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    This is my first fanfic (that I'm reposting, sorry mods, I'm new), but please don't let that be a turn off, because this isn't my first creative writing of the genre. 15+ for language and violence (mostly later in the fic). It is of the Tragedy/Drama genre.

    ALSO!!!! I'd really like some reviews and mods, if you are reading this, please feel free to bump up the rating if you feel it needs it. I'm sure you would if you felt the need.

    Now that we're done with the generalities.....The End.

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    Chapter Listing

    Intro/Prolouge/Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6/ Journal Entry 1
    Journal Entry 2 and 3
    Future Entry 1
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    There was a hard knocking at his door. The man shook his head as he advanced to the wooden door. He twisted the knob slowly and a woman with waist long blond hair walked in. “So have you made your choice yet?”

    The man turned and stared out a window for a moment, “Yeah, I guess I have...”

    “And your decision is?” the woman replied.

    “I guess I have no choice but to fight.” he said.

    “Are you sure, Clay?” she asked.

    “I'm sure as one can be when they know they will most likely die, while being recruited by someone who just sits by and orders around, Cynthia.” Clay replied, Cynthia started to say something then he thrust two pokeballs out in front of him and offered them to Cynthia, “Just make sure they're safe. I don't want to drag them into this.”

    Cynthia nodded, “ did you come to terms with it all? I just....have to know, the truth of course.”

    “Come to terms with what?” Clay asked.

    “Finding out that you're a different person, that you're a hero elsewhere, that you accidentally started a war here?” she replied, with yet another question.

    Clay sighed, “You mean coming from Andrew to Clay?”

    “Yeah, it generally doesn't make sense to me.” Cynthia pressed.

    “Fine, but sit down, it's a long story.” Clay said as he plopped down on his bed and slid over so Cynthia had room.

    “I guess it all started with that board meeting....” Clay started.

    Chapter 1- A Day In the Life
    Andrew Faulkner sat in the middle of his bed alone, meditating, calming himself before a meeting that might change his country forever. His shoulder-length brown hair rested on...well, his shoulders, his breathing slow, his muscular frame slowly expanding and contracting with each breath he took. The silence, welcoming, then there was a noise in the hall. The disturbance almost made him get up, but he held fast. Until the disturbance was brought to him when it literally hit him square in the forehead. It knocked him backward and then he looked up to see his Grovyle, his normally piercing yellow eyes were wide. He sighed then grinned, he leaned over and grabbed the big green rubber ball, Grovyle’s favorite toy. He tossed it back, and Grovyle leaped into the air and grabbed it in his mouth. He continued to smile then told him to be more careful. His secretary walked in,

    “Champion Faulkner, the Pokemon League will see you now.” Andrew stood, then got into his business suit and walked into the room, silent with tension. The Pokemon League was meeting in response to the recent flare of criminal activity in the regions. Andrew was the Champion of the Unova Region, and with this title, he carried all the region’s military power and political power as well. The other Champions were here as well, representing their respective regions. Red, with Kanto; Lance, with Johto; Steven, with Hoenn; Cynthia, with Sinnoh, and himself, with Unova, he’d endured the grueling flight over to Kanto for this meeting and was staying in a Champion’s suite.

    “Finally, you’re here.” Lance said, “We thought you’d never arrive.”

    “Sorry about that, but now that I’m here, shall we begin?” Andrew said, slightly annoyed.

    “I suppose we shall,” Lance said, then stood and brought up a power point on the large screen on the wall.

    “Oh this is going to be interesting,” Andrew muttered under his breath then pulled out a seat from the table, set his suit case down, and began to pour himself a cup of hot coffee. Cynthia, sitting across from him, kicked him in the shin as she heard him. He glared at her for a second, and then she glared back. He then broke off the stare immediately; she always had this way of looking like she saw into your very being.

    “This,” Lance began, and a bar graph appeared on the screen, “is a current projection of the crime rate in the mainland regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. We believe that it wi-“

    “Oh please Lance, skip the statistics, we know that this isn’t what you wanted to show us.” Andrew blurted out.

    “Faulkner’s right, “ Red said in a surprisingly deep voice that didn’t sound like it belonged to someone only the age of sixteen, “That’s not why we’re here, let them hear the tape.”

    Lance nodded then set a tape recorder in the middle of the table, “This was recorded at a Poke’mart in Hoenn.” Lance pressed play.

    “Put the money on the counter now sir.” A voice on the tape said.
    “I can’t do that.” The store manager said.
    A gun could be heard being loaded, “How about now?” Laughter could be heard from the man with the gun.
    “Sir, just put down the gun and-“
    “DON’T TRY THAT CRAP ON ME!” the man with the gun shouted. Gunshots. A woman screamed, then more gunfire could be heard.
    “Torch the place,” one man said. More laughter then a Molotov could be heard breaking then flames could be heard.

    “The rest has been destroyed, and we were lucky to get this one.” Lance explained, “We have to do something about it…..” everyone stared at Andrew suddenly.

    “What?” he asked.

    “You know what.” Cynthia confronted him.

    “Oh no, you think Unova doesn’t have its own problems?!” Andrew slammed his fist on the table, “Just because we’re the only country with a REAL military doesn’t mean you can just use them on some gang! We’re being threatened as well, an opponent that if we lose to, that you do too.”

    “PEOPLE ARE DYING DAMN IT!!!” Lance screamed.


    “WE’RE OVERWHELMED!” Lance slammed both hands on the desk.

    “FINE. Fine.” Andrew calmed down, “We’ll send out a troop of our auxiliary forces. They will aid you and your police.” Andrew began to walk out.

    “Thank y-“ Lance started, but he was already gone.

    Three hours later…….
    “Show me what you’re made of, we don’t want to say you went all this way for nothing.” Andrew said to the adult challenger in front of him, about his age. The man had long, curly brown hair and a goatee that was in desperate need of a shaving. The most definitive feature of his face was a scar that ran through his eye. The man tossed out a normal, red and white Poke’ball. A red stream of light spouted out and bounced across the floor, eventually forming into the shape of a Lucario. The Pokemon entered a fighting stance, and a purple flame ignited around its “hands.”

    “You have good taste in fighting types,” Andrew grinned, “Let’s make it interesting, GO, Lucario!” he sent out a Poke’ball of his own, which performed the same actions, then his own Lucario moved to his fighting stance and prepared for the referee to begin the match. The referee belted out the order to begin, and Andrew let Lucario to it, the man shared the fighting style and stood back as his own Lucario ran to face its opponent.

    After the fight, Andrew stood and shook hands with his opponent, who’d won honorably. “Come with me,” Andrew commanded the newest member of the Hall of Fame, “What’s your name?”

    “If I told you that, I’d have to kill you,” the man said.

    “Then why the hell did you come here?” Andrew asked.

    “Kidding, of course. Steven Williams.” Steven said.

    “Steven….” Andrew nodded, then put the info into the computer, “You know if you beat me again within the year, you’re eligible for my position?”

    “No thanks, I couldn’t handle the stress.” Steven replied, “I’m on…..a….retreat, you could say.”

    “I see.” Andrew replied, still working, “Where you from?”

    “…..I’m not from around here….at...all.” Steven said slowly.

