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    It was a jaw-dropping sight. Once the noise died off, N slipped the remote back into his pocket. “Welcome to my castle, the headquarters of Team Plasma.”

    Grinning, Hilda couldn't help herself. “Wow, do it again!” she shouted.
    For some reason, this made me laugh really loud. And caused everyone in the vicinity to give me looks questioning my sanity. :D

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    That wasn't an evil cliffhanger! The Dragonspiral cliffhanger was evil.

    Chapter 57: The Moment of Truth

    May 11
    N's Castle

    Hilda and Hilbert entered the castle on the third floor, where the ramp led to. Inside, they were met with six of Team Plasma's Sages and a number of the knights. “Hold it right there,” Giallo staid. “We can’t let you interfere with Lord N’s plans.”

    “Are you serious?” Hilbert asked.

    “Unfortunately for you, he invited us in here,” Hilda said. “And he’s expecting to meet us up on the top floor. So if you going to follow his words, you need to let us through.”

    “Well you see,” the Sage next to Giallo said.

    “We ain’t going to let you make excuses,” a familiar voice said. Coming in the door way was Clay, along with Skyla, Burgh, Lenora, Drayden… and most of the Gym Leaders of the League, and Girimsley and the other Elite 4.

    “You didn’t think we were going to stand idly by while you disrupted the entire social structure of our world?” Burgh asked. “If you want to fight for your side, you’re going to have to deal with us. Let them go ahead.”

    “If N did ask for them, we should let them go,” Rood said. “But we’re not going to let the rest of you disrupt things.”

    Hilda grabbed Hilbert’s hand. “Right, then we’re going!” she said, running through the crowd towards the stairs up to the next level. Reshiram quickly came after them, even beating them to the stairs.

    “They came right on time,” Hilbert said, smiling. He had left contacting the League members today to Bianca and Cheren, so that it seemed more spontaneous to Team Plasma. However, he wanted them to be involved too.

    Hilda laughed. “Now there shouldn’t be anything to delay our little appointment.”

    There were a few more knights, but they didn’t try to disrupt them with battles. A few of them even said they didn’t have Pokemon and were just doing work around the castle. This included a pair of young women who complete standouts, dressed in old-fashioned dresses unlike any of the other Team Plasma members. “Oh, we take care of the castle and the Pokemon that the team uses,” the one called Concordia said.

    “Yes, and we serve N himself,” Anthea said. “Although, we haven't gotten to talk to him much in the past six months. He’s been working so hard for us all and we’ve stayed in the castle and the forest.”

    “Have you been outside the castle at all?” Hilda asked.

    Anthea shook her head. “Not since it was built and even then, we were given a house by Ghetsis and he took care of anything that require leaving. Although sometimes we came to his place and watched over N. He was a good child, if quiet and mysterious.”

    “But you don’t seem much older than us,” Hilbert said.

    “We’re not,” Anthea said.

    “Is that a problem?” Concordia asked. “Ghetsis gave us a safe home, and so we were to do whatever he asked of us. Although I wish I could have gone to school instead of the internet classes he picked out for us.”

    “Please be kind to the young master,” Anthea said. “He’s been under a lot of pressure this past year.”

    “We know,” Hilda said. “So if you take care of the Pokemon, do you have a healing machine around?”

    Concordia nodded. “Oh yes, just in here. Please, go ahead and use it. I’m sure N won’t mind if it’s for the good of the Pokemon serving you.”

    “Thanks for that,” Hilda said, going into the room to make sure her Pokemon were at full strength. So N wasn’t the only kid that Ghetsis had been using, although Anthea and Concordia didn’t seem to be as badly off. Still, who knew how long he had had them as servants, and what exactly they did for him.

    Inside that room, there was a healing machine much like what was at a Pokecenter. There were also a number of computers hooked up to a strange device, consisting of a base with several arms standing up beside it. “What’s the deal with this?” Hilbert asked as Hilda took care of her Pokemon team.

    “It’s a transportation device, made to be more precise than most teleport systems,” the brown haired scientist working on it said. “I’m just getting it ready for later.” He then smiled. “Do you have any Pokemon in Storage Boxes?”

    Hilbert shook his head. “No, I let all the rest of mine go months ago.”

    “I never used them,” Hilda said.

    “Well good for you,” the scientists said. “Because I just got the password to the Storage Box system administrator’s account from the Shadow Triad last night. Once N gives the word, we’re going to pull all the Pokemon out of it and release them back to their native territory. Or close enough, since there’s not enough information on many species to know where exactly to send them all.”

    “So you’re just going to steal them all away?” Hilbert asked.

    “The worse crime is the neglect these Pokemon are suffering in captivity,” he said dismissively. “Now if you’re done with that machine, scram out of here. I need to be ready when N gives the orders.”

    “Let him go,” Hilda said, taking back her Pokeballs and heading out. Once they were out and past where Anthea and Concordia were, she turned to him and said, “We do need to send word that somebody needs to check on Amanita and Fennel in Striaton. They live together, so if they both got attacked, who knows when somebody will find them.”

    Hilbert turned on his Xtransciever. “I’m pretty sure we can send a text for a tip to the police there.”

    “Well do you have Professor Juniper’s number?” Hilda asked. “I’ve had some trouble with the Striaton police before.”

    He didn’t, so they paused for a little while to get the word to Juniper.


    “You must be glad, to see that you’ve come so far.”

    N hung his head while Zekrom clenched her fists. Ghetsis had entered the throne room behind him. “I’m not sure how I feel today,” N replied.

    “True, we aren’t at the end yet,” Ghetsis said, stopping a few feet from him. “But this may be the final battle in this region. I hear that members of the Pokemon League have entered our castle as well, and are fighting many of the knights and the other Sages down on the main entrance level.”

    “I didn’t think my ideas would cause so many battles,” N said. “They’re supposed to bring peace and freedom.”

    “People will fight to keep what they have, no matter how wrong it is. But in the end, the righteous and faithful will prevail. Your faith is stronger now, isn’t it?”

    “I got Zekrom to come,” N said, looking up at her.

    “I came because I could see deep into your heart,” Zekrom replied. “But you have nearly lost sight of the dreams there.”

    N shivered. “Have I?”

    “You could begin your address to the region any time now,” Ghetsis said. “There’s no need to wait on the other two.”

    He shook his head. “No. I said we’d settle this here and now, and that’s what we’ll do.”

    “If that’s what you want,” Ghetsis said. “I’ll leave them to you then, but I will be nearby. Just call me if you need help.” He then walked back out to the hallway.

    “How could I lose sight of what’s in my heart?” N asked Zekrom.

    “When forces from the outside get in your face and force you to pay attention to them,” she answered. “The outside will clash with the inside, and lead to confusion. When you can see clearly, there will be no confusion.”

    He nodded. “Once this is taken care of, things will clear up naturally.” Although he felt uneasy about fighting Hilbert as uneven as they stood. But, that was part of how he was confusing him,. wasn’t it?

    “Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a distraction,” Zekrom added. “That is why you must be observant to everything, and take nothing for granted. Deep in your heart, you know what you truly want.”

    “I wish I didn’t have to hurt anybody for this, especially not the Pokemon.”

    “It will be painful. Still, don’t fall to despair. You have help and the love of others, even from sources you might not expect.”


    The castle had been at least twelve stories tall, possibly more. But the halls inside were gigantic, and all very similar: black marble, tall columns, large banners, many rooms. Hilda wasn’t even sure how high they were, although Hilbert seemed to know something. “We’ve only got one more level to climb,” he said as they stopped in one hall. “This is N’s personal area, although it’s not exactly private. He brought me here some time ago.”

    “That’s true,” a woman’s voice said close to them. It turned out to be one of the Shadow Triad.

    “Don’t worry,” another one of them said; he was on their other side. “He told us not to hurt you.”

    “So what are you doing here?” Hilbert asked.

    “Making sure you don’t miss your appointment,” the third Shadow said. “And that you don’t mess with N’s rooms.”

    Hilda made a face. “What, no peeking?”

    “No peeking,” one of the women said seriously.

