen his clones die of natural death and his memories of earlier events have become twisted/confused, so he feels the need for revenge? You can disregard the events of Mewtwo Returns, but if you’re basing this off the First Movie, don’t forget what happened in it. Mewtwo has a fascinating character, so wiping it out completely and changing him into an out-of-character insane killing machine seems pointless. (But then, I also love Mewtwo, so I am biased.)

    Lastly, this is a small nitpick, but it's a good idea on your part!
    The rain was his only companion here.
    This is definitely a good line, especially because it's dramatic. However, I think you can change it to the moon being his only companion instead of the rain. I'm just saying that because in Mewtwo Returns, he contemplates the moon a lot and compares it to being a clone, like himself, so it would add a nice touch for continuity.

    I didn’t see too many mistakes, although you do have some habits you need to break, like using too many sentence fragments. Here’s what I picked out.
        Spoiler:- Minor errors:

    And that's it! I think you have a solid idea here that looks good and sounds interesting! Like I said, you can add description to your prologue to make it easier to imagine, and really consider why Mewtwo is doing what he's doing after what happened in the first movie. I hope you'll also think about these while you're writing the rest of the fic, as they can really help bring your story together and make it better.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!


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    Chapter One: Dreams

    "It's funny how much influence dreams can have, isn't it?" Thought Mewtwo. "Decisions can be made through them, hearts can be broken, and fools can be made through them. Hilarious in fact."

    He thought of the things he could do with dreams. Implant them in people's heads. Trick them. Oh the fun he could have. He decided that dreams must be a vital part of this plan of his. Implant them in the Ketchum boy’s head. Gain his trust and utilize it to the most extreme of his ideas. And when he is no longer useful, kill him and snap his spine like a twig. He laughed a bit at the thought. Watching the boy crawl in pain would be reward enough.

    As he walked through the stadium that he, Mew and Ash had fought in, he saw the exit.

    “Finally.” He whispered to himself. The rain from the earlier night had stopped, and his feet were splashing in puddles as he ran towards the exit. He heard footsteps. And then he saw it. A Pidgeot, flying around outside, innocenct and gleeful. This made Mewtwo frown. He put his hands together and mustered some dark energy. He launched a shadow ball at the bird Pokemon, and it was a direct hit. The bird’s chest pushed in, and it flew downward and collided with the ground. It was still alive, yet miserable and in great pain. Mewtwo walked over to it and stared down at it and smiled. He kicked the bird away as it crawled into the bushes.


    He continued walking down the grassy path, and didn’t stop until he came across a pond filled with crystal clear water. He stuck his hands in a cup formation and took some of the water and drank it. It tasted awful. He didn’t spit it out however, as he needed to keep his strength up if he was going to walk more. He just kept walking. He needed to find something of usefulness. Anything. It would be a blessed surprise right now. He could use all the help he could get. But he was going to get that soon. He was counting on it.

    Ash crawled out of his bed on this particularly cloudy morning in the Kanto region. He took a look outside while running his fingers through his tangled black hair. The sky was dark and the sun was covered by black clouds. It looked like a nice day for a storm. He hated storms. Always causing destruction and death among other things. Pikachu was sitting on the side of his bed, still asleep. Ash picked up the yellow mouse-like Pokemon and rubbed his yellow head to wake him up.

    “C’mon Pikachu, we need to eat.” He said drowzily. He was obviously still tired and layed his head back on his pillow for a second. Pikachu was almost wide awake now, as he had shocked himself numerous times to wake himself up. The mouse Pokemon took some electricity from his red cheeks and rubbed it on his fingers. He watched his trainer almost go back to sleep, so he took his hand and charged it with electricity and slapped the boy as hard as he could.

    “Ah!” Ash yelled. He ran his fingers over his cheek and felt the hot parts. “I’m awake, I’m awake!” After he got done rubbing his cheek, he walked down the stairs and saw his mother cooking breakfast.

    “Oh Ash! You’re up just in time for some eggs and bacon this morning.” She said. She took the eggs and put them on a paper plate and gave them to Ash. Ash walked to the table and sat down while playing with his fork.

    “Everything alright, Ash?” Delia asked him. “Oh my… You forgot to change your underwear, didn’t you?”

    “No Mom! I changed my underwear.” Ash said, blushing a bit out of embarresment. “I had a bit of a weird dream.” Delia looked at him and frowned a bit. “About what exactly?”