    “Humor me.” Andrew answered.

    “Nibiru.” Steven said.

    “You’re right, I don’t know…well, that’s done, come again!” Andrew exclaimed with a grin, the customary good bye to any challenger. The man left with a wave, and Andrew sighed, Damn.
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    Chapter 2: Kyurem
    That's it!!! It's here! Very well done! Good job, partner!
    Andrew woke up in the hospital, with gauze all over his chest. What the hell was with that dream? He wondered. He looked beside him and saw Grovyle, his partner’s stomach rose and fell with his labored breathing. He turned and saw Lucario beside him standing, “Please God tell me this was just a bad night out..” Andrew mumbled.

    “Not remotely,” Lucario said, his deep voice unnerved Andrew, but then again, Lucario was one of the few Pokemon that could not only recognize English, but speak it as well, it seriously helped him communicate with a lot of people, and was invaluable in a battle since he could understand Pokemon too.

    “Then what the hell happened?” Andrew asked, holding his throbbing head.

    “You don’t remember?” Lucario asked, raising what could be called his eyebrows.

    “No, not at all,” Andrew confirmed.

    Lucario nodded, “Well let me….refresh, your memory.”

    “Wha-“ then Andrew was cut off as Lucario placed his palm onto his forehead and pain surged through all thought process and an image appeared in his head.

    Andrew walked into yet another meeting. Personally, he hated them, well, the suit more than anything. “Champion Andrew Faulkner, about time.” Clay said, arms crossed, “Yer late my boy.”

    “Clay, nice to see you, any new hopefuls?” Andrew asked, gleaming.

    “Not since that one kid, but well, he already…yeah…” Clay stuttered, awkwardly. Andrew rolled his eyes then took a seat. “Now that you’re here, we need an idea, to defeat the renewed Team Plasma.” Clay said.

    “That’s what I’ve been working on,” Andrew said, grinning.

    “Go ‘head, son, “ Clay said.

    “Behold, Kyurem.” Andrew swept his arm around and pressed a button on a clicker revealing a long dragon Pokemon, pale skin, short arms, and odd shaped legs. The air around it was visible because of the low temperature of the photo. The Pokemon was roaring into the camera, making it quite the unnerving picture.
    “What are you proposing, Andy?” Clay asked, one eyebrow arched.

    “We catch Kyurem, a powerful legendary Pokemon, and unleash it on Plasma.” Andrew said smiling. The gym leaders mumbled to each other on the idea, then came to a decision at which Clay rose.

    “We have agreed that desperate times call for desperate measures. Your idea is approved, godspeed.” Clay said, then dismissed everyone. Andrew then ordered his Braviary to fly him to Lacunosa Town.

    When he arrived, the people greeted him with welcome smiles and he asked around about Kyurem. He was then told to talk to the older woman on the overpass. He consulted with her and she pointed him to it, the Giant Chasm. He made the trek there then walked into the large cave. After navigating through it, he was welcomed to a large, labyrinthine maze of forestry. He eventually came across a crater, and climbed down into it, reaching a meteorite. He reached forward and touched it and a burning cold rushed through his hand and he yelped in pain. Suddenly there was a loud screech and a blinding light emitted from the meteorite. The next moment, he couldn’t see through all the snow that buried him. It had pelted him as it came down and now he was attempting to break through. He did and slowly crawled out of the snow. The entire forest was covered in snow, and he could barely see the tree tops it was so deep. Looking in the distance, he saw a cave and then trudged through the snow towards it, shivering the whole way. He walked into the cave, it was silent, and almost completely pitch black. He took out his lighter and Lucario turned in confusion.

    “You smoke?” Lucario asked, curious.

    “Not often…” Andrew replied. Then put it away as it wasn’t providing ample light. He sent out an Alakazam and used flash to light the room, returned him to his poke’ball, and began exploring. The air began to grow cold and Andrew leaned over to Lucario and told him to get into a battle stance. Lucario nodded then continued to walk forward. Suddenly Lucario flew forward and Andrew turned to see Kyurem directly in front of him. It roared then smacked him aside like a rag doll. Andrew hit a cave wall and felt something warm run down his face. Grovyle was laying beside him. His pokeball must've slipped loose... oh hell no.... The red and white sphere was snapped in half. Grovyle's eyes were wide with fear then Andrew wrapped his arms around him.

    “HOLD ON!” he shouted. He made a break for Lucario, who somehow managed only a small cut on his forehead. He returned Lucario and pulled out a Master Ball with a free arm. Kyurem knocked him over with a blast of air from its roar. “DAMN IT!”

    Grovyle fell as Andrew flew another ten feet. He held the Master Ball so tight he dropped it. Kyurem noticed the wounded Grovyle and began to lumber towards him. No, no, NO! Kyurem hunched over him and slashed at his abdomen with its claws. Andrew scurried over and grabbed the Master Ball and landed it on Kyurem and caught it. **** yeah, seaking!
    Andrew's fear returned as he grabbed up Grovyle, who was completely still. He ran outside and sent out Braviary to transport him to the nearest Pokemon center.

    The vision suddenly ended and Andrew was breathing heavily. “How is he?” he managed to say in between gasps.

    “Grovyle? I dunno, but there's...someone you may want to see.” Lucario had a look of remorse in his eyes. He's pretty laid back for a Lucario, so who the.... N stepped in the room.

    “What the hell are you doing in here you *******?” Andrew hated the man, but had a slight reverence for his compassion towards Pokemon.

    “Why such resentment for an old friend?” N asked, lacing his fingers together.

    “You nearly took everything from me. My life,” Andrew paused and looked over a Grovyle, then Lucario, “My partners.”

    “I don't think they need my help to do that, you seem to be doing a fine job yourself.” N replied, still calm.

    “I had no choice, I NEEDED this!” he held up the Master Ball Lucario recovered from his pack.

    “Kyurem....and you don't think they don't know? Ghetsis, hates you, he's watching you as we speak.” N continued.

    Andrew jumped out of his bed and slammed N against the wall, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TELLING HIM?! HUH?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TELLING HIM?!”

    “Nothing, calm down.” N replied, shoving Andrew off, “I just know. I AM his son.” Andrew glared at him and sat back down and looked at Grovyle and began to tear up. “You care so much for him, but you don't listen when he speaks...Clay.”

    Andrew turned, a tear rolled down his cheek, “What?”

    “He talks about a person. Clay.....a friend of his, but he describes's curious. He cares deeply about you too.” Andrew was crying heavily. “He speaks of strange tales.....amazing ones....yet you don't remember....hand me Kyurem. This isn't a fight you can win.”

    Andrew lost his temper again and socked N in the stomach, “Damn, you really had me going there, you're good.”

    “I speak only the truth, I wouldn't dare speak otherwise. Give me Kyurem, leave the Pokemon League. Find yourself again.....Clay.....” N was serious.

    Andrew still felt another tear roll down his face, “I......”

    “It's for the good of know this. Survive, so you can fight back. Lucario knows.” N said.

    “Lucario...?” Andrew still had tears in his eyes.

    “I.....he's.......right.....” Lucario said, avoiding his master's gaze, “I'm sure of it.........”

    Andrew turned to Grovyle, who was barely breathing, “Fine.....” He gave N the Master Ball.