    “Well if you’re going to hang around and watch us,” Hilbert said, “mind telling us what’s up with you three? I know you were cloned from a disgraced ninja named Takumi by Dr. Umber, who also made you into gijinkas like N and I, and you’re serving Ghetsis for some reason. What are you really up to?”

    “You’ve found what there is to know,” the male Shadow said.

    “Takumi and Umber are dead,” the woman who smelled faintly of poison said. “Not that it matters. We were worthless to them and they are worthless to us. We will do as Lord N says. But, we are loyal to Ghetsis and will follow his word.”

    “Is Umber really dead?” Hilbert asked. “Because he faked it before.”

    “He became worthless and dangerous to Ghetsis,” she answered. “We took care of him personally. He is dead.”

    “And you don’t have the mind to lie,” Reshiram said.

    ”Correct,” she said.

    “So they…?” Hilbert asked Reshiram, puzzled.

    “It doesn’t mean I approve of them,” he said. “If lying is impossible, then the truth is all there is, nothing special.”

    “Then we might as well continue going up,” Hilda said, heading for the next flight of stairs.

    At the very top floor, the hallway was even less crowded. The only person in there was Ghetsis. “Good morning,” he said in a suspiciously pleasant tone. “N’s waiting on you in there.”

    “What are you up to?” Hilbert asked, clenching a fist.

    He just smiled. “Nothing in particular. N asked you to come, so I won’t delay you from meeting him.”

    “And then you’re going get some Pokemon to viciously attack us once our backs are turned on you, huh?” Hilda said, smiling back.

    “And what makes you think I would do that?” he asked.

    “Never trust a troublemaker when they smile,” she said darkly. Then she turned perky. “I’m on to you, so don’t try to get smart with us.”

    “Takes one to know one,” Gehtsis retorted, but then stepped back and bowed to them.

    Hilda shrugged when Hilbert gave her a weird look. Since there seemed to be nothing else stopping them, they headed into the throne room. N was in the back, turned away and talking with Zekrom. There was a central walkway leading up to that area, lined with pools of water and more columns. Although they couldn’t see it around Zekrom, there was probably a throne in here too. “N, we’re here,” Hilbert called up as they continued walking.

    “Yeah, you need to give us a grand tour of this place sometime!” Hilda added.

    “Maybe,” N said, turning around. He then noticed the white haired man with them. “Who is that? I thought he was just one of the stadium workers.”

    “This is Reshiram,” Hilbert said.

    “Did Kyurem tell you why he traveled like this?” Reshiram asked. “When moving among humans, this is simply more convenient to deal with. And we often need to do a lot of talking. Being born with a gift of understanding like yours is a rare thing indeed.”

    “If that’s what you want,” N said. “But to the matter at hand, I’ve made it. I will be telling people myself about what they do to Pokemon and call on them to release all Pokemon. It’s not many who follow this revelation now, but as time goes on, the social pressure will build, especially now that I have authority from the League and from Zekrom. By the end of the year, I hope, there were be a full separation between humans and Pokemon put into law. But you have been pursuing your case just as strongly, so I’ll give you this one last chance. The Pokemon with me know what I intend to do and they support me. Hilbert, now you must prove the worth of your bond with Pokemon, in a Pokemon battle that will prove once and for all who is right.”

    “You don’t sound so enthusiastic today,” Hilda said.

    “It’s been a long week, let’s just get this going,” N said, taking a Pokeball in his hand.

    Hilbert stepped forward, pulling out a Pokeball of his own. “Right, this is the time to prove my beliefs,” he said. “As I stand here now, I know that Pokemon can help humans become better, and humans can also help Pokemon become better. There’s problems, but it’s not enough to go so far as to separate everyone. I still have much to learn and I want my Pokemon beside me, for their love and support to get me through even the worst of times.” He brought the Pokeball up, but then stepped back and put his hand down. “But, I am not ready to battle you yet.”

    N stared at Hilbert for a moment, speechless for a few moments. “What?” he asked weakly. “But this is… what we’ve been preparing to do.”

    “We’re not on equal terms,” Hilbert explained. “We weren’t meant to meet on equal terms. Even from the beginning, before we could make a choice, things were made so that I would be weaker than you. I was to be less than you. I have come to realize that and I am glad that I could, because knowing my true self is better than knowing an illusion of myself. But this means I cannot adequately defend my views to you. I was able to awaken Reshiram, I love my Pokemon deeply and believe that they are capable of greatness… but as things are now, we cannot stand a chance against you and your Pokemon team. This is just a play with a predetermined ending; it matters not what you or I believe, as I will end up losing. But in that, you may end up losing even more than I.”

    N was still, his lips moving as he spoke quietly to himself. Then he put his hands to his face and closed his eyes. “Are you so sure?” He put his hands down and looked back at him, desperate to hang on to the belief that he was in control. “That would require a conspiracy of unbelievable depth.”

    “That’s what it took,” Hilbert said. “But as you say, this is the moment when things must be decided. I want to prove the strength of my beliefs, but as a hero, I am not strong enough to defend them. So, I will call on another hero to fight you in my stead.” He then turned to Hilda and passed the Pokeball he had been holding on to her. “Take care of Reshiram and defend the truth for me, Hilda.”

    Smiling, she took the Pokeball. “Alrighty then.” She then turned to N and stepped forward to face him. “Listen here, N. My Pokemon are not just my friends, they’re like a second family to me. We’ve been playing and working together for months and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to just stand quietly aside while someone tries to take them from me. That even goes for you, my reluctant friend. I do believe that you can be a great person, but not in the way that you’re trying to be now. Find yourself by listening to your heart and I know that your real ideals will shine through.”

    “Is that what you believe?” N asked.

    “Fully,” she said.

    For a moment, he seemed to be really smiling. “Well then. This is unexpected, but if this is what Reshiram has agreed to, then so will I.”

    “It was Hilbert’s idea, but one I can fully support,” Reshiram said, right before he changed over into his dragon form.

    “All right, then let the battle begin,” N said. “Zekrom, use Fusion Bolt.”

    Hilda smiled. Reshiram and Zekrom had a move that could be linked in succession to become even stronger than normal, and Fusion Bolt was her’s. When she had been talking with Reshiram on the way up here, he said that he was naturally faster than Zekrom, which made using Fusion Flare a really bad idea. “Go with Dragonbreath!” Hilda said.

    The electricity in the room began to rise, enough that Hilda felt tingles all through her body as Reshiram attacked first. Little wonder that Alder had reacted badly when it had been used near him. Then blue lighting crashed down on Reshiram from a sphere above the battle. It lingered a moment after the attack was done.

    Which was when she needed to take advantage of it. “Now Fusion Flare,” she said.

    The sphere above the battle then caused a giant plume of fire to rain down on Zekrom, knocking her out. But this time, N remained calm and brought out his next Pokemon. “Carrasota, use Waterfall.”

    “Back now,” Hilda said, recalling Reshiram to his Pokeball. She brought out Fedora. “Watch it, then strike back at it.”

    The Serperior took the ramming burst of water stoically before slashing at the rocky sea turtle with his tail, as if it were a bladed weapon. That defeated it. N then tried to counter by calling on Pierre, which Hilda took care of by swapping again, this time for Tarzan. His next move was to bring out the Archeops. But, Hilda felt suspicious and had Tarzan attack it with Brick Break. As she thought, it turned out to be the Zoroark. When N did call out his Archeops, she swapped to Olette. She took a strong hit from Stone Edge, but managed to get the better of it after that. Then his Klingklang fell to Olette’s Earthquake, ending the battle.

    “Wasn’t taken by surprise this time,” Hilda said.

    For a moment, N was focused on his Pokemon. His hand glowed briefly, and then Zekrom appeared again, looking whole and healthy. “You’re right, you were prepared,” he said. “You both stood up for your beliefs, and you won. I can accept that.”


    More than accept it. He thought he might feel terrible if he lost at this stage in things. Instead, he felt like an enormous weight had been pulled off his shoulders. His team had lost, but there was no lasting harm done. He could talk with them later and make sure they knew that he was still proud of them, still loved them. Now he wouldn’t need to make so many people unhappy. And, the Pokemon had fought for their beliefs too. They could be happy with humans too.

