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Thread: The Bakugan Club!

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    Wink The Bakugan Club!


    Hey everyone

    I was skipping through the clubs, and realized something.
    "Where's the Bakugan Club?" Found it!

    This club is for discussions about rare finds, awesome battles and more!

    1. Sppf rules apply.
    2. No Swearing.
    3. Please don't post without any intention to join.
    4. If you disagree with someone, dont say stuff like "You suck at this game you loser!" say something which either questions there reason, or go ahead and start a HEALTHY fight! (By this I mean no gettin personal, like you can PM me to ask me to make a poll about it, etc.)

    Application Form:

    Favourite Bakugan:
    Favourite Attribute:
    Reason of joining:
    More about yourself:

    Other than that, have fun!!!

    Oh, wait! I also had a thought. If anyone thinks I should make divisions, (The Ventus, Pyrus, Aquos, Darkus, Haos, Subterra divisions) and I could get some userbars to go along with it, would that be fun?

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    FIrst join. And if you do do divisions, you should have leaders- no special powers or anything, just a title for being the first to choose that division.

    Username: Kissmygrass96
    Favorite Bakugan: The centipede one, I can't remember its name but it has won me many a brawl.
    Favorite Attribute: Subterra
    Reason of Joining: I like Bakugan, why else would I join?
    MOre aboout myself: I am no longer a fan of the show, but I still like the cards and video games.

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    Username:Fizzay A.K.A Fizz
    Favourite Bakugan: Subterra Avior
    Favourite Attribute: Draganoid
    Reason of joining: I like Bakugan...
    More about yourself:I'm a male,11 Years of age and goin' into 6th grade.

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