    Ash attempted to recall some of his dream. “Remember that Mewtwo thing Mew fought?” He asked. “Yes, I saw it on the news. Why?” “Well, I had a dream about him last night.” He said to her silently, so no one could hear.

    Pikachu came walking in the room, expecting some food. Instead, he found Ash and Delia sitting at the dinner table talking to each other.

    “Pika pi?” He yelled. He was obviously hungry. He rubbed his stomach and made a growling sound to show it.

    “Not now Pikachu.” Said Delia. “Now Ash, what was he doing in this dream of yours?” Ash sat at the dinner table, rubbing his head while trying to remember. “He was walking down a dark, changing alley. First he was in the wilderness and then he was in some dark hallway. It looked like I had seen it somewhere before, but I can’t remember where. And that’s all I can recall.” He proclaimed to her.

    Delia lifted her eyebrow in confusion. “Well, make an attempt to eat your breakfast honey. And Pikachu… Oh I forgot about you!” She said as she started to pour some dry food into Pikachu’s bowl. He picked up the bowl in front of her, in an attempt to get more. “Pikachu, do you really want to get fat? You won’t be able to battle nearly as well.”

    This seemed to startle Pikachu, and he slowly dumped part of the food back into the bag. “Pika…Chu…” He stared into the dry food bowl, picked up one piece and slowly put it in his mouth.

    “Seriously Mom.” Said Ash. “You scared Pikachu out of eating!” He chuckled a bit at the last line, and put a piece of bacon at Pikachu’s feet. “Here. Eat this. It gives you protein.” Pikachu took the piece of meat and put it in his mouth. Delicious.

    While Ash started to eat his eggs, Pikachu jumped up onto the boys lap. “Pika? Pikachu?” He begged for one of his trainer’s eggs. Ash generously complied, and tossed a yellow and white egg at the small mouse Pokemon. “That’s all you need Pikachu. You’ve eaten enough.” He said, finishing his own food. He picked up the small yellow mouse and put him on his shoulder while rustling his fur. “Mom, I think I’m going to go take a shower. Watch Pikachu for me.” Said Ash, walking back up the stairs into the bathroom.

    “Pika? Pika-pi?” Muttered Pikachu to Delia. He ran his tiny fingers through his yellow fur out of boredom.

    “Pikachu, really, you must stop running your hands through your fur like that. You’re going to get it greasy.” She said, grabbing a brush out of the cabinet next to her. She clutched the brown handle of the brush and lifted the Pokemon up. She ran the black bristles through his yellow fur slowly, as if she were brushing a small child’s hair. She continued brushing until he looked at least normal.

    “There.” She said, approved with her work. “Now please, don’t be running your fingers through your fur again…” Pikachu nodded, understanding the command. He sprung off and saw Ash walking out of the bathroom.

    “Mom, have you been watching Pikachu like I asked?” He questioned, wondering why Pikachu was completely out of her sight.

    “Of course, Ash. Maybe the more important question here is if you’ve changed your underwear.” She said sarcastically.

    “Hilarious.” Said Ash, drying his hair off with the hair dryer and walking off into the living room. He layed down on the couch and turned on the small TV. Four hundred channels and still nothing on.

    "I'll just sleep for a while." Muttered Ash. He pulled the blue and white blanket off the couch with a quick tug. He placed the blanket over his chest and almost immediatly fell asleep.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Cold. Bitter cold and frostbitten hands. Ash was obviously dreaming. In the dream, the northern lights were shining throughout the sky. He was climbing a mountain, and a very tall one at that. He continued the pattern of grabbing the rock a step higher then him. However, this time it failed. He was falling, hitting the mountain's sides on the way down. He felt blood leaving his body, and he knew this was it. In the dream he was dead. He saw two purple eyes right before he fell into unconsciousness.

    He started to hear a voice. Strangely enough, it sounded like Mewtwo, the cloned Pokemon he and Mew had fought three years ago.

    "You're almost to the mountain top, you slip and fall just like a stone; rolling ever faster in this nightmare you have sewn."
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Mew was floating high above Kanto, far from civilization. The setting was beautiful, the dark clouds were even beautiful. Yet it was so old to Mew. He had seen it all before, seen everything there was to see in this beautiful land. He had to face the facts- he was bored. Bored out of his mind, in fact. He flew down to a tree, his tail blowing in the wind. He sat there and rested for a while. It had been a long, boring day. And it was obviously going to stay that way as long as he stayed in Kanto.