    He shifted his hat. “And your Pokemon friends, they love you dearly and gave it their all in order to stay with you. I had been hearing that, but I guess I wasn’t really listening. But since it is the will of Reshiram, and Zekrom… and Kyurem too, then this is how things should be. I will tell the rest of Team Plasma that we will no longer be seeking the separation. What we’ll do instead…”

    “Enough!” a furious voice exploded into the room. N froze mid-sentence, tension and fear filling his body. Ghetsis was storming into the room, a look of hatred burning so strongly in his eyes. Hatred towards N. “I can’t believe this treachery, you miserable lunatic without a human heart. How dare you defy our dreams, you worthless sniveling monsters. You don’t deserve the name of Harmonia!”

    All the relief and hope and even happiness that he’d been feeling, it all evaporated into nothing. His thoughts and almost everything else about the moment didn’t matter anymore. He felt like crying and asking Ghetsis what was wrong, and what should he do to make things right. But his throat was dry and his face burned in shame. This, it couldn’t be happening. He shook his head, thinking that there had to be something wrong right now; Ghetsis couldn’t be talking so hatefully to him. Ghetsis was his best support and most faithful adviser. This had to be some nightmare.

    “You leave N alone!” Hilbert shouted, going over and punching Ghetsis in the face.

    But Ghetsis just shoved him away, onto a strange empty circle that appeared beneath Hilbert’s feet. “And what do you think you can do about it, weakling? If you can’t compare to N, then there’s no way you can compare to me. You’re nothing but a coward, hiding behind some nobody girl with no power whatsoever.”

    “I’m not as much of a nobody as you think,” Hilda said. “Hilbert, don’t get mad. Go to N; I’ll deal with this cliche storm of a villain.”

    “Cliche storm?” Ghetsis growled, tensing up in anger.

    Hilda stuck her tongue out at him. “Yeah, everything about you is just some cheesy standard of TV villainy. Come on, can’t you be creative and do something yourself? You’re nothing but a cruel blowhard.”

    This still didn’t seem real. N stepped back and put his hands over his ears. But this was proving impossible to ignore. Was he really nothing but a monster and a traitor? He hadn’t even learned from his mistakes and was falling to that confusion from worldly sources again. When he looked down, he saw that there was a circle underneath his feet as well, slowly turning red. What was that? It caused a feeling of panic. There had to be something to set things right, to get Ghetsis to take all that back.

    However, it wasn’t Ghetsis who reached out to him. It was Hilbert, taking his hands and pulling them away from his ears. “N, calm down! We need to calm down.”

    “How can I calm down?” he asked, tears starting to fall down his face. “What happened? Why’s it gone so horribly wrong. I thought it was right but then, I don’t know, am I really nothing?”

    “Stop,” Hilbert said his anger dying off. “N, it’s going to be okay.”

    “It’s not okay!” N said, trying to pull away. “I listened to Ghetsis and he...” he looked over and saw that Ghetsis had called on a Pokemon. He, he had Pokemon? And not just that, it was a Cofagrigus, like the one that had hurt Rood. Or, the one that had hurt Rood?

    Her team would still be hurt from her battle with him. Even if not very much, it still wasn’t good to start a battle like that. “Hilda!” he pointed towards her, focusing on Heal Pulse. That way, she might stand a chance of not getting hurt.

    “Traitor,” Ghetsis said, turning back to him.

    “I want to devour the hopes and dreams of all of them,” the Cofagrigus said, cackling in an evil way.

    Hilda glanced at her Xtransciever. “Whoa, they’re all full of energy now,” she said. “Thanks! Now you’re going down, you big pile of BS.”

    “Pokemon are not inherently evil,” Hilbert said, in a tone that only N and Zekrom could hear with the battle now commencing. “But if their Trainer is corrupt and abusive, they can turn evil. I feel cruelty from that one; it's sickening.”

    “Ghetsis is not evil,” N said, some anger trying to come out. But it was weak. “He took care of me, he believed in me, he showed me how to make my ideals become a reality…”

    “He hurt you,” Hilbert said. “I can see things too, you remember.”

    “He never hit me,” N said, turning away from the battle and shaking.

    “He shut you in the closet for days without food,” Hilbert said, somehow knowing that. “He set his goals for you high, and if you got close to meeting them he set them higher. He cut you off from the world and controlled what you saw and heard for years. He never really thanked you, or complimented you.”

    N shook his head. That, that wasn’t how it was. “No, no…”

    “He never loved you. And he never will. You were only a tool for him, probably the same as those Pokemon.” Hilbert took his hand again. “He had our mother killed. And your Darmanitan mother when you threatened to stop listening to him. And probably Pricilla too, for the same reason, just by following the pattern.”

    N shook his head harder,. “No, that can’t be, he…” but then he caught a glimpse of the battle between Hilda and Ghetsis again.

    He had a Sesmitoad, one that had a familiar voice. “We can’t lose, we have to win. Drop dead already, or I’ll show you how horribly we’ll all be punished for not living up to Ghetsis’ expectations,” he said in a fury that was driven by fear.

    “Lucky?” N said, horrified.

    And the Seismitoad looked at him, distracted on hearing his name. He was bewildered. “N? You… aren’t dead.” But that moment got him knocked out by Hilda’s Exadrill.

    The way he had spoken, the aggressive yet fearful stance he had, the, the scars on his body, those were signs of an abused Pokemon, much worse off than he had been when N had found Lucky as a Tympole. And Ghetsis had him. Had Ghetsis been the one to terrorize him like that? N started weeping and he didn’t try to stop. He didn’t want to accept Ghetsis as the one who was corrupt. And, abused him as well? He didn’t want to accept that, but seeing Lucky in that state was something he couldn’t deny. So the rest of that could be true. No, it was true.

    Hilbert hugged him. “We’re here for you.”

    “What, what happened to make my angel cry?” Pierre said, appearing without being called.

    “N, we’re here for you too,” Rune said. He hadn’t even been in N’s team; maybe he had been watching from the shadows in the room.

    Hilbert then stepped back, but kept hold of his shoulders. “But you need to keep a hold of yourself. There’s something dangerous we must avoid.”

    N rubbed his face, trying to do as told. “Something dangerous, in us? I was told something, but not what it was.” Once his tears were brushed aside, he saw the red crests underneath them. They had slowed down.

    “I want you to be calm,” Hilbert said, his own voice calm. “It must be hard, after such a shock. But you see, if we lose control of our emotions here, especially anger, then our power activates. It is meant to steal the life and power of a legendary Pokemon.”

    “Steal their power?” N asked. It seemed just as hard to believe. But then he remembered meeting his other self. He had wanted to kill him before terrible things happened.

    Hilbert nodded. “I hope that there’s a way to get rid of it, but for now, we’re just going to have to watch ourselves. We’ll need all the support we can get, from each other, and the Pokemon that stay with us.”

    “Anything if it makes you happy,” Pierre said.

    “I told you so,” Zane said. “You have to step away in order to prevent a disaster. But if you need help, me and the rest are here to lend a paw.”

    “Nothing’s as I thought it was,” N said. But despite that, there seemed to be some light left to find, enough to smile. “Nothing. But at least I know now who I can really rely on.”

    Hilbert smiled back at him and with that, the two crests vanished.

    But it wasn’t over yet Hilda was still battling Ghetsis. And now she seemed to be in a real bind, trying to defeat a Hydreigon that Ghetsis was using. He even took down Reshiram with a massive wall of water attack that seemed more extreme than the normal Surf. Giggling madly, the Hydreigon snapped in her direction with the heads on his hands. “Die, die, I want to see the whole world DIE! Let me see how pretty her blood is and then she'll die!”

    Gritting her teeth, Hilda released her Cinccino. “Mimi, get revenge for everyone else.”

    “DIE, FLUFFBALL!” the Hydreigon shouted.

    “Oh, oh, take that, for my family!” Mimi called, throwing herself against the mad dragon with all her might. He screamed at her and one of his hand heads ripped part of her ear off, making her squeal in fright. Then, following Ghetsis' orders, he punched her back to collapse at Hilda's feet.