    “Thank you....Andrew...or Clay....whoever you are.” N smiled then left. Andrew held his head in his hands, What the hell have I done?

    “Master....” Lucario rested his palm on Andrew's shoulder.

    “Were you lying to me?” Andrew pressed.

    “I would never master.'' Lucario replied. Andrew looked him directly into the eyes.

    “You knew about N coming then?” Andrew continued. Lucario nodded, “Did you have anything to do with the turnout at the Board today?” Lucario froze and broke his gaze at the question.

    “Oh my god!” Andrew slapped Lucario and started to shout, “Get the **** out!” Lucario jumped. He wasn't hurt, but it scared the **** out of him. “Get OUT!”

    “Master your judgment is impaired, you are stressed from seeing him again. Calm DOWN!” Lucario objected, backing away from another strike and Andrew fell at his knees.

    “You're're right....everything's happening so fast.... I.....good god, I just haven't had time to process it all...not even one day. A murder. Thrust into battle. It's a curse, it comes with the occupation. Remember Alder?” Andrew held his head in his hands, “Damn it....DAMN IT! I've only been Champion for three months and I've already ****ed everything up. Couldn't have picked a better time.” Andrew sighed.

    “Master, get your rest, I'll hand in your letter of resignation. We'll head to Pacifidlog Town afterward, we can search and not give any suspicion. “ Lucario laid out the plan. Andrew nodded,

    “Alright....let's roll with it.”
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    good fic, this takes place after game storyline, right(mostly...)
    plz add me to the pm list if you plan to make one!

    don't click this link...

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    Thanks! And, yes it does take place after the game's canon. Oh, and what do you mean by PM list?
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    Anyway! Here's Chapter 3!

    Chapter 3: Letter of Resignation

    Andrew sat on his new mat bed. His new house slowly swayed and bobbed with the ocean, he watched his new television, a tiny box model. It showed a reporter out side the gargantuan Unova Pokemon League complex.

    “Today, we have received the news that the Unova Champion, Andrew Faulkner, has left the Pokemon League and has disappeared altogether. His companion and partner, Lucario, has given the letter to the Pokemon League HQ, not disclosing his current location. “

    “Damn right,” Andrew said, “You watching this buddy?” he asked Grovyle, who was lying down, curled up on a small mat. He opened one eye and glared at Andrew, his yellow eye then began to close into a slit. He obviously was enjoying his nap. “I take that as a no.” Andrew looked at his watch. Lucario's late? The world really is ending.

    “-but we must ask, who will be the next champion?” the reporter finished he bulletin, then Lucario walked in.

    “Too late, you missed yourself on T.V.” Andrew turned off the T.V.

    “You seem to be in a happier mood than yesterday.” Lucario replied, arching an eyebrow.

    “Nah, I still feel like ****.” Andrew replied.

    “Oh, well quiet down, Grovyle's sleeping,” Lucario whispered, Grovyle lifted his head and yawned.

    Not anymore, *******. Grovyle thought, but didn't bother saying, since Clay couldn't understand him, or as he suddenly took to calling himself, Andrew. Grovyle stretched and slowly crawled over and sat down next to Andrew, But he's still Clay......not that Leader, the man who helped me. I miss him, my closest friend. Grovyle curled up and began to sleep again. Andrew smiled and began to pet him.

    “Well, I'm going to bed, we can begin looking tomorrow.” Andrew mumbled then laid down beside Grovyle.

    “For what?” Lucario asked.

    “You know....Clay, or, whoever.” Andrew replied.

    “You are Clay. I thought N established that.”

    “Whatever. “ Andrew mumbled then fell asleep.

    “ don't remember anything?” Lucario mumbled as he sat next to the bed and fell asleep as well.

    Hrk! Ah, the claws....they're ****ing sharp!
    Just a little longer!!!! NOW!!!!!!

    Andrew slowly sat up as he awoke. Another dream? The first voice, that had to have been me. He looked around, then noticed his wallet was sitting on the bedside stool. That's odd, I don't remember putting that there.... Andrew picked it up and opened it , searching for any abnormalities. His trainer card, his cash everything was in order, then, he noticed something. The name, it was Clay Daniel. Huh? He looked again, it was his picture, all the info was his, but....the name, Clay Daniel, wait, full name Clay Daniel Jones. Thank god Daniel isn't my last name. Where the hell did this card come from? I wonder....

    “Hey, Grovyle. Hey, wake up!” Andrew tapped Grovyle's shoulder. Grovyle looked up, his eyes droopy. “Do you recognize this name?” He asked. Grovyle started at the name, eyes still drooped. Suddenly he perked up and started to stare rather intently. He looked up and nodded. “Thanks bud, you go back to sleep.” Grovyle grinned and laid his head down.
    Andrew slowly got up and went to the Pokemon Center. He sat at a table and turned on the computer. Unlike all the rest of the ancient tech, this computer was very up to date. He typed in the name in a search engine. He paused as the internet worked. Oh my god. There was an article, “Young Pokemon Trainer Dies in Tragic Accident.”

    March 30
    Today, a young Pokemon Trainer by the name of Clay Jones was tragically killed in a horrible accident aboard the S.S. Cactus. It was early this morning and a large hurricane, previously unseen, was sweeping through the Cactus' path. The captain, had decided to take a chance and continued to press on. He, is the only survivor of this tragedy to date. From what we've been made aware, nothing survived the crash and multiple bodies are yet to be found.
    Continued on page 11.

    Andrew leaned back and looked for a picture of the 17-year old trainer. He found one and it eerily looked almost exactly like him. He frowned, But why don't I remember any of this. I know the ship, but I don't remember the crash.... He continued to read on page 11.

    When the rescue party was sent in, about three hours after the initial incident, many people and Pokemon were found dead in the doomed vessel. Clay, was the youngest aboard with a team of six Pokemon, and badges. He was found alive, but rescue efforts accidentally caused a portion of the ship to collapse, making rescue attempts impossible.

    He continued his search and found the passenger manifesto, then opened it and found Clay Jones' cabin number...42. Andrew grinned, Alright, let's go.
    Andrew returned to his new home and woke up Lucario and Grovyle, and put them in their respective pokeballs, a new red and white model for Grovyle. He pulled out an ultra ball containing Braviary and tossed it out, his destination? The S.S.Cactus.

    Upon arriving, Andrew walked off Braviary and returned the bird Pokemon to its ultra ball and then ducked down into the entrance. He walked a few hundred feet and found the location of cabin 42. There was an abundance of rubble over where the door would be. He looked around for an alternate route then found a flight of stairs. He ran up them and found a hole overlooking cabin 42. How did they miss this?

    There probably was mass flooding at first, master. Lucario telepathically replied.

    Makes sense. Andrew agreed. He jumped into the hole and landed hard, a sharp crack was the immediate response he got from the floor when he landed. He cursed and leaned forward. Broken.....Andrew looked up. Looked like a shorter fall from up there. ****.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    As Andrew struggled to move with his broken leg, suspicions arose surrounding the mystery of Andrew Faulkner’s resignation. “This is too sudden for my liking.” Lance started. Then turned to Cynthia, “What do you think?”