    And that was it.

    If he wanted this state of boredom to end, he’d have to go somewhere else. Johto perhaps? No, that’s almost the same as Kanto. Hoenn? Tropical, sunny and hot year round. Maybe. And then there’s Sinnoh, cold all day every day. Definitly not. So Hoenn it was. When would he leave? Today, of course. He wanted this boredom to go away as quick as possible.

    And so he flew, and off to Hoenn he was.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

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    3 pages long in MS Word with size 11 font. Somewhere around 2,500 words, and it took forever to type. Yay for chapter two.

    I forgot to mention something- there will be shipping in this story. Like Advanceshipping and Ikarishipping. So if you need to move the fic, please do.

    Chapter 2: I Promise

    Mewtwo smiled at the dream he had sent to the boy. “Surely he must’ve gotten it by now.” He said, brushing away a tree branch with his leathery grey hand. He saw something in the distance. Obviously a small town. As good a time as ever to slaughter a few people. It’d be the first fun thing he had done this whole trip.

    He saw an old man staring at him. The man took his red shirt and rubbed his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. Could this possibly be Mewtwo, the Pokemon he had seen on the news?

    “What are you staring at, old bag?” Said Mewtwo. He walked up to the old man and choked him by the neck before letting out a shadow ball that surely crushed the old man’s neck. He could hear the bone snap, and it brought a sadistic smile to Mewtwo’s face.

    “Suffer as I have suffered.” He said, recalling being beaten into insanity be Giovanii’s workers. He remembered being horrified, scared. He remembered the whips and the tazers. He remembered it all and went into a fit of rage. He threw the old man’s body through a house and picked up the house with his psychic powers. He threw the house into another house, one that obviously had people inside it. He set the houses on fire. He wouldn’t let there be any survivors. They will suffer. They will burn. They will die. His eyes turned purple out of rage and the onslaught began.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    Ash shot awake, his eyes bloodshot with tears streaming down his face. He had been crying during the dream. He remembered it all so vividly, it all felt so real. The voice, the mountain, the blood leaving his skull… He took the white pillow he had been laying on and covered his ears, still hearing the voices screeching in his head.

    “No…. No!” He screamed into the pillow. “No! It can’t be true! It wasn’t true… it was a dream… just a dream.” He kept muttering the last line into the pillow before letting out another scream.

    His Mother and Pikachu came rushing into the room only to find him in a sobbing fit. The pillow was soaked in tears and he kept muttering the same words over and over again.

    “It’s just a dream. He can’t kill me. It’s just a dream. He can’t kill me…”

    “Ash! What happened?” Shouted Delia out of worry. Pikachu tried to turn Ash over, only for him to fall off the couch.

    “He’s back… Mewtwo… He’s coming for me.” Said Ash, obviously terrified. Delia ran her fingers through his tangled black hair. “Honey, what’s wrong? You’ve got to tell me…” She said, her voice full of worry.

    “I can’t talk about it…” Ash said, his fingers still over his eyes. “I won’t.” He had almost stopped crying by now.

    “Pika? Pika-pi?” Said Pikachu, confused. He shocked Ash a bit, but to no avail. Ash tried to stand up, and his legs felt like a bunch of gelatin. He leaned on the couch arm for support, just trying to regain his balance. Much less his calm attitude.

    “Ash, are you okay?” Asked Delia. She held the boy’s hand, trying to get him to sit up. “I’m fine Mom… I’m fine now.” He said, still breathing heavy. He had stopped crying for now. He ran his long fingers over his face, trying to calm himself. He removed his hands from his face and walked. Walking was all he had to do. He kept walking until he sat down in a chair near the dinner table. He felt the final tear hit his blue jeans. He remembered something his friend Brock had told him back when they were still traveling together.

    “You can think your way out of a lot of things, Ash,” Said Brock. “and pain is one of them.”

    So Ash kept thinking, thinking of the good things. His friends, Dawn, May, Misty… He had to think of them. He kept thinking about all the good times they had, kept thinking of all the good things in life. Anything to get away from this pain.

    His Mother stroked his black hair, trying to calm him down. She seemed to be suceeding, as he no longer looked nearly as troublesome as before. He felt the pain going away. It left his body like a flood going back into the ocean, like a bat returning to his cave. He could no longer hear the voice, hear his screams of peril. He couldn’t feel the mountain crushing him, he could no longer feel the pain.

