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    Default The Okami Club

    Welcome to the

    This a club that is about the games Okami and Okamiden that were made by Capcom, but this has nothing to do with the UFC fighter of the same name. I would first like to welcome to the main club that is all about the Okami series.I would now like to give a brief summary about the games if someone does not understands what this is about. The first game in the series was Okami which was released by Capcom and was developed bt Clover Studios in 2006.The Wii version was developed by Ready at Dawn studious because of Clover Studios closing to form Platinum Games and released in the Spring of 2008.Okamiden is the DS sequel that was just released this past March in North America.Now it is time for the rules of the club.They will be as listed below.

    The Rules

    1. No off topic discussion of any type. There is a Zelda club if anybody starts going on about Zelda series
    2. No bashing of any type.
    3. No one will be allowed into the club without using the proper form to get in the club. The form will be listed as below.
    4. Marvel vs Capcom 3 talk will only be permitted if it has anything to do about Ammy.
    5. No bugging be about anything dealing with being co-owner or the ones that can accept new members into the club. I will notify the member that would be fitting of the job
    6. Keep discussion talk clean. No mind in gutters like how Issun was in the story of the first game.
    7. No one liners. There must at least two sentences in posts.
    8. All rules apply

    If there be any problems persisting in this club,I will add to the rules list.

    The members

    Owner (aka the Amaterasu Rank)

    1. LucarioWolf

    Co-owner (aka the Issun rank)
    The Club Mods (the Brush Deitys rank)

    Regular Members

    To get into this club,You must use this form to get into the club.
    I insert your user name here have read the rules of the club and have accepted them. I also hereby acknowledge that I`m a fan of the Okami series.The only part not to include is the insert your name here part,but instead you insert you Username that you use on these forums.

    Ban System

    The ban system will work out like this. 3 strikes in the club will get you a ban of 1 week and will multiply by two if you continue to break the club rules.

    Club art and Banners.

    there is none at the moment.But you can insert your own club art or club banner if you want to.I will be adding them to this post once I give them the Ok to do so.

    So now,I would like to start off with me accepting the rules. I LucarioWolf have read the rules of the club and have accepted them. I also hereby acknowledge that I`m a fan of the Okami series. Now let the discussion hereby officially start.

    Last edited by DaAuraWolf; 4th July 2011 at 3:37 PM. Reason: fixing sometypos and adding info about the ban system for the club.

    Oh... the irony

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