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    Cool Diesel135's Event Shack

    Diesel135's Event Shack
    Welcome to my shop,where you can numerous events from all parts of the globe(except korea) i hope you find what you are looking for.

    Credit to T-BOne27
    The Rules:
    All the SPPf rules apply.Read them.
    Read the Trade Shop Sub-Forum rules.
    Make your offers Specific [Level, Type of Event (if so the ID No. and OT), Nature, IVs etc.]
    -No Hacks Allowed!
    -Post first,pm later.
    -Fair offers only!
    -No spamming,please.
    -Be patient,i'm not always here.
    -4th Generation only
    -Don't clone pokemon for anyone,so don't request clone and trade back.
    Events (ut unless stated):
        Spoiler:- Darkrai:

        Spoiler:- Shaymin:

        Spoiler:- Manaphy:

        Spoiler:- Deoxys:

        Spoiler:- Jirachi:

        Spoiler:- Arceus:

        Spoiler:- Mew:

        Spoiler:- Regigas:

        Spoiler:- Pichu and Pikachu:

        Spoiler:- Celebi:

        Spoiler:- My Pokemon Ranch:

        Spoiler:- XD and Colosseum Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Jeremy:

        Spoiler:- Others:

    Credit to mew_

    Looking For:
    Egg moves Pokemon(All male,to pass the moves to others):
    night slash and swords dance sandshrew(pending)
    iron head, thunderpunch and fire punch cubone
    toxic spikes spinarak
    wing attack and cross poison gligar

    FC:4470 2256 5206
    Credit to mew_,check his awesome art shop at
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    credit to mew_
    Check my shop out for some great events
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

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