    He sat up and went to get a glass of water. He went to the kitchen sink and filled a black cup with water. He ran the crisp, smooth liquid over his lips and he couldn’t stop, he just couldn’t stop pouring it over his lips. It tasted so good. Nothing like the pain he had just expierenced.

    “I’m going to go get a breath of fresh air…” He said, walking outside. Almost immediately after he walked out, he saw a man in a white trenchcoat with gray hair. He was chasing a small alligator like Pokemon around a small farm. Obviously Ash’s Totodile.

    “Proffesor Oak?” Said Ash, walking over to the man. He was still trying to clear his head over the events that occurred while he was sleeping.

    “Oh… Why hello there Ash!” Said Oak, finally wrapping his hands around the small aligator. “Now, you stay put you sharp-toothed little demon!” He whispered to Totodile. Totodile looked at him with a fierce look of disgust, turned around and smiled at Ash. “Toto! To-dile!”

    “It’s good to see you to Totodile,” Said Ash to the Pokemon. However, he had more important matters to attend to right now. “Hey Proffesor… Do you still happen to have that phone inside the lab?”

    “Why of course Ash. Do you need to make a call?” He asked Ash.

    “Quite an important call, actually.” Said Ash. He had to tell someone about these dreams. Preferably a good friend of his. While he was thinking of who to tell, it hit him like a ton of bricks. He’d call May.

    After all, he had been the closest to May out of all the people he traveled with. It only figured that he would talk to her about these puzzling dreams. So when he walked into the silver lab, the first thing he noticed was the TV Screen that would show the other’s face as you talked to them and the phone. He ran towards the phone and dialed May’s number, which he knew by heart.

    “Come on May… Pick up…” He muttered to himself as he heard the constant ringing of the phone until he heard one simple word.

    “Hello?” Said May on the other line. She looked at her phone’s screen and immediately recognized the number. She put the phone on video chat and speaker mode, and she started to talk a mile a minute.

    “Oh my gosh Ash! I haven’t seen you in forever! How’s your Mom? How’s Pikachu? How are your Pokemon? How’s-“ She was interupted by the boy as he held his hand up to as a way to say “shut up” nicely. “They’re great May. But there’s something I need to tell you about.” He put emphasis on the word you. Almost as if he could share the secret with no one else, like she was the only one he could tell this to.

    “What is it Ash?” She asked him. “”You know you can tell me anything.”

    “Okay then,” Said Ash, taking a deep breath. “I’ve been having these weird dreams lately. They’ve been centered around that Mewtwo Pokemon I fought a few years back.”

    “I remember you telling me about him. Sounds like a pretty bad Pokemon.” Said May with a frown on her face. Until the day he told her about him, she had never really believed that any Pokemon was bad. But with the things he said about Mewtwo, it had to have been true.

    “Yeah, he was- and he is.” Said Ash. “I don’t know why, but I have this theory that he’s been sending me dreams. This morning I took a nap, and I dreamed that I was falling off a mountain, and I heard his voice and saw his eyes, insulting and mocking me.”

    “That’s awful…” Said May with a shocked expression. “So, do you have any idea why he’s sending you these dreams?”

    “Not a clue.” Said Ash. “But I intend to find out.” May dropped her phone and just stared at the screen as the phone sat in her lap.

    “But you don’t even know that he’s doing it… I mean, what if it’s just a dream and nothing more?’ Asked May. She looked at Ash with eyes full of worry. She had never seen him like this. Never so worried. Nevermind what she just said. It must be true.

    “And I want to find him.” Said Ash. His words were full of determination, filled to the brim with a cold tone. May had never seen him like this. So serious, yet full of fear.

    Suddenly, an image popped into his mind. He was awakening from unconsciousness, only to find himself in a container with shattered glass everywhere. He had blood trickling down his forearm, and he looked forward. He saw Mewtwo, the Pokemon from his dream. All he could see was him charging toward him, and as soon as he felt the impact, the dream ended.

    He woke up a few minutes later, clutching his head, screeching in pain. May looked at him with a frown of worry.

