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Thread: Curse of the Sevi (Doctor Who lite) Rated T

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    Default Curse of the Sevi (Doctor Who lite) Rated T

    Curse of the Sevi

    This is a lite Doctor Who Fan-fiction
    (The Doctor only making a cameo in this story)
    Rated T because it contains a concept that might not be comfortable for younger readers. I'll say it. Immortality.


    This story takes place on a Planet far far away from here.
    It is called Mapache.

    The world is populated by a primitive race of anthropomorphic raccoons whom called themselves the Sevi.
    They hunt, trade, and are superstitious.
    They believe in all kinds of omens from their seers and such but a long time ago something happened that changed their world forever. Something not even these people could imagine.

    An adult Sevi named Dalgo who being an experienced hunter was stalking a deer, 'Yes… meat for my family. It will taste good.'
    He heard a crack in the sky.
    The seer had told their tribe leader that the sky would have blue in it that day.
    (It's always blue) Dalgo thought to himself thinking her as a hack.

    Yet as he looked at the sky where the crack came from he saw something fly across the sky at an extreme speed.
    It was blue and rectangular.
    It was gone in an instant.

    It was a blue British police box. Where a man known only as the Doctor lived and traveled in.
    For those who aren't familiar with the Doctor he is a time lord. He can travel throughout all time and space as well as his species when they die they can regenerate their bodies into a different appearance with a slight personality change. Yet retains their memories of their past selves. The Doctor was known as a hero throughout the universe. If only he knew what he accidentally did. Though it's not his fault.
    The blue box known as the TARDIS was acting faulty as it was temporarily sabotaged by a evil time lord known as "The Master" It zoomed across the planet's sky so fast it caused a temporal sonic boom that shook Mapache.

    Time had affected their genes.
    Where the Doctor could regenerate, so could the Sevi but in a different manner.
    When they die… whether it be old age or any other circumstance they don't pass on.
    Their bodies are deceased for about five minutes.
    During those five minutes the unfortunate dead Sevi would come back to life as a baby becoming reborn again. causing all of them to be immortal as their lives don't end… just recycle themselves.
    They retain no memories of their past life except for the rare few who have a special gene. Though those only remember the most previous life forgetting the one before it.
    In extremely rare cases the being remembers all of his/her lives causing insanity to many.
    The rest take it as a gift that they are blessed with so many memories of the past.
    (Those beings would become scholars writing down history as their species' society slowly evolved into a less primitive one)

    The blue box they saw was integrated into history. Most feared that it would come back.
    Others anticipated it's return hoping it would undo the damage that it caused.
    Another problem yet also blessing what that they lost the ability to have children.
    When I mean a blessing was that if they kept having kids but none could permanently die. The world would get more and more overcrowded…

    So for a hundred and fifty years they lived like that until one young Sevi said "No more"
    He would find a way to reverse this in any way he could.
    For he was Dalgo two lives later. Seeing the TARDIS put an image in his brain… something he couldn't shake out. He knew where to go... he knew how to fix things. But he was broke and was stuck as a busboy in the local tavern with a contract.

    To be continued in part 1

    I do not own Doctor Who. "Doctor Who" "The Doctor" "The Master" and "The TARDIS" are owned by the BBC
    I know that's a duh... sentence but I'm obligated to say that because I used his character.

    Please be honest and as critical as you want.
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