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    Default The Shiny Pokemon Union

    Welcome to the Shiny Pokemon Union!
    This Trade Shop will feature not only shiny pokemon, but also events, dream world, egg moves, and more! Look through the shops merchandise and find what you like!
    Shop Rules:
    1. All Serebii Forum Rules Apply Here.
    2. No Trading Hacks (almost doesn’t need to be said), if you find out that something I traded you is hacked, then I will give you a full refund with an additional item to compensate you for the trouble (when proof is given). I expect the same from you.
    3. Please post any and all offers HERE, in the shop page. I do not want constant PMs from people with random trades. After I've agreed to a trade with you here, you can VM/PM me about setting up a time or continue discussing it here, either one works for me.
    4. Please be specific about not only which pokemon of mine you want, but also what you are offering.
    5. You can offer anything, but the things that I’m currently looking for will be worth more to me at that time.
    6. If your FC is not in your signature then put it somewhere in your post.
    7. I do clone pokemon, and I will accept clones and RNG pokemon if necessary.
    8. Please be patient with me. If I don’t respond after three days, then you can either re-post your offer or PM me with the details.
    9. Please ask if you don’t understand something or want more information.
    10. Lastly, have fun looking through my shop!

    Black FC: 1377-7130-8164
    Diamond FC: 3095-4174-1542

    -UT – Untrained, No EXP, Same Level
    -BT – Barely Trained, Some EXP, Same Level
    -T – Trained, Lots of EXP, Higher Level
    -Flawless – All IVs are 31
    -Near Flawless – All IVs are greater than 30 or all but one IV are 31

    My Ratios:
    -One normal shiny for one normal shiny/event
    -One shiny legendary for two normal shinies/events
    -Two normal shinies/events for one Dream World shiny
    -One flawless/near flawless shiny for two normal shinies/events or one Dream World shiny
    -One flawless/near flawless shiny legendary for three normal shinies/events or one DW shiny and one normal shiny/event
    -One flawless/near flawless AND Dream World shiny for three normal shinies/events or one flawless/near flawless shiny legendary

    -I can RNG pokemon for you if the offer is worth it for me too. I can now RNG wild pokemon (grass, caves), surfing, breeding, and to a certain extent fishing. I cannot do shaking patch RNG... yet.

    Official Trade Shop Cloners:

    Finally, the shop’s merchandise:
    RED = New Pokemon, this will be removed after three days of being in the shop

        Spoiler:- Shiny:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries:

    Egg Move Projects:
        Spoiler:- Egg Move Projects:

    Dream World Females:
        Spoiler:- Dream World Females:

        Spoiler:- Wants:

    Have Fun Browsing Through The Shiny Pokemon Union!!!

        Spoiler:- Pending Trades:

        Spoiler:- Successful Trades:
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    Click the Userbar to Vist my Trade Shop!

    Credit for the AMAZING userbar goes to Mew_ and -Sarah! Thanks so much the two of you!

    Credit for the Amazing Vaporeon recolors goes to PetuniaBubbles! Thanks so much!

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