    “I’ll be there soon,” Said May, her voice trembling a bit. “I promise.” Said May. She turned the phone off and thought. How would she even get there? She was in Hoenn, and it wasn’t like she could just take a ferry there. It’d be like a wild goose chase just trying to get to the region, let alone the lab. It would take a few days, that she knew. But Ash had always been there for her when she needed it. She had no excuses this time, either. She had promised. And after all, promises are made to be fullfilled.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Mewtwo stood and looked at the destruction he had caused in this town. The gruesome bodies of the dead were everywhere, some in scattered piles that could reach as high as a small building. Mewtwo walked up to a lone body and picked it up. He threw it in a small pile and wiped the blood off of his hands. He put a sick, twisted smile on his face and looked at the rest of the bodies. He lit them on fire and sat there, just watching the bodies burn in the fires. He laughed, his voice full of sadistic happiness. He sat up and started to walk, knowing he couldn’t stay here for long. He had to find Ash. And he had to control him. Oh the fun he would have with the boy.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    As Mew flew over the crystal blue sea, he couldn’t help but think that he was abandoning some kind of responsibilty he had to the Kanto region. He was supposed to be it’s protector. But nevertheless, he had grown bored of his job, thus why he was flying over Kanto’s main sea. He could see many water type Pokemon swimming below, and one Vaporeon poked it’s head out of the water and stared at him with a smile on it’s face. This brought a delighted grin to Mew’s face as he watched the blue Pokemon dive back under the calm waves.

    His tail swished in the air and he decided to look back to the region he was in a few minutes ago. There was a small area where he could see glimpses of red an orange light that continued to get bigger as it went along the forest.

    A fire.

    Mew quickly turned back and flew past the calm sea as fast as he could, causing restless waves as he flew toward the waves. He wasn’t nearly as close as he needed to be, however, so he would have to step it up a notch. He flew as fast as he could, until his tail flew all the way back until it flopped about, hitting his back and legs. Mew kept flying until he flew over a few trees on the surface. He could see the fire getting bigger and bigger as he went along, before he finnaly hit the black cloud of ash that surrounded it.

    “Mew? M-Mew?” He said, screaming it out incase their were any survivors. There were none. He saw a white, tall figure coming towards him. He could finally see clearly through the ash cloud, and he saw a sight he thought he would never see again.


    “Surprised to see me?” Asked the Pokemon behind the disaster. “I could hear your yowling all the way back there. A pity there were no survivors, hmm? Maybe not. More survivors means more nuisances who will just bother you and reap the rewards of your sucesses. I learned that.” He said, staring at the cat like Pokemon. Mew’s pink fur stood high, ready for a fight.

    “Mew! Mew-me-mew!” Said the pink Pokemon. His blue eyes were not joyful as they were before. Rather cold and calculating his opponent’s first move.

    Mewtwo put his hand behind his back and formed a large shadow ball. He hid it effectively so that Mew could not see it and said a few simple words. “I don’t intend to fight you, Mew. I intend to kill you.” He said, while throwing the black ball of dark matter at the pink Pokemon. It hit him directly in the head as the dark matter exploded upon impact. Mew flew backwards into a tree and layed there for a while. He slowly got to his feet, only to be greeted by a blast of fire towards his chest. He used his psychic attack to reflect it back at Mewtwo, who simply caught the attack in his hand. Mewtwo mixed the fire with his dark aura energy and threw the now dark blue ball at Mew. Tried to roll out of the way, only to have his leg hit by the ball. He crawled and grabbed a fallen tree branch to balance him.

    Mew realised that his opponent was even more powerful than the last time they had fought, in which Mew had almost been beaten by the purple and grey Pokemon. Mewtwo looked at him and told him how pathetic he was, having to rely on nature to even be able to stand, let alone continue the fight. This angered Mew, and he tried to stand without the tree, only to fall to the ground weakly. He realised that he had to do something to attack his sadistic opponent, so he uprooted the tree he had been standing on and threw it at Mewtwo. The tree collided with his opponent, driving him forcefully into the ground. He lifted the tree off of his chest, clutching his ribs.

    “No matter…” Said Mewtwo. “I’ll deal with you later.” He said, throwing the tree at a weakened Mew and watched it land on his helpless body. The small Pokemon was still alive, yet gruesomely injured, as he could no longer move his left leg.

    “Have fun.” Said Mewtwo, leaving the small Pokemon alone and helpless.

    As he walked, he couldn’t help but turn back and see the small pink Pokemon trying to rise back to his feet. Mewtwo lifted him up with his psychic abilities and threw him back to the ground. Mew crawled away, just glad to be alive to fight another day, let alone to not be hurt as bad as he could be. And Mew swore vengeance on this sadistic creature that was Mewtwo. He was going to find him. And he was going to do something he wouldn’t normally do to anything.

    He was going to kill Mewtwo.

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