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    Default How to Write a Pokemon Battle

    Everyone and their grandmothers have written at least one Pokemon Battle. The proliferation of Journey fics and their ilk persuade the average writer to depict more grit and action.

    Unfortunately, I have witnessed a lot of poorly written battles. In fact, (formalised) battles are probably one of the more different parts of Pokemon fanfiction to write well. I'm not talking two Legendaries, or Wild Pogies dishing it out against each other. I'm talking Trainer vs Trainer, 6-on-6 Pokeball match-ups.

    How do you depict battles? Do you deviant from the more typical and formulaic description, as seen below?

    "Infernape, use Flamethrower!" screamed A.

    "No!" B leapt forward. "Miltank! Divert it with Shadow Ball."


    "You won't get away with this!" A said, glaring at B. "Infernape, Focus Punch it."

    B smirked and nodded at Miltank. "Swerve around in a Roll-Out."


    A cried, "Grass Knot!"

    "Stomp," was B's reply.


    ...And so and so forth.

    Is there a way of integrating a meaningful conversation into the slew of battling? Must the Trainers do nothing but scream out commands? For example, I noticed in the Special Manga, the characters are often fighting a mental battle as well as a physical one.

    e.g. when Lorelei was fighting Sabrina, Sabrina was yelling about how Lorelei had no right to conquer & plunder other cities... whilst dodging a rampaging Cloyster.

    Lorelei gets her Cloyster to fire an Aurora Beam, while scoffing that Sabrina, who herself is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, is a hypocrite for preaching altruism.

    How can you make a Pokemon battle be more than just Trainers rattling off commands? Can you make it a full-fledged argument about life, love, and everything in between as well?

    How would you go about doing it, while making it seamless? Because there's nothing worse than DESCRIPTION-DUMP-OF-POKEMON-FIRING-ATTACKS and then a whole block of dialogue/text describing the verbal insults. :/

    EDIT: lol, this is almost a shamelessly obvious attempt at getting help with my Uno fic. The main character is about to challenge Cynthia to a battle, and I want him to confront her on her hypocrisy... while trying to get his Unfezant to fend off a rabid Garchomp.
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