    Ghetsis just healed the Hydreigon back up. “And that, little girl, is the end of the line for you.”

    Strangely, the first to react was Pierre. “No, not her!” the Vanilluxe called, darting closer and throwing a Blizzard attack at Ghetsis and the Hydreigon. “She was nice to me, brought me to my angel. I won't let you hurt her!”

    “Now you die too!” the Hydreigon snarled, causing one of its heads to breath fire at Pierre, making it explode on contact with him and nearly knocking him out. “All of you die! No one can win against me.”

    “No!” Pierre said, hitting him again with Blizzard and defeating it.

    “All right, great going Pierre!” Hilda said, giving him a thumbs up signal.

    The hatred on Ghetsis face would have been enough to wither leaves and evaporate a pond, but Hilda was still cheeky enough to give him an insulting gesture. “What is this?” he demanded, his voice shaking in rage. “How could I lost? You're nothing, I AM PERFECTION! You are going to pay for this insult...”

    Before he could do anything, he got knocked off his feet by a bolt of lightning. “For clouding the heart of my chosen hero, I would not feel shame for killing you,” Zekroom said. And she said this in the language of humans, having turned from a tall black dragon into a tall black woman. Slender in shape, she had straight black hair that was highlighted with light blue and wore a long black dress that shimmered in the light. “But it would be more right to give you over to the justice of mankind.”

    “Zekrom?” N asked, astonished to see her like that. “Why did you change?”

    “It suits your new purpose better,” she replied.

    “What's going on in here?” someone called out, entering the room. It was a group of people, actually. Chili, Cress, Cilan, Cheren, and Bianca were all there. Chili was the one speaking. “Did you all kill him?”

    “No,” Zekrom said.

    “We just knocked him out so he doesn't fight back,” Hilda said.

    “That's understandable,” Cress said. “We'll get him out of here so the police can put him under arrest.” He waved to his two brothers and they began to work out how to carry the stunned Ghetsis out of the room.

    Cheren and Bianca went up to join them. “Oh, that was close,” Bianca said. “We were sure something was going to happen, but we didn't think at first that you all would get this far so soon.”

    “It did go by fast,” Hilda said. “But Ghetsis knocked out most of my team. That Hydreigon was like a demon, got all of them.”

    “Here, I can take care of them,” N said, worried about her Pokemon as well. Once he could touch the Pokeballs himself, he could use Heal Pulse to revive them to full health. “And please, make sure they know that I thank all of you for keeping him distracted. I don’t know what I would have done if you two didn't come to help me.”

    “I can make a guess and it's not pretty,” Hilda said.

    Once he was alert and healed, Reshiram appeared again, also as a human. “Have things been dealt with?” he asked.

    “Yeah, the battle's over,” Hilda said, passing the Pokeball back to Hilbert.

    “So what's the word on what will happen with Team Plasma?” Cheren asked.

    What would happen to all the people who had believed in him, and followed him? “I don't know,” N said. “They have.... well, all have you have proven to me, in one way or another, how strongly you care about Pokemon. I don't want to make everyone unhappy. So, I would think that there is no more reason for Team Plasma to be.”

    “Is that how it's going to be?” Cilan asked, coming over to their group. His brothers had a Stoutland who was carrying Ghetsis out into the hallway now. “There's still a lot that needs to be accounted for, such as all of the Pokemon that were stolen.”

    Accounted for... and he was the leader, the one responsible for them all. “That's true,” N said, feeling worried. But if they were going to arrest him, it was better not to fight it. “I can accept responsibility for all of them. We were wrong.”

    “Hey, N was a victim of this too,” Hilbert said, stopping him from going over to Cilan. “Ghetsis controlled him for years. And I'm sure you remember how he was; he didn't realize he was wrong at the time.”

    Cilan nodded. “Right. We should leave him in your hands, as you're his friends. But N, you may wish to avoid the public eye for a while. We of the League will handle things with the rest. I hope you find the way you want to go.” Then he headed out into the hall to get back to his brothers.

    They were going to let him go? Maybe it really hadn't been his responsibility and he only had the illusion of control. But that would mean... lots of scary things. He clenched his fist. “The way I want to go? I'm not entirely sure where I stand now. I, I need some time to think about things. I need to find somewhere quiet. Maybe the more northern areas of Sarasota Forest, or even further away.”

    “Hey, I'll go with you,” Hilbert said. “You don't have to deal with this alone. Besides, even if you do have your Pokemon around, it would help also if you spent more time with a normal human being. At least, as normal as I can get. We can leave the area for a little while.”

    N looked at the people around him, both the humans and the Pokemon. They were all nice, if odd in their ways and quirks. And good people. Maybe he was the same way. “Thanks, but is it all right to bring Zekrom and Reshiram out of Unova?”

    “It will be fine,” Zekrom said. “We need to keep an eye on you two, and properly instruct you on the powers you hold. First of all, we need to figure out how to cancel out the power-draining ability.”

    “It just means that we're leaving Unova in the hands of Kyurem,” Reshiram said, looking to his brother. “And he has been a proper hero this time around. We'll let him know.”

    “I hope things will be okay,” N said. Then, he went over to Hilda and offered his hand. “Hilda, thank you. For being my first real human friend and always trying to help me even when I refused.”

    “Glad to be of service,” she said, shaking his hand. “Have fun out there, but don't be a stranger! You still have my number?”


    “You take care,” Hilbert said. “And if you need help, just call and we'll do our best to be back quickly.”

    “Don't get hurt out there,” Bianca said.

    And with that, Zekrom and Reshiram reverted back to being dragons. N used his remote to open up a hatch in the ceiling, so that they could fly out freely. Then they were out of the castle and in the bright open skies. He wasn't sure where they were going, but they would find a way.

    In that moment, N knew what true freedom felt like.


    “Ghetsis has been captured,” the male Shadow said. After having met with Hilda and Hilbert in N's area, they had retreated back to their security post.

    “N's fled,” one of his sisters said; she was twirling a dagger in her hand. “We can't do much about him. But we can't let them get away with Ghetsis.”

    The other female nodded. “The boy's words won't spread fast. Let's deal with those invaders.”

    After some quick discussion, the three teleported to various areas of the castle and attacked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ysavvryl View Post
    “I’m not as much of a nobody as you think,” Hilda said. “Hilbert, don’t get mad. Go to N; I’ll deal with this cliche storm of a villain.”
    Ah! Ahaha! She said it!

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 14 up now!
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    Yssavryl-san, Did you plan for Hilda to say that all along?
    Ghetsis is like Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!
    Will Hilda ever eveal Kyurem's gift to N/ Hlbert?
    Normally I would throw a party about Umber, yet.. ooohhhhhhhhh. He is one of those villans who is fun to hate.
    Will Hilda ever see Kyurem again?
    And will there be a bw2 fic? The battle with N and Ghetsis feels rushed.
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    That...was one great chapter! I can't wait for the next one! And please make a sequel. I love this story so much!
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    ...You've been waiting to make that title drop for awhile now, haven't you?

    Also, what they said. Sequel. At least this time you have material to base a sequel off of.
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    That N battles was rushed, but it was understandable considering how strong Hilda's team was. You focused on the very important parts of Ghetsis' battle, like the Cofagrigus observation, Lucky the Seismitoad and the OP Hydreigon, but that battle I feel should've been a bit longer and detailed overall, seeing how that was the battle against the evil 'cliche storm' villain haha.

    Either way, in full of agreement of a sequel. Easily one of the best fics I've read on here.

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    Amazing. We might as well start a petition for a sequel. I must say, a few wrap up chapters are needed to smooth some things out (like kyurem). Whatever the case, I will stick around and see.

    Oh, by the way. Did any gym leaders die when the shadow triad "attacked"? It'd be a bit of a bummer if everyone in the castle was brutally murdered.
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    No Gym Leaders died, but someone else did...

    Chapter 58: When You Come To The End, Stop

    May 11
    Channel 8

    “Good evening, and welcome to the Unova news. The big story today is about the sudden downfall of Team Plasma at their castle headquarters, revealed to be at the same area as the Pokemon League Headquarters. It had been expected for some time that they would have a major broadcast today where their leader, the Black King N Harmonia, would give a speech pressing for the widespread release of Pokemon along with their total separation from humans. While he did prove his excellence and empathy with Pokemon by defeating the Elite 4 and the Champion Alder in a couple of hours, things did not turn out as expected after that.

