Another pokemon fanfic with the main pairing Lunick X Solana (or Rangershipping). This pairing is somehow rare, but was hinted in the first ranger game.

Summary from Takes place 4 years after Lunick had captured Entei. Lunick and Solana was sent to get Manaphy egg back and find the person who could take care of the egg. Who would they ask? And what happened if they were forced to show their feelings for each other?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story!



Pokemon Ranger – The Ringtown Duo!

Chapter 1 – Battle, legendary dogs! ... Or is it?

The sky of Fiore was full of dark clouds. Those dark clouds came from a very high place, the highest in Fiore, the Fiore Temple. On the foot of the temple, there were two rangers in their teenage years. One was a teenage boy with blue eyes and dark blue hair. The other one was a teenage girl with red eyes and light blue hair.

“Go-Rock Squad, you’re going down!” the boy yelled, then turned to the girl beside him. “Solana, are you ready?”

“Yeah! I got your back, Lunick!” the girl whose name was Solana replied.

“Let’s go and kick some Go-Rock butt!” the boy whose name was Lunick ran towards the stairs that lead to the top of the temple with Solana following him on the back. Solana giggled a bit when Lunick said ‘kick some Go-Rock butt’ but he didn’t notice her giggling.

Lunick and Solana climbed up the stairs to reach the top, but soon stopped by a top ranked grunt who was with a Bayleef, a Quilava, and a Croconaw.

“Well, well, well! What do we have here? A happy ranger couple, going on a date! How sweet!” the grunt laughed as the teen rangers looked away from each other, blushing madly.

A while after that, Solana snapped out of it and looked back at the grunt. “Um, w-what are you guys up to?” Solana said, her face was still a bit hot.

“Heh, it’ll be a surprise!” the grunt looked at the top of the temple and grinned evilly. “And it looks like our boss is done up there, but I still won’t let you pass from here! Go, pokemon!” the grunt sent Bayleef, Quilava, and Croconaw at the teen rangers.

“Don’t worry Lunick, I got them! You go on ahead while I take care of them here!” Solana pulled out her Capture Styler.

“No, Solana! I can capture them by myself!” Lunick was about to pull out his styler but Solana held his styler back, preventing him from using it.

“No, save your styler’s energy for whatever is waiting for us up there!” Solana paused, “Plus, I wanted to show you how great I can be!” Solana winked at Lunick before turning to the trio 2nd stage Johto starters.

Solana’s Plusle ran to her side to help her captures. During the capture, Lunick was quite speechless by watching her. Solana drew loops to capture them one by one carefully with Plusle’s help. Lunick was even more speechless when Solana finished her captures without even damaging her styler. But Lunick wasn’t the one who was speechless by the capture.

“What the…? But how…? Huh, fine! Go on ahead and see if you can stop us! You’re just going to give up your jobs as rangers!” the grunt then laughed evilly while going down the stairs.

Both Lunick and Solana looked at each other nervously. After several seconds, Lunick closed his eyes and smiled a little. “I know that I’ve wanted to become a ranger ever since I was just a kid, and here I am, wearing my own ranger uniform and doing a real ranger mission. I don’t want this to end so quickly, but don’t really care what happens to me up there because I have to protect the people I hold dear from any kind of danger!” Solana was surprised at what Lunick had just said. She didn’t know how much he wanted to protect the people he loved.

The two then walked towards the stairs that would lead them to the top of the temple.

“Lunick, are you ready? I can feel that there’s something bad up ahead.” Solana said as Lunick nodded.

The two climbed up the stairs as their partners, Plusle and Minun, held onto their rangers’ shoulders. Once they reached the top, they saw 3 dog like beasts.

“Huh? Aren’t they… Raikou, Suicune, and Entei? What are those legendary pokemon doing here?” Solana asked, before looking to the side to find an old man playing an organ with some monitors on it.

“That was a very good question!” the old man stood up and turned to the rangers. “It looks like we have a very familiar face here, isn’t that right, boy?”

“Wait a minute… are you… Gordor!?” Lunick said, a bit surprised to see him.
“That’s right, boy! I’m Gordor, the old man that you escorted out of Lyra Forest.” Gordor replied.

“W-What!? But Lunick, why did you…” Solana was interrupted.

“He tricked us! I can’t believe that he was actually the boss of Go-Rock Squad!” Lunick yelled angrily.

“I can’t believe it myself that you rangers are very stupid!” Gordor laughed as Lunick and Solana growled angrily. “Okay, now that’s enough chatting! Let me introduce you to the Super Styler that Hastings was planning make, the styler organ! The styler organ, it’s wonderful music can capture and control every kind of pokemon in Fiore, even your Plusle and Minun!”

“Mai mai!”

“Pla plah!”

“We won’t let you do it! You can’t take anyone’s pokemon for yourself!” Lunick stepped forward.

“Huh, fine then! Your Plusle and Minun are worthless anyway, I already have caught 3 legendary beasts! With them, I’ll shower Fiore with thunderstorms, rainstorms, and fire storms! Go-Rock Squad will come to the rescue and replace you rangers! Raikou, Suicune, Entei, finish them off!” Gordor commanded.

The 3 legendary beasts charged at Solana and Lunick, who had their capture stylers ready. Suddenly, Entei jumped high and ready to knock Lunick off the temple. When he saw that, Lunick couldn’t move a muscle because of fear. Solana was pretty busy herself with Suicune’s clones. When she looked at where Lunick was standing, she saw that Lunick had already been knocked off the top of the temple by Entei!

“Mai mai!” Minun looked at his fallen ranger desperately with his watery eyes.

“NOOO!!!” Solana yelled as tears started to fall down from her eyes.


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