This topic is over the usage of Tyranitar. Not how many people use it but how it is being used.

It's almost like people are ignoring it's great offensive stats just because it is a weather starter. I'm seeing more and more defensive T-tars and Utility T-tars and close to no DD tyranitar or choiced Tyranitars. It saddens me a bit to see him not being used as the powerful physical sweeper/stallbreaker he was meant to be when first released in GSC.

I'm by no means saying using the standard weather lead sets is wrong. I'm saying it's wrong not to consider using it like the powerhouse it is. If sandstorm doesn't fancy you then his DW ability Unnerve is not bad at all and with it he is no longer limited to his role as a sandstorm starter and can be used more offensivley like in previous Generations. Some weather starters like Politoed and Abomasnow are meant to be stuck to their weather starter jobs but Tyranitar has potential beyond that. Does anyone share my views?