    “At the same time, another Pokemon Trainer named Hilda, who has become famous in the past few months for her flashy style and friendship with both of the hero-kings, was at League headquarters also to challenge the Elite 4. She managed to complete the challenge as well, even though she was lacking her most famous Pokemon Kyurem at the time. But N had gotten ahead of her and revealed his castle headquarters by causing it to rise out of the ground. Hilda went with the White King Hilbert into the castle, soon to be followed by every Gym Leader and Elite member of the Unova Pokemon League, there to protest Plasma's actions and philosophy.

    “The common thought was that the Black King would challenge the White King to battle, following in the tradition of many legends of the two dragons that created Unova. However, Hilbert passed on the challenge by having Hilda fight in his stead and she was able to defeat N. Reports are not clear on what happened next, but it seemed that while N was willing to step down and stop his plans for total separation, his spokesperson in the Sage Ghetsis was not. Ghetsis apparently went so far as to attack N for his reasonable actions, as he had ambitions that many in Team Plasma weren't aware of. But thanks to the cooperation of the Pokemon there, the three were able to stop Ghetsis and put him into the custody of the Pokemon League.

    “However, that was not the end of the trouble. Plasma was revealed to have three very dangerous members in their ranks, a group only known as the Shadow Triad. Not only did they take Ghetsis into hiding, but they attack humans and Pokemon alike. The Striaton Gym Leaders Cress, Chili, and Cilan were most seriously injured, currently in critical condition in a hospital in Opelucid. Others were also severely injured, including Alder who was hospitalized for a minor heart attack suffered as an indirect affect of having fought the legendary Zekrom when battling N. Several other Trainers in the area, including Hilda, were also injured.

    “Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad have been labeled as dangerous by Unova police, although it is unknown where they have gone. Anyone who witnesses the four are encouraged to call police and to not confront them. A number of Plasma members were arrested, including four of the other Sages. However, the whereabouts of N and Hilbert are also unknown at this time. Police have stated that they are not interested in arresting N, as he is not suspected of having committed any crimes personally.

    “As of now, it is uncertain what the future holds for the Unova Pokemon League. With so many of its members temporarily incapacitated, it would not be surprising to hear of another shut-down until things are sorted out. It is also uncertain who is the current League Champion. N defeated Alder in fair and legal combat, but he was not officially inducted as the Champion. It was recorded that Hilda then defeated N after she had also defeated the Elite 4, but as she did not defeat an official Champion, there will need to be a hearing at a later date to decide how this will be handled. We have been unable to get a comment from her at this time.

    “And now for an interview with someone who was at the event, here is...”


    May 12
    Sarasota Forest

    Yesterday, they had taken off, intent on not returning for a long time. But something had happened, something both of them had seen in a dream and couldn't ignore. They had to return for someone, and it wasn't a good meeting. It seemed that in a fit of rage, Ghetsis had taken out his frustrations on some of the Pokemon he had. Not all of them, but this one N had to come back to see.

    It took some asking around of the Pokemon in the forest, but then they were running through the trees, trying to reach the place before it was too late. In a cave that was connected to the Durant tunnels, they found a horribly disfigured Seismitoad in the care of one of the Audino. “Lucky!” N said, going over and putting his arms around the Pokemon. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean for things to end this way for you.”

    “N?” Lucky opened one of his eyes, then gripped N's arm. “I hoped you'd come.”

    “I'm here,” he said. Hilbert and the two dragons stayed at the entrance to the tunnel, not wanting to interrupt, but not wanting to leave them out of sight.

    “Oh, careful,” the Audino said. “It's very bad. There's not much I can do.”

    “I’m sure you've done what you could, thank you,” N said.

    “I hoped you'd come,” Lucky said. “I was scared when you found me in that tree, but ever since that man told me you were dead, it's been far scarier. He had those strange people in black who could understand me...”

    “They could?” N asked. He'd never known that the Shadow Triad could understand Pokemon too, but he doubted Lucky would lie to him.

    The Seismitoad closed his eye and gripped him tighter. “Because of them, he knew me in a terrifying way. I fought for him in fear, not enjoyment like that crazy dragon and ghost he had. I didn't know what to do. Those two would tear me to pieces if I didn't fight, and it all seemed so hopeless. It was like I had been given an angel, only to get thrown into dark torment. I kept dreaming that I’d find you again, though. And here you are now.”

    For a moment, he thought about saying that he wasn't an angel. He was something of a freak, not fully human and not fully Pokemon. But, this wasn't the right time for this. He'd come back to comfort one of his friends as best he could. “It's okay now,” N said, although he was crying. “You'll always be in my heart. You'll be free of the darkness.”

    It wasn't long before that was true.

    A couple of days later, in the evening when they were sitting around a campfire, N finally decided to speak up. “I'm sorry I've been delaying things.”

    “It's fine,” Zekrom said. “You've been through a lot.”

    “I don't want to force you to do anything while you're dealing with the loss of your friend,” Hilbert said.

    N looked down at the ground, feeling a sense of guilt. “But it was his last wish, to see me again. He called me an angel, like Pierre does. I think he was happy; at least he seemed to feel safe. I don't know if I could really be like that. Not only that, but it seems like so many lives were lost or ruined in trying to raise me into power and keep me in control. And it could have included all of you here.” He looked over at Hilbert, Zekrom, and Reshiram there. Maybe even the other Pokemon too.

    “You're not to blame for all of that,” Reshiram said.

    “The fact that you would take all that blame speaks of your true nature,” Zekrom added.

    “Well it was all connected to me,” N said. While they might try to reassure him, it still weighed heavily on his mind. “And when I think about that, I realize how much I was being controlled. I had even come to accept what all of you had trying to been telling me, but then I would have thrown that all away... until I saw Lucky again.” A shiver passed over his skin and he felt tempted to be silent again. But that hadn't been helping when Ghetsis had encouraged him to keep secrets. “When I think about all that, especially how I felt right then, I can see how it was all decided for me when I thought I was leading. Maybe you'd think it's dumb, but it scares me now that I don't have a path. We have goals we want to accomplish, but none of you are saying 'this is what must be done and what you will do' about them. You were right, I never lived up to Ghetsis' expectations, and now I don't know if I can live up to anyone else's.”

    “It doesn't matter what others expect of you, or me,” Hilbert said. “You're in charge of what you'll do from now on.”

    “That still scares me,” N said.

    “You'll never learn to fly unless you take that first terrifying leap into the sky,” Zekrom said. “In a matter of speaking.”

    And there had been that moment when he first felt free of the responsibilities of Plasma, N recalled. A moment of happiness as his life had finally come into his hands and he could do whatever he wanted. Coming back on realizing that Lucky wouldn't have long to live had dampened that excitement. His friends would only be sad to know that he was sad too. He shouldn't worry them so much. “I see your point. We know what needs to be done, but where should we go? I don't think it matters as long as we're not in Unova.”

    “Where do you want to go?” Hilbert asked.

    “I don't know,” he said. “Where do you want to go?”

    He shrugged. “I've been deciding on what to do in my life for years now. You choose.”

    “I never cared much for anything beyond Unova because that's where his plans for me were,” N said, feeling frustrated at this indecision. With so many options out there, one would think it would be easy to decide. “You said that you liked Hoenn, didn't you? We could go there.”

    “If that's what you want,” Hilbert said, in a way that reminded N a little of Hilda.

    “Are you teasing me now?” he asked.

    His brother smiled. “At least you recognize that. But all right, we'll go check out Hoenn. There's a lot of amazing places there, and it's so far away that most people shouldn't recognize us. We can head out tomorrow.”

    “Why not tonight?” Zekrom asked.

    “We could reach there before nightfall,” Reshiram added.

    “It is nightfall,” N said, looking up at the starry sky.

    “Nightfall in Hoenn,” he specified.

    “Well before then.” Zekrom said.

