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List of gijinkas

Natural- these people are Pokemon that have been reincarnated as a human. It is an unusual circumstance, said to be once a generation. There are currently two living in Unova.

Drayden- reincarnated from a Haxorus. His lifespan is extended due to his Pokemon soul, but is also slowed down. He is marked by an exceptional endurance and resistance to illness and poison.

Keith- reincarnated from a Beehyem. Don't remember him? He was the four-year-old psychic kid that Hilda helped to catch a Woobat. He sees auras and has an excellent memory.

Engineered Gijinkas- This is the group that Dr. Umber created; he had a few assistants, but much of the development and work he did himself. Most of these gijinkas are unaware of their natural parents, as Umber took advantage of needy and poor mothers, often single and young, to get the embryos he needed for the genetic work. Those that survived to two years of age were assigned a letter; the ones that died prior to that were written off as complete failures.

A- died of a heart condition

B- died during a test battle against a Pokemon

C- died of a seizure

D- Skyla. She was infused with genes from various Flying type Pokemon, so that is her predominant type. She can sense precise air conditions of thirty feet around her, further if she focuses on it. While she can't truly fly, she does have the capability to jump far better than a regular human and can slow her descent immensely. However, she has fragile bones.

E- Elesa. Although she has survived, in Umber's notes she is recorded as a failure. She was given an Electric type and does have the capability to naturally produce electricity. She has few ways to discharge this energy, though, and no way to control its production. To prevent health issues from the buildup, she has to wear something that can release the energy continually. She also has a fast metabolism.

F- Luke. He was a Steel type and managed to escape from Umber with the others. However, even then he had health problems which killed him a year after they escaped. After his death, it was discovered that tissue in several of his vital organs had started turning into steel.

G- Chili. He was given a Fire type, and was also the first to successfully be given defenses against his own power. He can touch fire without harm and can manipulate it when he has physical contact of the flame or something that is on fire. He cannot create fire energy.

H- Cress. He was given a Water type and so can manipulate water to some degree. This works better with small quantities; a gallon is usually his limit. His mood is affected by the moon, although he has trained himself to not show it outwardly under most circumstances.

I- Cilan. As a Grass-type gijinka, he can communicate with plants. This does not take a form like any known language. Rather, he can gain a lot of knowledge about a particular plant by touching it for some time, as well as affect its growth and production by his will. He is limited by what the plant can do naturally, but knowing what minerals a plant needs allows him to grow some amazing plants. His mood is affected by the sun; more severely than Cress, so Cilan easily gets depressed during the winter.

*Note: The parents of the Striaton triplets were confirmed shortly after the group escaped, but only because their brutal murder was big news in Unova. A man named Takumi was blamed for the crime; the husband was found decapitated in their home, while his wife was found dead a few months later on a beach. Takumi was only captured a couple years back.

J- died shortly after she turned two because not all of her organic tissue was immune to the poisons she produced.

K- Marshal. He was given a Fight type from several different humanoid Pokemon. Perhaps due to this, his abilities are not as pronounced as the others in the experiments. His skill in martial arts, while learned quickly, are not that different from other human masters. He does have an enhanced reaction time and a talent for reading body language.

L- died, was an attempt at a Ghost type able to use Pokemon moves. While he had the ability to dematerialize, he was killed when he got startled while in a wall and materialized there.

M- Hilbert. A Dark type, he is the older twin. He and N were worked on more extensively than the others, including a few operations done after they were born, due to the requirements Ghetsis put down. He is a demimortal, but unless an immortal decides to make him its heir, he will age and die normally. Was thought to have an ability like Cute Charm, but it turned out to actually be Serene Grace when the 'defect' that made Attract permanently active was turned off. As of May 12th of his twentieth year, he knows Attract, Detect, and Haze.

N- N. A Normal type, also with the Serene Grace ability. Statistically, he's the strongest of Umber's gijinkas. Like Hilbert, he is a demimortal that is not an immortal's heir. However, they have a hidden power that activates under great anger and stress in the presence of an immortal which could steal the immortal's power. If an immortal is not present, the ability sometimes activates a move at random. As of May 12th of his twentieth year, he knows Sing, Flash, Hyper Beam, and Heal Pulse.

O- Iris. Umber's work on Iris got delayed when Ghetsis became involved, hence why she ended up being born shortly after he was finished with Hilbert and N. While she is a Dragon type, she cannot use Pokemon moves. She does have a lot of advantages over humans: enhanced intelligence, physical strength, endurance, and disease resistance. However, her development and growth are slowed in being a dragon.

P- Shadow Triad female. In particular, the one that was called Valerie briefly. She is a Poison type and has the best socialization capacities of the three. But when she's not acting, she and the others do not show or feel emotions strongly.

Q- Shadow Triad female. In particular, the one that was called Carol. She is a Ghost type, more controlled than her predecessor. These three have the strongest infusion of Pokemon genes, leading to them not acting human.

R- Shadow Triad male. He is a Bug type. This greatly handicaps his ability to communicate through spoken language, but he can speak if he puts his mind to it. He is the most capable of the three in battle. Takumi is their father.