This is the sequel story to Dracoburn's Story. League of Heroes is going to continue through the other writers, but Becca's story lies beyond the league.

Chapter One: Guts to Spare

“Fine Skyla, what is it you want me to do again?”

“One of our trainers isn’t here today. He’s the one that filters out the challengers that can fight me. I want you to only let the tough ones through, got it?” She winked.

“Skyla, I don’t train a lot of birds. I train dragons. Do you have any idea how much havoc my Salamence would wreak in here?”

She sniffed, clearly offended. “Are you saying my birds aren’t strong enough?”

I quickly tried to cover up. “No, no, no, it’s not like that! I just.. I mean..”

She laughed. “I’m kidding. I agree that your dragons are a bit overpowered for my gym. They’ve fought Red and trained in the Dragon’s Den! But come on, I know you have some birds of your own.”

“Sure do.” I grinned, knowing just what team I’d use. “Got a storage system somewhere?”

“In the break room. Oh, and Becca?”

“Yea?” I was already on my way.

“Nothing over sixty, got it?”

“Haha.. Don’t stress, the ones I’m thinking of are all at fifty.”

By the gym’s opening I had a trio of my beautiful female birds behind me as I stood on a platform, just below Skyla’s roost. Waverly, my Staraptor and first traded Pokemon, stood behind me, just Adamant enough to ignore me, or pretend to, at least. My Bold Swellow, Contrary, preened her feathers. But my Pidgeot, and first ever captured Pokemon, was by my side nuzzling my face the moment I released her from her Pokeball. “Hi, Amber! It’s good to see you, too!” She cooed in response.

About half an hour passed of my watching scared ten year-olds zipping through the air, Emolgas shocking Duckletts, Tranquills dive-bombing Patrats.. When suddenly a little girl hit the mattress at the edge of my post. She stepped up to me, brushed off her knees, straightened her shirt, which had a lightning bolt design, and looked up at me bravely. “Hi! I’m Lauren!”

I smiled back. She was so cute! “I’m Becca. Nice to meet you. Are you ready for our battle?”

She grinned. “More like are you ready?”

“Alright, how many Pokemon do you have with you?”

“Just one.”

“I’ll match you. Amber. At the ready.”

“Zappy, let’s go!” She squeaked, and summoned a young Raichu.

“Ooh, a Kanto fan, huh?”

She smiled innocently. “I got him as a Pichu egg from my birth mom. He was the last thing she left me..”

My heart skipped a beat. “You know, being this adorable isn’t gonna make me go easy on you” I joked.

“Hey! I don’t want you to go easy on me! Or Zappy! He and I will kick your bird’s poofy butt!”

With that, the electric mouse crackled with electricity, clearly ready for a fight. My Pidgeot took to the skies above the Raichu.

“Ok, Zappy, Thunder!”

“Amber, Giga Impact!”

My Jolly Pidgeot was sure to move first. But somehow the mouse got the first strike, summoning a small cloud over its head and forcing tiny sparks of static from its yellow cheeks. A giant thunderbolt shattered the artificial skies, and Amber narrowly ducked around it. She slammed into the opponent, glowing with light, knocking it out instantly. Must have had a Hasty nature…

“Zappy!” the girl gasped and ran to it.

I placed my hand on her shoulder. “Thunder’s strong, but not very accurate. Next time use a move like Thunderbolt or Volt Tackle. Man, with your Raichu’s speed, a Volt Tackle would’ve knocked Amber out for sure. And try giving it a Light Orb. That Quick Claw won’t do you much good cause you’re already much faster than almost any opponent you’ll face.”

“But I don’t have one of those…” She sniffled.

I dug in my bag for a minute. “Here. I have a Raichu, too, but I don’t get to use Ichigo much, so you can have her Light Orb.”

I slipped a Sitrus Berry into the fainted Pokemon’s mouth and it roused itself. It stood up next to me, and I pulled the Quick Claw off the twine on its neck, replacing it with the chain of the Light Orb.

“Come back tomorrow. I’m sure you’ve got what it takes!”

The little girl smiled and nodded. “And we’re gonna kick your butt and Skyla’s too!”

And with this, the girl picked her Pokemon up, and the two of them left the podium with the referee, who led them to a ladder that would bring them to the exit.

Wow. That kid.. She reminds me of myself at that age, when I just got my Trainer’s License. I haven’t seen that bravery since the LoH. Maybe I do have what it takes to be a leader. Just like Cole….