    “What do I think? I THINK that Andrew is alive, I know he was coerced.” Cynthia was agitated, and she then pulled out a tape, “Pop this in, will ya?” She stood and walked over to the screen. The projector lit up and showed security footage from the Pokemon Center that Andrew was admitted to. “Look familiar?” she pointed N out.

    Steven stood, “Holy ****. That can't be who it looks like.....can it?”

    “The fact of the matter is, that that is in fact N. And look, Andrew is handing him a Master Ball. What the hell did he grab that warranted that? Look at his wounds, and more interestingly, look at Grovyle's.” She pulled another tape out, and popped it in. Grovyle was seen lying on the cot, his flesh was opened around his mid-section, his chest barely moved. Blood was smeared all over his stomach, tendons were stretched along with threads that began the stitching. “What the hell could do that?” The other champions stared in awe, “If this is ANY indication of what is in that Master Ball, I'm awfully afraid for what Team Plasma has in store for us.”

    At this, Lance rolled his eyes, “Team Plasma died when Andrew took them out two years ago.”

    “But they never found Ghetsis.” Cynthia objected, “They sent N to do something, but what? Gather whatever is in that Master Ball?!”

    “Well obviously.” Red replied, suddenly speaking up, “And how do you propose we find N? He's been off the grid ever since Andrew took out Team Plasma.”

    “I don't know....” Cynthia replied, “But continue watching.” Andrew then attacked N. “What were they talking about?”

    “We can't tell,” Lance replied, “but, we may be able to form something from their lip movements, Bill is supposed to be developing a program for this.”

    “Good, make sure he finishes soon.” Cynthia replied.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    “My son.........N.” Ghetsis said, sitting alone in his new home, a small abode built from a rock wall, “What brings you back?”

    N smiled, “These, father.” He held out two Master Balls, “And the power to finish,” after giving Ghetsis the two Master Balls, he gave him a large black sphere.

    “Why the sudden....change of heart?” Ghetsis asked, happily receiving the gifts, “You fought to free Pokemon, but, these?”

    “With this power, you can force trainers to submit, but I will allow you to do what you will.” N replied.

    “And shall I tell you? My plan?” Ghetsis asked.

    “Whatever you will, I don't care.” N said.

    “Fair enough, you may leave now.” Ghetsis said.

    “Since when did I need your permission?” and with that N had finished his current mission. The final conflict is about to begin, I just hope he can fit together his past before it's too late.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Andrew swore again as the water began to rise he was on the bed and his leg throbbed, The ship must be moving deeper into the water. Not much time left. Lucario....don't fail me now.

    When have I?

    End Chapter 3.
    Feel free to comment!
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    I love the story this is after the main line right?
    Special thanks to Sworn Metalhead for the epic banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox Mulder View Post
    Thanks! And, yes it does take place after the game's canon.
    Erm, yeah.
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    I do appreciate the fact that this is a post-N story. In fact, it reminds me a little of my own fic, Under the Same Sky. Utilising Cynthia as a character is also win.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fox Mulder
    “Nah, I still feel like ****.” Andrew replied.

    “Oh, well quiet down, Grovyle's sleeping,” Lucario whispered, Grovyle lifted his head and yawned.

    Not anymore, *******. Grovyle thought, but didn't bother saying, since Clay couldn't understand him, or as he suddenly took to calling himself, Andrew. Grovyle stretched and slowly crawled over and sat down next to Andrew, But he's still Clay......not that Leader, the man who helped me. I miss him, my closest friend. Grovyle curled up and began to sleep again. Andrew smiled and began to pet him.
    About those pesky stars, I'm going to give you a tip that a friend taught me.

    Try this. Fuck, it works. It's batshit interesting, right?

    Separate one of the letters in the swearword and enclose it in Size Tags for size two. There, fucking perfect swears.

    ...Okay, I should stop flaunting my power to avoid the radar. =P

    The point of avoiding the stars is purely artistic. The stars break up the natural flow of the story, and my way will not detract from the story. Besides, the stars themselves kind of give away what swearword is hiding behind it anyway. As if kids don't know what **** means. Those four stars mean something. And if they are kids who haven't been exposed to those swears yet, all I say is this is a 15+ story. =D

    Under the Same Sky - PG-15||Completed

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    Interesting, but I dunno if I feel like going back and doing that, especially when it gets more "intense".
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    I dunno if this will reach the same length as some other fics here (I'm actually surprised it got any attention), but I'd give it at least 15-20 chapters. Which will land it around.......40 pages.....nah, it's already almost 30 now. Then we have the journal entries....... it's hard to tell.
    ANYWAY! It is time for chapter 4!

    Chapter 4: The Way Out

    Andrew groaned as Lucario pressed his palms against his broken leg and aura flowed through it, the bones began to snap into place and Andrew yelped in pain.

    “Easy! Jesus, that hurt.” Lucario smiled then Andrew stood up slowly, making sure not to undo the painful fixing of his leg.

    Andrew returned Lucario to his Pokeball and then bent down and began to investigate some of the papers scattered across the floor. He found a journal and stuffed it into his bag and continued to investigate as fast as he could.

    Master, hurry!

    Damn it, I'm going as fast as I can go!

    Andrew found something odd soon after, a small key chain, one that was identical to N's. Andrew grabbed it up and put it in the bag as well then brought Lucario out again.

    “I'll need your help, you need to throw me up there.”

    Lucario nodded and knelt down and put his hands together. Andrew ran and stepped into Lucario's hands as Lucario thrust him upwards, giving Andrew the momentum to reach the floor above him. Andrew landed hard then turned to catch Lucario's hand and pull him up. Andrew returned him then ran for an exit when the ship lurched to the side, knocking Andrew off balance. Andrew cursed as he stood back up and ran as fast as he could for the stairs.

    What're you thinking?!

    Trust me guy, I know what I'm doing, I died on this ship, remember.

    I would roll my eyes but you can't see me.

    Knowing you, you did anyway.

    Oh shut it.

    Mentally arguing with Lucario was distracting so he stopped and concentrated on getting to the next floor without falling over when the ship lurched again. When he reached it, he was greeted by tons of skeletons of humans and Pokemon alike,Oh my I know why they dismissed any survivors, it looks like the entire crew was here, and all the passengers as well. Andrew looked for a window and found one. He broke the glass and reached around and found a ladder, I thought I saw one of these. Andrew grabbed the ladder and slowly crawled out the window. When he accomplished this task, his body swung to the right, and he almost lost his grip. Almost. He reached upward and grabbed the rung with his left hand and situated his feet and began to climb up to the deck of the ship. The ship began to lurch again and Andrew pressed his body close against the side of the ship. Once it stopped he continued until he reached the deck. He turned and saw something rather unexpected. N stood by himself on the edge of the deck.

    “What the?” Andrew muttered under his breath.

    “Why hello, Andrew...or should I call you Mr. Jones?” N smiled.

    “I rather like Mr. Jones,” Andrew replied then shook his head, “May I ask why you're here?”

    “Oh I just wanted to ensure you that your....investment is in good hands.” N replied.

    “I didn't buy Kyurem,” Andrew corrected him.

    “You nearly paid with Grovyle's life.” N shot back.

    “Damn you.” Andrew replied then paused, “Why am I here?”

