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It is a fact that wonder launchers are Unova technology.
It is a fact that the wonder launcher movies are Unova-made.
It is a fact that there are very few other-region pokemon in Unova.
It is a fact that Ash knows about these movies despite all these points. Yet he doesn't know any Unova pokemon before coming to Unova.

Despite all this, you still seem to think the opposite of every point could possibly be true.
This post actually hurt my eyes.

The wonder launcher movies debuted in the anime in BW/UNOVA. That doesn't mean they've not been in any other region of the series just because WE haven't seen them.

Yes, it's a fact rarely any other regional pokemon have been in Unova, your point is? Were talking about the movies.

Yes, it is a fact Ash knows about these movies, which brings us back to what im saying, theres no reason why other wonder launcher movies may of had other regional pokemon.
Your basically proving my points for me.

How am I thinking everything oppositly? My last post clearly stated that the movies could be either way of having Unova Pokemon or non-regional Pokemon yet you come up with these ridiculous posts which don't lead you anywhere.