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    First and foremost I will not accept any pokemon that is a public file on pokecheck. Do not even offer them.

    As of now my black game i use for events is almost completely full and my second ds has died. i will soon be starting to collect any new events on my white game. i can still trade whats on my black game, i would just need you to trade the pokemon im receiving to my white game. so any trade i do from now on will most likely involve 2 trades, you giving me junk on my black game for what you want and then me giving you junk on my white game for what i want. unless of course what you want is already on my white game.

    All serebii forum rules apply.

    Please do not offer any hacks, i do not mind RNG'd pokes, shiny or for stats, but nothing with the ot mat is to be offered, and will not be listed as a have in this shop.

    1. No hacks, if something i trade you turns out to be a hack, please let me know, and i ill issue a full refund.
    2. Please be respectful, dont be rude, if i do happen to miss your post please don't be rude, it does happen, i will get to you.
    3. Please make reasonable offers,shiny for shiny, event for event etc., as long as its a fair trade and both parties agree on the terms then there should be no problems.
    4. If a pokemon is nicknamed please let me know when you are offering it.
    5. Finally please follow Serebii Forum rules.

    Enough with rules, on to the pokemon.

        Spoiler:- Events:

    Ialso have ALL Legendary Pokes

    Hope everyone enjoys the shop and finds something you're looking for. Enjoy!

    Love, Peace, and chicken grease,
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    White FC 2: 4728 1727 1688 used for events in the second post of my shop

    My Trade Shop:

    I am currently looking for:
    summer league global link pikachu
    japanese global link pansage, pansear, and panpour
    dw squirtle with proof
    german and uk global link pikachu
    global link scizor when it is available

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