    “Because you know what I said is true.” N told him.

    Andrew shook his head, “No, I should be fighting you, helping the other Champions....”

    “Fighting me? I'll tell you now, that I'm not under Ghetsis' influence, I'm working on another's accord.” N replied.

    “And who might that be?” Andrew pressed.

    “All in due time Mr. Jones.” N smiled as he tipped over the side. Andrew ran over to catch him only to see a Pidgeot do the job for him.

    “Damn.” Andrew muttered and sent out his Braviary and flew back to his home. He walked through the door and set his pack on his bed and moved to the kitchen to fix himself some cup ramen and then he walked back into the living/bedroom with a small Styrofoam bowl with steam coming out the top and a fork in his hand. He released Lucario and Grovyle from their confinements and began to scoop out some noodles with his fork. They both began to stare at him, or more accurately, his food. He slurped the noodles up and set the bowl down and pulled out two beautiful apples. He threw them both to Grovyle and Lucario, and resumed eating his ramen. Grovyle tore his apart while Lucario seemed to savor it. Grovyle looked up for more and Andrew laughed,

    “You're going to break me!” He threw Grovyle another apple and started finishing up his ramen. “Ahh...” Andrew sighed as he swallowed the rest of the hot broth. He walked over to his bed and sat down on it. He looked to a clock on a bedside table, 6:34 P.M. Dang, time flies. He opened up his pack and pulled out the journal and looked through it. Did I really write this? He noticed about forty pages in, it switched dialect, it seemed to be written in Pokemon foot prints.

    “Footprint runes.” Lucario explained.

    “Footprint runes?” Andrew asked.

    “Yeah, they're a relatively simple codex based off Pokemon's foot prints. I'm not sure how it developed, but as far as I know, it never developed here.” Lucario continued.

    “Here? As in Hoenn?” Andrew asked.

    “As in a different world.” Lucario replied then realized what he just let slip. Oh ****.

    “You've lost me, as in, extraterrestrial?” Andrew asked, bewildered.

    “No, an alternate universe, one that is very different from this one.” Lucario said.

    “And how do you know this?” Andrew pressed.

    Lucario froze and turned to Grovyle, a connection that Andrew obviously missed, How do I tell him?

    I don't know how do deal with amnesia. Grovyle glared back at Lucario whose gaze softened.

    You did fine last time! Lucario retorted.

    Fine, just...tell him.....

    “I just know.” Lucario replied suddenly.

    “That's not an answer.” Andrew started to glare, then stopped, “Can you read it?”

    “Yes, but it will take some time to decode.” Lucario replied as he took the journal from Andrew's outstretched hand and began to flip through it.

    “Half the thing is soaked.....I have an idea,” Andrew said and gestured for Lucario to give him back the journal. Lucario relinquished the journal and Andrew began to walk out the door, “I suppose you two want to come?” Lucario paused, then laughed.

    “I thought so,” Andrew smiled as he returned them to their pokeballs and walked through the door. He sent out his Braviary, “To Littleroot Town, then, to Kanto!” he commanded the bird. It stretched its wings out and Andrew hopped on its back, “Fly!” he shouted and the majestic creature soared into the sky.

    Once Andrew had landed in the small town, he advanced to the Pokemon Center and asked for a simple health point and power point restoration. He then left and bought some food and full restores and set up camp on the route behind the town. They rested then the next day they continued to a four hour flight to the Kanto region.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    “Sir!” a man in a Kanto guard uniform saluted the young man who was passing through the Indigo Plateau security post.

    “Yes?” Red asked.

    “Sir, an unidentified trainer is entering the region!” the guard informed.

    “Let me see.” Red replied and took the binoculars from the man in the blue uniform. He put the binoculars to his face and saw a man sitting atop a large bird Pokemon, a Braviary upon closer inspection. It can't be.... “Stop that man, bring him in here.”

    “Yes sir!” the man said as he brought out the megaphone, “Unidentified trainer, we request that you land immediately!”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    “All right Lucario, you ready?” Andrew shouted through the wind.

    “Yeah! Bring it around!” Luario shouted back. Lucario began to mask Andrew's features with that of the man, Steven Williams, who challenged him at the League. Lucario then changed his Trainer ID the same way and Andrew returned him. Andrew brought Braviary around and landed. He stepped off a different man. Alright let's do this.

    Red walked forward, “Where are you going traveler?”

    “Cerulean City, sir.” Andrew replied, but his voice was different.

    “And what is your business here in Kanto?” Red continued.

    “I need to talk to Bill.” Andrew explained.

    “Your trainer card please,” Red requested. Andrew pulled out his wallet and his trainer card from it. He flipped it around and Steven Williams' smiling face was on it.

    Red looked it over carefully and handed it back, “Okay Mr. Williams, you may enter Kanto, but I feel I should tell you, Bill may not be available.”

    “Why not?” Andrew inquired.

    “He's been very busy recently.” Red explained, rather vaugely.

    “Well thank you.” Andrew replied and walked through.Right, let's go.
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    Well, Chapter 5 has arrived, I will be updating the first post soon as a chapter guide so, we'll see that soon-ish.

    Chapter 5- Bill

    When Andrew finally reached Bill's house a lone person walked out, of all people it was Cynthia.

    Oh **** what do I do???

    I think you should tell her....

    Are you nuts?!

    I think if we can trust anyone, it's her.

    Andrew gave into Lucario's demands and flagged her down, before she reached him, Lucario removed his mask. “Can I help you sir?” Cynthia asked, brushing some hair out of her face.

    “Cynthia, it's me!” Andrew said as he removed a fedora he bought in Viridian City.

    “Andrew?!” Cynthia exclaimed, then Andrew shushed her, “Is that really you?!” she whispered.

    “Yeah, you wanna sit somewhere and talk?” Andrew suggested and gestured towards the lake beside Bill's house.

    “Yeah that sounds nice, you can do some explaining.” Cynthia huffed.

    Well that turned out good didn't it Master?

    Oh be quiet Lucario, I'm not out of this yet.

    You make it sound like a bad thing.

    It IS a bad thing, talking to your ex-girlfriend isn't really low-profile, especially when she's a CHAMPION.

    You two dated?

    Forget that I mentioned it.



    Andrew had shut Lucario out when he sat next to Cynthia beside the lake, “Where have you been hiding?” Cynthia asked.

    “Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn.” Andrew replied.

    “Huh.....why did you leave?” Cynthia continued her barrage of questions.

    “I did it for-” Andrew started, but Cynthia cut him off with another, more drastic question.

    “Why did you betray us?” Cynthia asked. Andrew turned and saw the hurt in her eyes.

    Oh my god!

    What Lucario?

    She still loves you Andrew.


    Andrew's eyes widened, and Cynthia noticed it, “Are you okay?”

    “Uh...yeah.” Andrew replied and ran his hands through his hair.

    “So tell me, why'd you betray us?” Cynthia was persistent.

    “I betrayed you...because it's the best for everyone.” Andrew replied, his heart racing.

    You still love her still.

    You aren't helping Lucario.

    “So the best for everyone is giving the leader of a terrorist organization a legendary Pokemon, one that can rain untold destruction upon anyone in its path.” Cynthia snapped.