    “You two can fly that fast?” Hilbert asked. “That sounds really wild. Want to go now?”

    “Sure, why not?” N said. He had a lot to think about, but his life was his own and he was surrounded by good friends. He couldn't be too far from leaving his tragedies behind entirely so that he would find the happy ending of a classical comedy instead.


    May 15
    Undella Bay

    When most people thought of Undella beach, they thought of the nice one right by town, with fine-grained sand and gentle waters. But there was a stretch of it that went north, alongside the cliffs that made up the rim to the crater of Giant Chasm. Due to the cliffs and occasional rockfalls, it wasn't as popular as the southern part of the bay. People still went out there sometimes.

    Like over a dozen of the Plasma grunts. With the secluded area protecting them, they had come back together to figure out what to do. “Is it really over?” one asked. “It seems so sudden.”

    “It can't be over!” another said. “N's responsible for this; he betrayed his own ideals.”

    “Well he must have had his reasons. I could tell that he was changing, but I'm sure that he still wants the best for the Pokemon.”

    “That's not what matters here!”

    “And why not?”

    “Please, fighting at this point would be counterproductive,” another person in the group said. “Perhaps all that's needed is a change in direction, something that depends less on unpredictable emotional appeals.”

    “You think we could still make it?”

    He nodded, but soon got distracted by something further down the beach. “Certainly. After all, there's no denying that there was equally as much power and direction coming from Ghetsis, and he has thus far evaded capture. We might need to get in contact with him. Excuse me.” He then walked over to check out whatever had caught his attention.

    “Is he one of us? He doesn't have a uniform and I don't quite recall him.”

    “He should be,” another one said. “I've seen him around the castle asking questions, and he wouldn't have gotten within the castle if he wasn't a part of Team Plasma. He might've been one of the scientists.”

    “That would explain his gizmos.”

    Down the beach, Colress stopped in front of a seemingly empty spot. “Is he going to make contact with the team?”

    There was a shimmer of air as one of the Shadow Triad appeared on the spot. “How did you find me?” she asked.

    “Technology can trump ancient arts,” he said, tapping his eyeglasses. “But it can also give them a deeper understanding should the practitioners choose.”

    “What are you doing here?”

    He shrugged. “Thinking, considering. I hold no illusions in what you were about, but whatever your master's goals are do not matter to me. Then again,” he gestured to the Plasma grunts, who were arguing again, “I could use the manpower that Team Plasma had. There's only so much that could be done with lab work and calculations.” Colress looked back to the ninja. “But I wouldn't dream of interfering without Ghetsis' approval. He has more claim to them than I.”

    She narrowed her eyes at him.

    Giving a bow but not letting himself be intimidated, he added, “Although I imagine that Ghetsis is unable to fully understand or use the work Umber left behind? If he wishes to have it translated to laymen's terms or developed further, I could be willing to make a deal.”

    She gave him a harsh look for a while longer. When he didn't flinch, she held her hand out to him. “Come.”

    Colress nodded and took her hand to be teleported away. Sometimes it was simply a matter of being the right person at the right place and right time.


    June 3
    Giant Chasm

    It was said that thousands of years ago, a meteor fell out of the sky and brought the dragon that had eventually become Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem. While the other two moved around the region, the last had always stayed here. It had been so long ago that the pine forest had come in and made the whole area a part of the natural landscape. But it was a good thirty degrees cooler in this valley compared to Lacunosa (which itself tended to be cooler than other towns).

    A great many powerful Pokemon lived here too, but Hilda and her Pokemon had passed through without much trouble (and several fun battles). Mimi had kept ahead of the group for much of the way, but she stopped by an entrance into a rocky structure in the center. “This is the place!” she said, waving for them to hurry up. “This is where we go in.”

    “That's the meteor, huh?” Hilda asked. “It's big; must have been a monster to come down.”

    “A big monster came from it,” Tarzan said in jest. “So it had to be huge.”

    “I wonder if it was an egg,” Olette said, touching the side of the rock wall.

    “That's one ugly egg if you ask me,” Frank said, shifting one of his ponytails.

    “Well let's go crash in on him,” Hilda said, heading on inside.

    There was a short hallway leading further in, but it was wide and tall, big enough for one of the dragons to fly through if they wanted. Holes in the cave led this place to be quite sunny, with pools of water gathered along the pathway. Past that, they came to a surprisingly large and bright cavern. Sunlight reflecting off the glistening walls gave the air an icy shimmer, making it look colder than it was. As expected, Kyurem was there, lying on the ground in his dragon form with his head tucked close to his body.

    “Aw, how cute,” Hilda said quietly. “Maybe we should...”

    She wanted to say leave him be for now, but Mimi was already bounding over to him. “Daddy! I'm home!”

    Fortunately, he must have been awake from how quickly he brought his head around. “That you are,” he said, keeping his head low so that Mimi could jump onto his snout. “Hello. What are all of you doing here?”

    “I missed you!” the Cinccino said, hugging part of his helm-like armor.

    “And she's been intolerable about it,” Fedora said. “Honestly, I thought I was suave enough to avoid that, but she's a sugar bomb of cute.”

    “You should have known it when she was sweet enough to win him over,” Hilda said, coming closer with the rest of her Pokemon. “Mostly we're just dropping in to say hi. Hi!”

    Kyurem raised his head, seeming relaxed that it was just them. “I appreciate that. And, I apologize for attacking you this past winter. Even though I've seen a lot in my time, I never expected to encounter myself as a result of time travel. But he allowed me to absorb his memories, so I understand what was going on. He has become me, as I have become him.”

    “Well you were half asleep too, so can't blame you for being grumpier than usual,” Tarzan said.

    Hilda nodded. “Yeah. Oh, and did you know that you're in charge of protecting Unova at the moment?”

    Huffing, he said “Right, I got word from my siblings before they left the region. That's why I'm out of hibernation even though it's right at the start of summer. Not my idea of a good time, but I fulfill what need there is. I'd like it if I wasn't noticed for it, though. It would eat into my image even further if I need to be around for a time of destruction.”

    “Well we can hope,” she said. “But Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad got away from everyone. One of them gave me a nasty dagger wound for beating him.” She frowned, rubbing her shoulder. “I'm all right now. Most everyone that was attacked that day is all right now, but the Striaton Gym Leaders had to quit and some guy called Merlon took their place.”

    “Good to know that you're well,” Kyurem said. “I've heard that they were gone, but I haven't been able to locate them. Not that I’m the best at that, but between the Triad's powers and the orbs, they shouldn't be this hard.”

    “Those orbs that the other N had?” Hilda asked. “I thought Dialga took them back.”

    “No, those were from his time line. The ones that belong to this time line are still missing, and I've felt their power from Ghetsis before.”

    Frank tapped his head. “I tried looking for them too, but haven't gotten a hit. They certainly know what they're doing. Although I'm sure they'll be after Hilda and the rest of us too, after we defeated Ghetsis. Sort of.”

    “We all got knocked out by that vicious Hydreigon he had, even Reshiram,” Olette said. “But other Pokemon there were able to finish him off.”

    “You didn't have to tell him that,” Fedora said.

    “Them being after you all is unacceptable,” Kyurem said.

    Hilda shrugged. “We're going to have to strive to stay strong, that's what I think. But that's no fun to think about. Anyhow, I was also here to ask if you wanted back on the team. The rest of us managed to trump the top Trainers in the League, but due to what happened, we didn't get to battle Alder. He's back in shape, so I told him that I'd be back to take on the Elites and him again this month. You missed out on all the fun! Besides, I had been hoping to take on the best of the League with my starter Pokemon.” She glanced at Fedora. “Both of you.”

    “We've already taken on most of those Pokemon without you,” the Serperior said. “But sure would be a heck of a lot more fun if we completely wrecked them with you.”

    “That would be a good game,” Kyurem said. An icy mist began to build around his joints. “But my other self came with you willingly, and mortals don't get that kind of opportunity twice. You will have to prove your worth to me.”

    To that, Hilda just smiled. “All right, if that's what you want. Everyone...” she looked around at the other Pokemon. The Gothitelle smirked, while Fedora and Olette smiled. “GROUP HUG!” She then ran up to Kyurem and hugged him at his chest where she could reach.

