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Thread: Tainted Redemption (Advanceshipping, PG-15)

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    Default Tainted Redemption (Advanceshipping, PG-15)

    *puts down book* Ah, welcome.

    This is a re-write of my old Advanceshipping fic Opal's Shadow. Most of you probably won't remember it, but it was scrapped due to a plethora of issues ranging from writer's block to irreperable plotholes. Now that most of these issues have been solved, I hope to make this rewrite an even bigger success than the original.

    Also, if you wish to be added to the PM list, leave a review and say so.

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    Disclaimer: Why would Satoshi Tajiri, Game Freak or Nintendo have an account on a Pokemon forum? I'm not them, therefore I don't own Pokemon.



    I woke up that morning; looked for the light of her face.

    Instead, I found death, lying in her place.

    I’d known she was gone, and I knew the cause.

    Her killer moved on with his life, without pause.

    So many dreams were broken; too much was sacrificed.

    Was it worth the ones I loved, but had to leave behind?

    So many years gone by, and I’m no more the wise.

    My every action carried an appropriate price.

    Now I find out if I truly was right.

    Will all my sins be justified?

    Hardened by loss, scarred by pain,

    I return from the ashes, a phoenix in flame.

    ‘Returned from the ashes indeed,’
    he thought, closing the leather-bound journal and returning it to his bag. ‘Everyone I knew thinks I’m dead, save for a few.’
    He tugged at the plain white tie he wore, part of his contest outfit. The man mused at how ironic it was that he had to become something he had once shunned in order to make himself known to the friends and family of his former life.

    “Haaaaah,” he exhaled softly, “May should get a kick out of this one.” The man looked up at the TV screen, checking the matchups for the first round of contest battles. “Speak of the devil,” he murmured, seeing that he was paired up against the very person he had just been thinking of.

    “All right, Ladies and Gentlemen, the first round of contest battles is about to get underway!” announced Vivian, the contest MC. “So, our first two contestants need to report to the stage. The battle starts in just two minutes, so don’t go anywhere!”

    “That’s my cue,” announced the man as he left the back area for the stage.

    ‘The last time I had a contest battle with May was in Terracotta Town,’ he recalled, the half a ribbon in his front pocket providing further memories. It was his good luck charm, split in two after a tie between the two of them. He glanced up, noticing his opponent walking towards the stage opposite him. She paused and glanced over at him, then she nodded and went on her way.

    ‘This time it won’t be a draw. I can win this,’ he reminded himself. ‘And if I don’t, then at least it’ll be fun.’

    He was smiling as he walked on stage, ready to stand in the spotlight once more.


    Expect the rewrite of Chapter 1 soon. Major changes won't really be seen until Chapter 2 or so, but it'll become obvious that this is different in the next chapter.
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    oh, a rewrite? cool, but does this story differ that much than the older one? or is this going to be a completely different story? :0
    and I didn't find any mistakes.. but this is a rewrite and I'm not good at it :P

    anyways, I'd love to read more of this, can you please put me in the PM list?

    and oh, nice disclaimer, haven't heard that one before :P

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