    “Well when you put it that way....” Andrew started then Cynthia cut him off again to tell him something more dire:

    “He gave it to Ghetsis, Andrew.” Cynthia said.

    “Alright then, it's your turn, you tell me what you know!” Andrew near shouted.

    “Not until you answer my question damn it. Why did you BETRAY US?!” Cynthia was raising her voice now.

    “I told you, it's for the good of EVERYONE.” Andrew shouted back.

    “Damn it, HE'S GATHERING THEM ALL!” Cynthia screamed.

    “What?!” Andrew said.

    “Ghetsis is forming some world-wide criminal syndicate. He's going to overthrow the Pokemon League!” Cynthia explained, “All the Teams, one organization. He's got them all under his thumb.”

    “They won't last long Cynthia, there are too many conflicting ideologies.” Andrew said.

    “They will with Ghetsis, he has them all under control. It won't be long until he makes his first move.” Cynthia continued, “It's happening so fast we can barely keep up with their growing numbers.”

    “So its war then?” Andrew asked.

    “It may be soon. I'd give it another year.” Cynthia finished.

    Andrew sighed, “If you'll excuse me, I have something I need to attend to.”

    “You can't hide forever Andrew.” Cynthia said as he walked away.

    “Does that mean you're narking on me?” Andrew asked.

    Cynthia paused then walked away as well.

    I don't think she'll tell.

    How are you so certain?

    I just know.

    You have a lot of explaining to do, well, mask me.

    Andrew walked in to Bill's house, who was busy at the computer. “Can I help you?” Bill asked without turning his head away from the computer.

    “Uh yeah, could you look at this for me?” Andrew answered and pulled out the soaked journal, “I was wondering if you could clear the writing in this journal up.”

    “Let me see it.” Bill held out his hand as he continued to type with his other. Andrew placed the journal In his palm and Bill swiveled around as he practically buried his face in it, “Jesus did you go for a swim with it?”

    Andrew laughed, “Something like that. Can you do something about that?”

    “Yeah I can fix it, give me a week. You got an e-mail address?” Bill answered.
    “Uh, yeah, here lemme write it down.” Andrew wrote his new e-mail address down, one that wasn't traceable and left.

    Good, well let's head home.

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    OMG.This is so good.I can't wait for chapter 6!Can you PM me when it's out?

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    I do believe I'll start a PM list as well, this will go in the first post as well.
    I'd also like to say, I do have this written all the way to chapter like, 8 now (not counting like, 4 journal entries) so I'm just updating when I feel like it.
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    Chapter 6- A Week Later...

    Andrew sat in front of his laptop. “You've got mail!” the computer chimed. Andrew opened the e-mail from Bill.

    Bill here, here's the scans of the journal you gave me, what's with this thing? Half of it is footprints. Well don't need to pry into something personal, I also sent the journal back too, so that should be there soon. Don't worry about paying me, I'm glad to do something like that free of charge.

    Andrew smiled and printed the two hundred and fifty nine pages out. Looks like I'm going to need paper soon.

    Andrew collected them together, “This good, my little scholar?” Andrew handed the pages to him. Lucario rolled his eyes and sat at a small two person table beside the window and began work.

    “Well I'm going to buy some more paper, I should be back in an hour or so, if you guys get hungry, there's some fruit in the fridge.” Lucario waved bye without looking up as Andrew grabbed his jacket and hat and left. Suddenly the flapping of large wings could be heard as Andrew left. Grovyle then got up from the bed and shifted over to the table were Lucario sat.

    “Can you believe he doesn't remember anything?” Grovyle said to Lucario.

    “Amnesia follows him where ever he goes.” Lucario said, still focusing on his work.

    “Have you noticed it's whenever he traveled to our world and back? It's very interesting.” Grovyle observed out loud.

    “That it is. This is odd....” Lucario replied while flipping through pages.

    “What is?” Grovyle asked, leaning over the pages.

    “Half these are in English then they're suddenly Footprint Runes. Starting a few days after we first met.” Lucario explained.

    “You mean me and you, or you and Clay?” Grovyle needed clarification.

    “Clay and I.” Lucario explained, “I never saw a journal on him, but these......he must've kept it a secret.”

    “I see. That is weird. He liked to scribble in a journal in the future but stopped soon after I began to notice.” Grovyle said.

    “Well if you don't mind, I need to work so....” Lucario politely told Grovyle to leave him alone.

    “Yeah, yeah. I'll leave you to your work.” Grovyle hopped away and Lucario continued to translate.

    “Grovyle?” Lucario called out.

    “Yeah?” Grovyle responded.

    “If you know English, why don't you tell Clay?” Lucario asked.

    “I....don't know....” Grovyle replied.

    “Just wondering...” Lucario muttered. He continued to read, and before he knew it, Andrew was back.

    “Hey!” Andrew annouced his presence,“So how goes?” Andrew asked.

    “Good so far.” Lucario replied. Andrew then noticed a few papers on the side.

    “These in English?” Andrew asked. Lucario nodded and Andrew took them up.

    “Well might as well start reading the story of my life.” Andrew sighed and straightened the pages, relaxed and began to read.

    Journal Entry 1- 4 Badges In

    Clay sat back and opened up the journal his mom sent him. What the hell do I do with this thing? Clay asked himself. I mean, I dunno what to write.... he sighed and started to relax on the park bench. He threw out the pokeball containing his Blaziken . It stretched as it was released from it's little prison. Clay smiled as the Pokemon breathed the fresh air and began to relax as well. He then took out his wallet and looked at his trainer card, “Four badges....well, better get this over with.” Clay stood up and began to advance towards the Petalburg Gym. Blaziken noted this action and began to follow him. After getting through the trainers guarding the way to the Gym Leader, Clay eventually reached him, Norman.

    “Hey dad.” Clay said upon entering.

    “'s your mom?” Norman replied.

    “Not so good, she's been having heart trouble.” Clay responded.

    “Sorry to hear that....well let's get started my boy!” Norman perked up. The referee stood tall as he held out his flags.

    “This will be a standard League Single Battle! Three Pokemon are allowed for use, so trainers, choose wisely!” the ref shouted. Clay knew these rules by heart, and knew that his father's team was no match for Blaziken, a Fire Fighting type Pokemon. He grabbed Blaziken's pokeball and two others and got ready for the ref to start the match.

    “BEGIN!” the referee shouted and brought down his flags.

    “Go! Blaziken!” Clay shouted and tossed out the pokeball.

    “Go! Spinda!” Norman answered Clay's challenge, “Quickly, use psychic!” The small panda like Pokemon thrust it's arms forward and twirled about, looking drunk for lack of a better term. A blast of power knocked Blaziken back and he crashed into the wall.

    “Crap! Flame thrower, now!” Clay commanded. Blaziken jumped forward and landed hunched over. It inhaled deeply, puffing it's chest out, then slung itself forward, unleashing a blast of scorching fire. The blast burnt Spinda into submission and it fell over unconscious.

    “Spinda is unable to battle, Blaziken WINS!” the ref shouted.

    “Heh, two left Clay!” Norman shouted, “Go! Vigaroth!” Norman lobbed another pokeball out and a mid-sized primate like Pokemon appeared. It had two long arms and three razor sharp claws.