    “Hugs!” Mimi echoed, hugging Kyurem's face again. The other Pokemon did the same, except for Fedora because he didn't have arms. But he did the next best thing and coiled around Kyurem's left leg.

    “Gah!” Kyurem ducked his head down; the mist quickly withdrew. “What was that for? You've all heard me say that that could get you killed.”

    “We know,” Hilda said, coming back some so that she could look at the dragon's face. “But you made sure that we wouldn't, didn't you? That proves that we conquered you with the power of friendship.”

    “Yay!” Mimi said.

    “It's cheesy, but it's true,” Tarzan said, playfully punching him in the side.

    At first, Kyurem snorted. Then he broke into laughter. “Fine,” he said after calming down. “Fine, it's as you say. I should have known you wouldn't go for the obvious. Striking your own path is the very reason I came to you. I do need to protect you since our enemies are still free but I had planned to come back to you no matter what happened.”

    “Because it's like Hilda told N,” Olette said. “We're a family and we're not going to let anyone break us apart.”

    “Right on!” Hilda said, pumping a fist in the air. “So after we get Alder beat properly, what do you say we go ahead and take over the region? I mean, the others aren't here, and probably won't be for a while.”

    “Do you mean that?” Kyurem asked.

    She shrugged. “Who knows? I don't. Anyhow, it was just an idea. I'm kinda thinking that it would be a lot of trouble to rule over everyone, cause people would be expecting us to make all the big decisions and fix all the problems... well, forget about that!” Then she grinned. “We can mess with Clay, though. He's a big stick in the mud and could use a little excitement around.”

    Kyurem chuckled at that. “Now that sounds a great deal more fun.”


    June 12
    Aspertia City

    It had been a month since Team Plasma had fell when an announcement came out about the Pokemon that Plasma had stolen and used. It came with an apology from one of its former leaders, although Hugh didn't think it was sincere. With how they were, it had to be something the police had made them do. The important thing was that they had released a list of Pokemon that had been recovered from the team. The police were searching for the Trainers they had been stolen from, in order to return them if the people wished to claim them.

    He put a Trainer ID number into the system and had it search for any Pokemon linked to that number. However, it didn't come up with a match. “Figures, they probably scrambled as many numbers as they could,” he muttered. He then chose to search for by species. That ought to find the right one...

    “Hugh!” a girl's voice called from another room. “You're going to miss...” there was a crash, followed by another girl's giggle. “Eek!”

    What now? He shook his head, but smiled as he called back, “What'd you break this time, Rosa?”

    “I didn't break anything!” she protested.

    “You're going to miss Hilda battling Alder for the Championship!” his sister Violet called.

    “Yeah, it's going to be amazing,” Rosa called, probably forgetting about whatever she'd knocked over. “You're gonna kick yourself later if you miss this one.”

    Hugh checked the screen, but even narrowing the search as he had gave him many Pokemon to examine. After bookmarking the page, he said, “I'll be there in a minute.”

    “What if it only takes a minute?” Violet asked jokingly.

    After setting his computer into sleep mode (because he doubted even Hilda would take out Alder that fast), Hugh left his room and went to where his sister and her friend were chatting about the upcoming battle. Rosa had only moved to Aspertia last year, but she and Violet had become close friends quickly. She was practically a member of the family now, to the point where she tossed a pillow at him as he came in and asked, “What're you plotting now, big bro?”

    Catching the pillow and dropping it onto the floor to sit with them, he said, “Stuff for my trip. I still need to get a Pokemon if this doesn't work out like I want.” Because if the Pokemon he was looking for was on that list, he might not even need to leave Aspertia. Not with what Hilda had done to help break up Team Plasma.

    “Oh, are you really going to go?” Violet asked. “Are you going to challenge the Pokemon League too?”

    He shrugged. “It might help. Why, did you want to come to challenge the League?”

    His actual little sister turned shy, fiddling with her hair. “Um, no, I don't really want to. I don't think I'd be good at it.”

    On the other hand, their friend brightened. “I think it'd be fun! I wasn't sure about Pokemon training myself, but,” Rosa looked at the screen. The battle hadn't started yet; they were still doing the pre-talk. “Hilda is so cool. She makes it all look exciting and glamorous; I want to be a great Pokemon Trainer like her.”

    “You can start by not being so klutzy,” Hugh said, teasing her.

    “I am not that klutzy,” she insisted, but struck a bowl of popcorn just right to knock a good portion of them out. “Uh, ignore that.”

    Violet started laughing, causing Rosa to do so as well. “I think you could be good at it,” she eventually said. “Even if you are a klutz.”

    Hugh thought Rosa would do well with Pokemon too. After all, her mother was a Pokecenter nurse and she had picked up on many things from her. Then again, while she might be able to work around some clumsiness, Rosa was also naive. She'd get in trouble on her own and might not be able to get herself out. And Hugh didn't feel comfortable with that. “I could help you out, if you want. We could even travel together.”

    “Really?” she asked, her eyes widening at the offer. “But I thought you were going to leave as soon as you could.”

    “I could delay a little while until you're ready,” he said. “It's going to take more planning and such before I could travel Unova anyhow. Wouldn't be a big deal to me to wait.”

    Rosa grinned. “Eee, great! Thanks Hugh! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun traveling together!”

    He nodded, giving her a smile back. After all, she was like his little sister. Annoying at times, but it was worth it if she was happy.

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    Posting this list again. The last chapter of the story is on the previous page.

    List of gijinkas

    Natural- these people are Pokemon that have been reincarnated as a human. It is an unusual circumstance, said to be once a generation. There are currently two living in Unova.

    Drayden- reincarnated from a Haxorus. His lifespan is extended due to his Pokemon soul, but is also slowed down. He is marked by an exceptional endurance and resistance to illness and poison.

    Keith- reincarnated from a Beehyem. Don't remember him? He was the four-year-old psychic kid that Hilda helped to catch a Woobat. He sees auras and has an excellent memory.

    Engineered Gijinkas- This is the group that Dr. Umber created; he had a few assistants, but much of the development and work he did himself. Most of these gijinkas are unaware of their natural parents, as Umber took advantage of needy and poor mothers, often single and young, to get the embryos he needed for the genetic work. Those that survived to two years of age were assigned a letter; the ones that died prior to that were written off as complete failures.

    A- died of a heart condition

    B- died during a test battle against a Pokemon

    C- died of a seizure

    D- Skyla. She was infused with genes from various Flying type Pokemon, so that is her predominant type. She can sense precise air conditions of thirty feet around her, further if she focuses on it. While she can't truly fly, she does have the capability to jump far better than a regular human and can slow her descent immensely. However, she has fragile bones.

    E- Elesa. Although she has survived, in Umber's notes she is recorded as a failure. She was given an Electric type and does have the capability to naturally produce electricity. She has few ways to discharge this energy, though, and no way to control its production. To prevent health issues from the buildup, she has to wear something that can release the energy continually. She also has a fast metabolism.

    F- Luke. He was a Steel type and managed to escape from Umber with the others. However, even then he had health problems which killed him a year after they escaped. After his death, it was discovered that tissue in several of his vital organs had started turning into steel.

    G- Chili. He was given a Fire type, and was also the first to successfully be given defenses against his own power. He can touch fire without harm and can manipulate it when he has physical contact of the flame or something that is on fire. He cannot create fire energy.

    H- Cress. He was given a Water type and so can manipulate water to some degree. This works better with small quantities; a gallon is usually his limit. His mood is affected by the moon, although he has trained himself to not show it outwardly under most circumstances.

    I- Cilan. As a Grass-type gijinka, he can communicate with plants. This does not take a form like any known language. Rather, he can gain a lot of knowledge about a particular plant by touching it for some time, as well as affect its growth and production by his will. He is limited by what the plant can do naturally, but knowing what minerals a plant needs allows him to grow some amazing plants. His mood is affected by the sun; more severely than Cress, so Cilan easily gets depressed during the winter.

