Dark Knight = Ghetsis.

Also, this is my first one shot, pweeze comment. Sorry I i went too fast :[

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived a lonely princess. She was a very beautiful princess indeed. Her eyes were as red as a rose; her fur was as blue as the ocean; her wings are pretty as a peacock’s and she had 3 heads as cute as buttons. Her name was Hydreigon; a one of a kind girl.

However, yesterday night, she was going to see her true love until she was captured by the dark, the devious, the clever and the all-around, black knight of Team Plasma. He was the ring leader of his team. With his flowing green hair and his eye patch of wonders; he was the mastermind of evil plots. Planning them swiftly, it seems like he never fails. That night, he went and took the beautiful princess, Hydreigon from the home she shared with her true love.

Now it is up to a brave, bold and most awesome hero to save the princess. Who would that hero be? None other than her true love, himself. Me! Sir Haxorus is the name. With armor on my skin and a sword on my hip. Speeding on my Rapidash, I traveled for many hours hoping to reach the Dark Knight’s lair. The wind in my face; the way the armor sounds in the wind. Such a rush down my spine. Traveling through deserts, forests and ice lands can be a bother, especially considering that a dragon like me gets affected by the cold weather. But for my Hydreigon, I shall prevail.

After many hours of harsh traveling, I reached the Dark Knight’s lair. Parked my Rapidash and headed over to the long tower, where Hydreigon awaits. The tower itself was just a long structure with nothing special added to it. Just a stupid green tower. Nonetheless, I looked up at the opening way up high on the tall tower, hoping to see movement. I called out:

“Hydreigon! You there, pretty girl? I’m here and I will defeat the Dark Knight and rescue you from this place”

After that call, she jumped from the opening on the tall tower, and proceeded to fly, at a rather fast pace, towards me. So fast that before I can extend me hand to hug her, she plowed right into me, knocking both of us onto the ground. With her mini-arm heads, she wrapped them around me to give them a hug as I, with my right hand, ran my fingers through her black fur and wings behind her.

“Haxorus…” Hydreigon said softly as she rests her main head on my shoulder. She was sobbing with joy, because she was about to be set free.

That moment of mine was interrupted by a voice… a dark sinister voice to be exact. It came from over there! By the main lair to the castle. I stepped in front of the princess and drew out my sword, ready to protect her at any cost. Then, I saw him. The Black Knight coming toward me with his menacing eyes and his shiny black armor.

“Haxorus…” Hydreigon held on tight from behind, scared, helpless and shaking.

I pried Hydreigon off of me and I went towards the Dark Knight with my sword in hand. Before you know it, we were both standing at least 5 feet from each other. A staring match it was. Just standing, looking into each other’s eyes, wondering when the first move would be made. The Black Knight drew out his sword as his first offense. As he tried to move that sword toward me, I stopped it by using mine to hit his. Now, we are in a sword fight. And in these kinds of fights, you have to be skilled and precise or else you would end up on the wrong end of the fight itself.

The more the Black Knight welded his sword toward me, the more I was on the defense as I blocked his attacks with my own sword. In the mist of this, I was getting bored. Mainly because I wasn’t anticipating on being on the defense. Any minute, the Dark Knight can actually win this, because he keeps attacking in many surprising angles. From the side and from on top of my head at a great speed, it gets hard for me to block his attacks, one by one. As the time progresses, I grew tired and weak as I could no longer try to block his attacks. After my last block, I fell to the floor in a pool of sweat.

My eyes were blinded by the sunlight and my breath was short. I laid there, thinking to myself: I failed. I don't want to fail Hydreigon. She's my true love and she needs me to protect her. She has made it clear before that without my presence, she can't function. For her I must be strong. I must be. No matter what happens. With my body aching, I got myself up very slowly.

I saw the Dark Knight with his back turned to me, coming towards Hydreigon. She was crying as she was floating backwards to get away from him. He came at her, with a sword in hand and on arm out to grab her. I looked down at my sword and I picked it up, as I saw my chance to beat the Dark Knight. I came toward him, quietly, planning my attack. Then... WHACK! I hit the Dark Knight hard on his metal plated helmet, which lead to a ringing vibration in his head. We watched as he fell hard to the ground and never got back up.

Hydreigon, once again, came flying towards me. This time, she gently gave me a hug without knocking me to the floor... assuming that she knew how I was knocked by the Dark Knight. However, she was crying louder than before.

“Don’t worry, pretty girl… I’m here.” I whispered.

“Haxorus… my hero…” she whispered back as she hugged me tightly.

At this point, I picked her up; went back on my Rapidash, and went into the afternoon. Just riding and holding Hydreigon in my arms.