    “Blaziken, double kick!” Clay barked out another command and Blaziken ran at the Vigaroth at full speed. It twisted and delivered two swift kicks to it's stomach knocking it back. “Bullet punch!” Clay was relentless. Blaziken showed the same kind of combat high and turned into a red and yellow blur as it delivered a powerful right hook to the Pokemon's head. The Vigaroth flew into the wall and slumped down, unconscious.

    “Vigaroth is unable to battle, Blaziken WINS!” the ref shouted again.

    “Alright then.... GO! SLAKING!!!” Norman then tossed another pokeball into the ring. It split open and the red beam produced a two hundred and fifty pound ape that casually lied down on its side.

    “Oh now I'm scared.” Clay rolled his eyes, “Finish this Blaziken,” Clay casually told the Pokemon by his side. Blaziken rushed towards the fat ape then suddenly it leaped up. “What the?!”

    “Watch your mouth son, Slaking, use earthquake!” Norman shouted and the enormous ape slowly stood and stomped loudly. The earth shook and a wave of flying blocks of ground flew at Blaziken and made contact with a sharp crack. It flew backwards into the wall and slumped down, knocked out.

    “Blaziken is unable to battle, Slaking wins!” the ref made the K.O. official.

    Crap I didn't see that coming...... Clay grabbed a pokeball off his belt, With any luck, this is either Hariyama or Skarmory. He threw it out and it was......Hariyama. Whew.

    “Hariyama, arm thrust!” Clay commanded and the large Pokemon turned in a rather elegant fashion for such a fat Pokemon and thrust its fist into Slaking's stomach once, twice, three times. Slaking took damage in a rather anti-climatic fashion as it just rolled over as a result.

    “Slaking is unable to-” the ref started then Slaking stood up again and pounded the earth with it's fist. The ground rumbled then shook violently, violently enough to knock Hariyama off balance and it fell hard on the ground.
    “Slaking, use earthquake, again!” Slaking raised its arms high and swung them down slinging more rubble at Hariyama.

    “Return!” Clay shouted over the flying blocks, and the pokeball in his hand snapped open and a beam collected Hariyama and it returned to the interior of the pokeball.

    “Go!” Clay threw the other pokeball out, and Skarmory flew out and landed, wings outstretched. “Get out of there! NOW!” Clay shouted to the steel bird. It finally noticed the ground incoming and flew around it, “Steel wing!” Clay finished his command. Skarmory swooped down and twirled as it flew by Slaking, it's razor sharp sword-like feathers cutting into the ape's flesh. A sudden spray of blood signaled that Slaking had lost consciousness and it fell backwards. The rocks suddenly fell and the floor was utterly destroyed.

    “Slaking is unable to battle, Skarmory WINS!” the ref finished the match and Norman stepped forward.

    “Well battled son, it is my honor to give you your fifth Hoenn League Badge, congratulations.” Norman smiled and Clay happily took the badge.

    “Thanks dad.” Clay said before leaving. Clay went to the Pokemon Center and healed his exhausted team and went back to the park and wrote the first entry in his journal.

    Hm, this'll bring back memories one day. Clay thought as he tied the band around the front of the journal.
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    Here's two more journal entries:

    Journal Entry 4- 6 Badges in

    Clay flicked his sixth badge up into the air and caught it then he opened his palm to take a good look at it, “Two more to go.” Clay smiled. Suddenly his moment of victory was disrupted by a sudden call from his PokeNav. He flipped the device open and answered it,

    “C. Jones speaking,” he answered the phone.

    “Hey Clay, it's me, Kim.” a young woman around Clay's age returned, “How's it been since our last bout?”

    “Just got my sixth badge!” Clay happily said into the phone while pinning the badge to his trainer card, “How about yourself?”

    “Well that's why I'm calling you, I got two tickets for that new cruise ship, the Cactus, and my friend bailed on me, you wanna go?” Kimberly offered.

    “That's rather sudden, um.......sure, sounds good!” Clay rubbed his hand through his hair, I freaking hate the water, what am I doing?

    “Great!” Kim shouted.

    “Wait, before you hang up, are we in separate cabins?” Clay asked.

    “Hm? Oh, yeah we are.” Kim answered, “Well, be here in an hour!”

    “Where is here?” Clay laughed. Good, we're in separate cabins. I can throw up in peace there.

    “Oh, Slateport City, see you soon!” Kim hung up and Clay sighed, Why do I get this sense that something terrible is going to happen?

    Later that day, Clay found himself standing in front of the Cactus staring in awe. Kim crept up behind him and slapped his shoulder, scaring the crap out of him.

    “KIM!” Clay shouted after jumping, while Kim laughed, “That's not funny Kim.”

    “You're right...” Kim paused then smiled again, “It's freaking hilarious!”

    Clay rolled his eyes then gestured to the Cactus.

    “So that's it?”

    “Yeah,” Kim replied, “You ready?”

    No. “Yeah, let's go!” Clay shouted back, already running towards the ship, boasting a fake smile.

    “Hey! Slow down!” Kim ran after him and up the ramp.

    Clay then ran to the cabin on his ticket, number forty two. He pulled out his key he got from the front desk and unlocked the door. As he opened it, he heard very heavy foot falls down the hall and saw Kim catching up, “Since when could you run so....” she gasped for breath.

    “Fast? How do you think I get around to getting every Badge before you?!” Clay taunted and Kim huffed as she took out the key to her cabin, right beside him, “Forty three, huh? That's an unlucky number Kim, you be careful.”

    Clay joked and laughed as he stepped in.

    “Oh shut up you superstitious spaz.” Kim laughed as she strode into her cabin.

    Clay plopped into his cabin and pulled out his lighter and a cigarette then revoked his decision since there weren't any windows to open. Gah, don't feel like leaving so, smokeless it is. He put the cigs up and the lighter on his nightstand and emptied his pack on the floor. He spotted the journal on top of the pile and flipped it open. He checked his pockets for his favorite pen and found it. It was covered in solid gold and twisted to reveal the tip. He then began to sit back and pen another entry in his journal.

    'Well, time for a quick smoke....' Andrew finished the page, got up, and opened the door. He walked up to the deck and leaned on the rail, and pulled out his lighter and began to do as he had set out to, feeling the calmest he had so far.

    Journal Entry 7- 6 Badges In

    Clay woke up the next morning to a loud rapping at his door. He groaned as he got up, only dressed in a pair of black boxers, and answered the door. No one greeted him and he leaned out of the door way to see a man his age in a black ball-cap, and nearly waist-length greenish hair walking down the hall. Clay looked down and saw what looked like a small cube. It's faces where divided into nine small squares and the squares in the middle of each face where missing leaving a hole. The whole thing was a beautiful bronze....or was it gold? Clay couldn't tell and picked the mysterious little thing up. He looked it over and then Kim came out of her room,

    “What's that?” she said upon peeking her head out of her doorframe.

    “I dunno. It was just here, I think someone left it here....” Clay “explained”.

    “It looks like a Menger Sponge.” Kim said.

    “Um....what?” Clay asked, “A Menger Sponge?”

    “Yeah, it's a mathematical figure that has infinite surface area...and no volume whatsoever.” Kim explained.

