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Thread: Swampert's Shinies

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    Default Swampert's Shinies


    1. I changed my shop up a bit......

    Hello, I am Swampert is my homeboy, but you can call me Swampert. (By the way guys, I am a girl for future reference..)I created this shop so I could get rare Pokemon, shinies and events alike. My main goal at the time of opennig this shop was to obtain a Shiny flawless Jolly Mienfoo/Shao. And guess what? I did. I was so happy when I got it, I EVed it right away. I want to make you guys happy, too. I want to trade you your favorite Pokemon. Even if I'm not really interested in a Poke, I will usually trade for it (As long as it's a fair trade for me--and you!!) because I like making people happy. So offer in this shop. You will most likely get what your looking for.

    Section 1: All the facts and twiddlywinks. (?)

    1. All SPPf rules, and trade forum rules apply.
    2. No trading hacks, I am not aware that I have any hacks, if it turns out I accidentally traded you one we will do a trade back.
    3. All of my Pokemon are cloned. So if you don't want clones, don't come here. I can clone myself, and will clone for you f I can keep a clone.
    4. Fair offers only
    5. Please tell me what your offering. It's really annoying if someone says: "I want your shiny flawless Yanma!" Then I'm like "Um....For what...?" And it is just really annoying so tell me what your offering ok? It's not that hard.
    6. Be nice.
    7. Post in this thread first, feel free to Vm/pm me after we have worked a trade out here. I won't respond otherwise Plus Pming first when your a new member with zero posts makes me automatically assume your trying to trade me a hack, or rob me out of my Pokemon--NO THANKS
    8. I only want UT pokes.
    9. I can only trade in 5th gen
    10. Please trade with Voice chat off. I don't want to hear you dropping shizz all over the floor for five minutes
    11. Don't annoy me. Or I'll go all crazy on ya.

    Yes I am aware that is not at all threatining. But it looks cool.

    If you violate a rule once, you will get a warning, twice, you are banned for a day. 3 times you are banned for a week, and 4 times it is a permanent ban. I noticed I have been going quite easy on rule breakers, not anymore!!

    Trade Ratios:
    Shiny for event.
    Event for event.
    Flawless shiny for 2 shinies/2 events /flawless event /flawless shiny/shiny event.
    Shiny legend: Same as above.
    Flawless shiny Legendary: for a flawless shiny legendary/2 flawless shinies/2 events

    Note: Depending on how much I want something, or if I just feel like being generous, the ratios can differ.

    I no longer want plain shinies. If you want a plain shiny from me, I will accept events dream worlds, or if you give me a flawless shiny you can have 2, maybe three of my plain shinies.

    UT- Untrained
    BT- barely trained
    EVed- Ev Trained
    NN- Nicknamed

    Current Giveaway:


    -Cloning~ I can clone for you as long as I can keep a copy of what I clone.
    -Ev Erasing~ I get to keep a copy of the Pokemon

    My Wants:
        Spoiler:- Wants:

    Last edited by Swampert is my Homeboy; 2nd November 2012 at 1:47 AM. Reason: Updating important shizz, what do you think?

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