    *Note: The parents of the Striaton triplets were confirmed shortly after the group escaped, but only because their brutal murder was big news in Unova. A man named Takumi was blamed for the crime; the husband was found decapitated in their home, while his wife was found dead a few months later on a beach. Takumi was only captured a couple years back.

    J- died shortly after she turned two because not all of her organic tissue was immune to the poisons she produced.

    K- Marshal. He was given a Fight type from several different humanoid Pokemon. Perhaps due to this, his abilities are not as pronounced as the others in the experiments. His skill in martial arts, while learned quickly, are not that different from other human masters. He does have an enhanced reaction time and a talent for reading body language.

    L- died, was an attempt at a Ghost type able to use Pokemon moves. While he had the ability to dematerialize, he was killed when he got startled while in a wall and materialized there.

    M- Hilbert. A Dark type, he is the older twin. He and N were worked on more extensively than the others, including a few operations done after they were born, due to the requirements Ghetsis put down. He is a demimortal, but unless an immortal decides to make him its heir, he will age and die normally. Was thought to have an ability like Cute Charm, but it turned out to actually be Serene Grace when the 'defect' that made Attract permanently active was turned off. As of May 12th of his twentieth year, he knows Attract, Detect, and Haze.

    N- N. A Normal type, also with the Serene Grace ability. Statistically, he's the strongest of Umber's gijinkas. Like Hilbert, he is a demimortal that is not an immortal's heir. However, they have a hidden power that activates under great anger and stress in the presence of an immortal which could steal the immortal's power. If an immortal is not present, the ability sometimes activates a move at random. As of May 12th of his twentieth year, he knows Sing, Flash, Hyper Beam, and Heal Pulse.

    O- Iris. Umber's work on Iris got delayed when Ghetsis became involved, hence why she ended up being born shortly after he was finished with Hilbert and N. While she is a Dragon type, she cannot use Pokemon moves. She does have a lot of advantages over humans: enhanced intelligence, physical strength, endurance, and disease resistance. However, her development and growth are slowed in being a dragon.

    P- Shadow Triad female. In particular, the one that was called Valerie briefly. She is a Poison type and has the best socialization capacities of the three. But when she's not acting, she and the others do not show or feel emotions strongly.

    Q- Shadow Triad female. In particular, the one that was called Carol. She is a Ghost type, more controlled than her predecessor. These three have the strongest infusion of Pokemon genes, leading to them not acting human.

    R- Shadow Triad male. He is a Bug type. This greatly handicaps his ability to communicate through spoken language, but he can speak if he puts his mind to it. He is the most capable of the three in battle. Takumi is their father.
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    Extra Scenes

    Well, two of them so far. The first one is part of Kyurem and Mimi's backstory, but from the point of view of those in Lacunosa.

    It was one of the earliest wars of Zekrom and Reshiram against Kyurem, with the two dragons serving one united kingdom that was facing a terrible long winter brought about by the lone dragon. As always, the town of Lacunosa was ruled over by Kyurem, as his stronghold was closest to there. The area was rich in good earth and precious stones so many people had been tempted to stay when the ice dragon slept. Now that he was active, they were forced to make sacrifices of themselves, both human and Pokemon, to keep him from destroying them utterly.

    In this town, there lived a girl who had been born with strange black and white hair. Her parents were powerful enough within the community that the others did not dare act against her, but as she grew, powers of electricity began to manifest within her. She was a gajinka, a mysterious being that is born when a Pokemon soul inadvertently is born human. It is not known why or how this is so, but it happens with incredible rarity. In many places, people do not trust gajinkas and have been known to put them to death once their powers show.

    But this girl was allowed to live until she was a young woman. She was known for having a pure heart and a kind soul, so with the shelter of her family's power, no one was inclined to harm her. Then, her father died as a result of the unnatural winter brought about by Kyurem. Superstition flared up and when the time came for another sacrifice, many people said that the gajinka had to go.

    After spending a night in contemplation, she agreed and set off into the forest seeking protection for Lacunosa. But on the surface of the crater, she found a sight she did not expect: Kyurem saddened by the death of a Minccino. It was strange, but the girl was touched by this and agreed to help bury the Pokemon. After that, she sang a song asking for a blessing on its soul to find a peaceful rest.

    For her kindness to the Pokemon he called Mimi, Kyurem spared the girl's life and agreed to end the winter to allow spring to come. He also swore, upon his power, that he would do so again if the residents of Lacunosa agreed to honor a particular promise. The girl returned home and gave word of what happened to the people there.

    From that point on, the peoples of Unova have always seen the birth of a gajinka as a lucky thing.


    And this second little snippet... well we've seen the heroine of the sequel, so what about the hero? It may or may not appear; trailers lie!

    Aspertia City

    It was raining, but Nate had to get out of the building. Being out in the fresh air was a relief. He stood under the borrowed umbrella, watching the water streaming in the gutters. Out in the cold rain... this was so ordinary. But it was nice in that way. The thing that really troubled him was, “What am I supposed to be doing here?”

    “Hey!” Nate looked over and saw another teenager coming up to him. It was a boy he wasn't familiar with. Then again, he hadn't been here in Aspertia for long. “Aren't you that crazy guy who's dating Rosa?”

    “I'm not dating her,” he said.

    “Right,” the boy said sarcastically. “You shouldn't be so careless about that. There's several guys that would like to be her boyfriend; I was going to congratulate you. Don't let her get away from you.”

    Nate shook his head. “Did I end up in a dating sim by accident?”

    “What?” the boy said.

    “Never mind. Were you going to tell me something simple like how pressing the X button reads signs? No, this is supposed to be a Nintendo game. It'd be the A button.”

    The boy raised an eyebrow. “What're you talking about? This isn't a game.”

    “That's what you think,” Nate said. “Or maybe it's just what I think.” And maybe he should stop talking. This wasn't helping him convince the others that he wasn't crazy and could be released from the hospital permanently.

    But what was he supposed to do?

    Contest (of sorts)

    So will or won't there be a sequel? Well there are cliches I didn't get around to playing with. The test scene with Nate shows off one that I'm interested in. And really, Colress is awesome. He's like a dark version of Hilda, in a True Neutral kind of way (although Hilda's more of a Neutral Good... whatever, it's been too long since I was heavily into D&D).

    But if I do a sequel, there is one thing that would bug me. I added Zane's son because I was influenced by the game sequels (and I like how the Dragonspiral sequence came out with him in it). However, I never got around to giving a nickname to that Zorua. And since that Zorua would at least show up in the scene with Rood, he needs a nickname.

    A little contest-like thing: Give the Zorua a nickname, along with which character (N, Rood, or even someone else) gave that nickname and why.

    How to enter: It can be posted with a review or PM/IM to me (especially after I move it to the completed section.

    Prize: The nickname and explanation I like best will be used for the Zorua in a CS sequel and I'll give credit to that person.
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    Wow, it's really over. It'll be weird not coming here every Friday anymore. Can't wait for the sequel if there is one!

    And I have no idea about Zorua's nickname...
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    Wow... I can't beleive its over. Hopefully you make that sequal (it's the only reason I ever get on Serebii anymore). As for Zorua...

    Zahid (means "selfless")
    Considering Rood cannot talk to pokemon, I think N would have named him. Anyways, there are very few good "Z" names that I could think of. This was the best I had. ;P

    I'll check back for a sequal whenever it comes out. Be sure to PM me when it does!
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    Nice ending to it, Ysa. And a sequel hook/cliffhanger, because now I want to know who won. Between Alder and Hilda.

    And the name? Ziven means "Vigourous and alive" in Slavic, and judging by how hyperactive he seems to be, I'd say that fits. As a name based on his behaviour maybe Rood gave it to him, but I can't remember how good he is at languages, if that's remembered anywhere.
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    Behold, I am finally posting! Excellent story; I have enjoyed lurking behind the scenes thoroughly. Anyhow, I'm going to go with a (gasp) non-z name and suggest Felix for absolutely no reason other than he seems like a Felix. (And he never, not ONCE gets struck by lightning. That counts as lucky... right?) It doesn't particularly matter for purposes of this name whether he was named by N, Rood, or zombie mailmen from Milwaukee, though that last one could be rather interesting...
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