    “What the hell is this thing doing right in front of my cabin?" Clay wondered out loud.

    “Keep it, it looks cool.” Kim said.

    “You really think so?” Clay looked at her funny.

    “Yeah, it'd make a great a great paper weight.” Kim smiled.

    “I thought it had no mass.” Clay smiled back, and Kim laughed and shook her head as he went back into her cabin to get dressed. Clay did the same then the ship lurched, and so did his stomach. Here we go... Then he heard the sound of rushing water outside. What the hell? Clay slowly opened his door and a half foot tall wave greeted him and rushed into his room. What the.... Clay stepped out of his cabin and saw someone running and screaming.

    “The hull's been breached!!!”

    Oh ****.
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    Sorry for the wait, I've been planning for some time (yes my writing is still ahead of my posts) and I've come out of writer's block, thus, there will be more updates again!

    Journal Entry 1- Welcome to the Future Mr.Jones

    One thought ran through the soaked man's head, Where am I? He slowly pushed himself up, Okay, let's go over some name.....C.....C....Cl...Clay? Yeah that's it.....I know, English.....yeah, that's a language....right? Ugh, I'm wet.....water.....but there is none's night.....I can wait until morning to dry off. Clay felt something in his pocket and pulled out a soaked book, A journal? Did I write this? It's almost totally illegible, but I can make out some sketches....they're of creatures....P...P...Pokemon. That's it. He stumbled a bit, then stepped forward slowly, one step at a time... Slowly now.... After walking a couple hundred feet, Clay heard rustling in the bushes. “Who's there?!” Clay called out then waited for a response.

    More rustling could be heard, “Hey!” Clay shouted at a shadow that rushed from bush to bush.

    He stood over it and suddenly a small, purple creature jumped out onto his chest. “What the-?!” Clay stumbled backward and the creature began to claw at his chest, drawing blood. Its gleaming, jewel-like eyes gleamed in the little light there was.

    Clay elbowed the creature off and another hopped onto his back. “D-DAMN IT!”

    Clay grabbed the one on his back and pulled it off, throwing it onto the ground. He kicked it away and yet another grabbed his arm and clawed his face. Clay screamed and punched it off then elbowed another that had attempted another assault. Two grabbed his legs and knocked him down. He cursed as he hit the ground and was being restrained by them. Another creature floated towards him, a tall gray creature with one yellow eye with a very large, red pupil. It grinned and said something, in English, but it was illegible as Clay slowly lost consciousness.

    “Who are you?” a slow, intelligent voice asked Clay, as it awoke him. The same creature was there and Clay was chained to a wall.

    “You first.” Clay responded.

    “Now that's not fair, you are the intruder, my men were only acting on previously established protocol.” the creature explained.

    “Tear them apart?” Clay lifted an eyebrow.

    “I apologize for their response, that is...” he narrowed his eye, “If you aren't a rebel.”

    “A rebel? Can't say I know what that means, but you require it, my name is Clay.” Clay wondered what the creature meant, Rebels? Where am I??? he thought.

    “Clay, a human.....we haven't seen a human in a very long time....I, am Dusknoir.” Dusknoir, seemed to be deep in thought, observing Clay. “You are no rebel, but I must question your presence here.”

    “Look, I don't remember much more than my name, so I can't tell you ****.” Clay harshly said, getting pissed off.

    “Amnesia, interesting.... I will be back shortly.” Dusknoir unlocked the shackles and pulls out a plate of apples, and a few berries, “Eat.” he commanded and left.

    Clay looked at it, then began to stuff his face. After Clay finished, he sat back for what seemed like hours and Dusknoir floated back in.

    “Come.” he commanded. Clay stood and saw the same purple creatures surround him. He stepped back and glared at them, “Don't worry, they won't attack.” Dusknoir comforted, but still, Clay kept an eye on them. They unchained him and he began to follow Dusknoir.

    “What are they?” Clay asked, still glaring at the one he concluded that attacked him first.

    “They are my squad of elite bodyguards, servants, and soldiers. They are Sableye.” Dusknoir finished.

    “If you all go by name, then what happens when more than one of you come in? Like..these...guys.” Clay gestured at them.

    “Most Pokemon here go by their species name, even when more than one is present.” Dusknoir replied.

    Clay huffed, “That seems inefficient.”

    “What happens when there are more than one Clay?” Dusknoir shot back.

    “Touche' ” Clay nodded. They advanced to a large encampment. “What's this?”

    “The primary encampment of Lord Dialga's army. We've had to forge a militant force to stop the surge in rebel activity.” Dusknoir continued answering Clay's questions, patiently, like a parent. Of course, this wasn't how Clay felt towards the hulking creature, he was much to afraid of what it could to revere it like that. Clay suddenly realized what he was pondering and cleared his head.

    “Sorry about the barrage of questions, but where are you taking me?” Clay asked.

    “Where? To the recruitment offices.” Dusknoir replied.

    “Whoa, WHAT?!” Clay stopped, “I'm not here to enlist, I just so happened to wake up in this damn place so no, I'm not going to your ****ing recruitment office!” Dusknoir was surprised by the resistance.

    “And do you have feasible shelter? How about a constant source of food? Water? I believe it is in your best interests, Mr. Clay.” Dusknoir glared. Clay realized he had a point, then nodded. “Okay, now follow.” Dusknoir commanded.

    He had brought him to a tent run by two Pokemon.
    “Yes, sir Dusknoir?” one asked, not looking up from his paperwork.

    “New recruit.” Dusknoir explained.

    “Species?” the officer asked.

    “Human.” Dusknoir grinned. The officer looked up, surprised as Clay stood and just looked around.

    “” he continued.

    “Clay.” Clay respond, suddenly alert to the situation.

    “Gender?” Clay started in disbelief at the question.

    “Take a wild guess.” he replied.

    “Ummm....male? Um, er, Dusknoir will see you through the rest of the process.” the officer finished.

    “Thank you Kecleon brothers.” Dusknoir nodded, “They used to be shop keepers, you know.”

    “How....very...interesting.” Clay said, obviously nervous.

    “Is something the matter?” Dusknoir asked then Clay stared in disbelief.

    “Did I not make myself clear?”

    “I don't expect you to fight,” Dusknoir narrowed his gaze.

    “Well I might as well.” Clay glared back at him, “You got me into this, you're training me.”

    “What?” Dusknoir wasn't expecting him to actually want to fight.

    “The way I see it, I might as well live it up and find out where I am, because this is my home now.” Clay explained his actions.

    “I'm impressed. Let's see what you can do.” Dusknoir threw a punch and hit Clay square in the face, “You aren't ready.”

    Clay held his bloody nose, “One punch? That's it?”

    “Don't need much more.” Dusknoir laughed.

    “Just another reason you need to train me.” Clay said.

    “You're persistent.....very well. I will train you, but it won't be easy.” Dusknoir replied.

    “I don't expect it to be.” Clay grinned.

    By the way, if you're wondering when the story will return to the original narrative, it will soon, this story will be told at the same time as Andrew reads through the journal. Well, any comments are greatly appreciated.
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    This will start to get interesting...

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    Hey guys, there wont be any updates for a while, my computer bit the bullet with the story.
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