“What is it?” N asked, interested because he was interested in it.
The 'he' means Ghetsis? I need to read it twice to understand/guess who 'he' is.

“It’s a puzzle. You turn the rows and columns so that each side is the same color. It’s tougher than it looks, but experts can really make a cube seem to fly. It’s an amazing thing to see. Did you want it?”

Something that could impress Ghetsis? N nodded. “Yes please.” And it was the first toy that had ever been bought for him.

…N ran over to Ghetsis, showing off the Rubik’s Cube, which had all the sides the right colors. “Look, I did it!”
If it's the same Rubik's Cube N has now, isn't it only have one color? Gold/Yellow... It only has one color

His mind didn’t want him to say anything, but it was also fighting against feelings that were stronger than he had expected. “Well it’s just seeing all of you here, as family and friends, and the way you act around each other. I, I was told I was special, but I didn’t think anything was unusual about it because I just was, but then seeing how other people are and how they relate, like Bianca and her mother, I heard them talking about how she wasn’t doing well in the League but her Mom said it was okay and that she should do what she wants, and to keep calling home every week. I, my father and I haven’t really talked since I started the League, about the same time they did, and I hardly knew Christmas even existed until this morning because we never celebrated things like that. He isn’t bad, he just tells me to do my best no matter what.”
I never realized until this line:

He was probably talking too fast again.
That N, indeed, talked real fast. Even I could feel the speed

Just to go along with this chapter: merry Christmas! XD