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    Default Pokemon: Advanced Revolution

    Rated PG for safety.

    Prologue: I Wanna be a Hero

    A kid from Pallet Town

    Nate took a moment to look around the airport of Poketopia.

    With a brand new world to see

    He sent out his trusty Jolteon against his opponent’s Lombre.

    Don’t know what’s ahead

    Nate whirled around to see ten shadowed figures watching him and his Vaporeon.

    But it won’t get the best of me

    He ordered his Leafeon to do an Energy Ball on Crusty’s Kingler.

    There’s so much to learn

    Nate researched on the mysterious Team Shadow in the library.

    And battles to be won

    Nate celebrated on his victory over his opponent in the Neon Colosseum.

    I’ve advanced so far

    The grunts were piled on top of one another in the reception area of the Sunset Colosseum

    And still there’s always more to come

    Nate turned around and saw more grunts coming from the hallways. But he just smirked.

    Take a step and I’m on my way

    He stepped onto the platform leading to the ground.

    I’m gonna start all over again

    He breathed in the seaside air of Poketopia.

    I wanna be a hero (Hero)

    He turned to see a girl there.

    Pokemon Advance (I’m on my way)

    Cyndy kindly introduced herself.

    I wanna be a hero (Hero)

    Nate and Cyndy met Natalie, Tommy, and Joel

    Give me just one chance

    Nate and Cyndy’s Pokemon played together near the Sunny Park Colosseum.

    And the future will decide

    The gang of six walked towards the Stargazer Colosseum, ready for anything.

    If there’s a hero, baby, deep inside

    Nate and Cyndy let out Flareon and Ivysaur.

    I wanna be a hero

    Nate and Cyndy ordered an attack.

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    Chapter 1: The Landing

    The Airplane to Poketopia is one of the most extravagant in the Pokemon World. It has leather seats and several Flight Attendants serving all kinds of food. There is carpet on the floor and there is always a movie showing on the way to Poketopia, much to the delight of kids. But this story isn’t focused on them. This story is focused on this boy. He was snoring on an airplane seat with drool hanging out of his mouth.

    He had chestnut-colored hair under a red ski cap. He had on a white t-shirt, a black belt with six red and white balls along it, a pair of blue baggy pants, a pair of red, white, and black striped shoes, and a yellow Pokegear on his wrist.

    His name was Nate and he is the hero of this story.

    A girl sitting in a seat next to him was trying to read a book on the attractions of Poketopia, but can’t do it properly on account of Nate’s obnoxious snoring.

    She had silver blue hair tied into a pony tail and ocean blue eyes. She had on a red cap with a white flower motif on it, a red and black tank top, a red and black skirt covering a pair of light blue shorts, a bag on her silver belt, a red Pokegear on her left wrist, a golden bracelet on her right, a crimson anklet, and a pair of white tennis shoes.

    Finally, she gets impatient and hits Nate upside with her book, causing him to sit up abruptly.

    “Don’t you know that you snore?” she asked Nate angrily.

    “Sorry, Miss...uh-” Nate turned to her expectantly.

    “Cyndy.” she replied, still seething with anger.

    “Yeah, sorry, Cyndy. I’ve always snored.” Nate apologized.

    ‘Well, at least he seems apologetic.’ Cyndy thought, turning back to her book.

    “By the way, I’m Nate.” Nate introduced himself.

    Then, the captain put himself on the intercom.

    “Attention, this is your captain speaking. We’re beginning our descent onto Poketopia. For those of you who have come to start the Colosseum Challenge, please have your Battle Passes ready.” he said.

    Cyndy quickly put her book away and got out her Battle Pass.

    On her Pass was her name, her picture, and her six Pokemon: a blue dinosaur with a fern and a bud on it’s back, a red bipedal chameleon with a flame on it’s tail, a bipedal blue turtle with feathered long ears and a wispy white tail, a large bird with red and yellow tail feathers and crest, a small rhino that seemed to be made of rock, and a large blue snake-like animal with feathered ears like the turtle and a round jewel on it’s forehead and neck.

    Nate got out his Battle Pass, which had his name, his picture, and six Pokemon: a large blue fox with fins, a large yellow fox with spiked hairs, a large red fox with a yellow fire-like tail and crest, a large lavender fox with a tail that went in two directions on the end, a large lime-colored fox with leaves around it’s body, and a large light-blue fox with an icicle-shaped tail and icicle-shaped ears.

    Cyndy noticed Nate’s Battle Pass and said, “An Eevee lover, huh?”

    “Yeah, although I’ve caught a lot of other Pokemon too.” Nate said sheepishly.

    “Brace for landing.” the captain’s voice said.

    Almost immediately, a jolt was sent throughout the entire cabin as the plane landed. Nate and Cyndy gripped on to their seats tightly. After a few moments, the plane slowed down and stopped.

    Cyndy let out a sigh of relief.

    “First time flying?” Nate asked her.

    “Yeah. I’ve never left Kanto.” she said.

    “What part of Kanto are you from?” Nate asked as he got up and got his backpack from the compartment.

    “Cerulean City.”

    “I’m from Pallet Town, but I’ve traveled to Sinnoh to get Leafeon and Glaceon.”

    “Well, I hope to face you in the Colosseum Challenge.”

    “You too.” Nate smiled.

    Some random man yelled from behind them, so they hightailed it out of the airplane.

    Nate stepped out of the airplane and breathed in the fresh air of the Poketopian Airport. He stepped onto the wooden dock and gazed at the sun rising over the sea. Almost immediately, a pod of Wailmer and Wailord surfaced next to the platform, their blowholes spouting out water.

    “You know, it’s the migration season for the Wailmer and Wailord.” a voice said from behind Nate.

    He turned around and saw a man with long silver hair and dark chocolate eyes. He had on a twin-tailed tuxedo with a black tie, a pair of night-sky boots, and a black top hat.

    “I’m sorry, do I know you?” Nate asked.

    “I think you will soon.” the man said mysteriously before walking off.

    ‘What was all that about?’ Nate wondered.

    “Will all Poketopia Challengers come to the reception desk?” a woman’s voice came on the speakers.

    Nate rushed over to the reception desk on the end of the dock and saw several other trainers there, one of them being Cyndy.

    The reception desk had a blonde woman there in a light blue beret and a light blue suit.

    Each of the trainers were handing in their Battle Passes. Nate quickly got in the line before it got any longer. And, lo and behold, he happened to be right behind Cyndy.

    “Hey, Cyndy.” Nate said to Cyndy.

    She turned around and smiled at Nate.

    Little did they realize that they were being watched.

    “Why take such an interest in him?” one asked another one of the shadowed people.

    “Because I sense mystical power in him.” he answered.

    “You mean-”


    They now knew they had only one choice: kill him.
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    Chapter 2: New Rivals

    As it turned out, when you register as a challenger in Poketopia, you get into a special hotel called the Magnezone Motel, so called because it was in the shape of a Magnezone. It had a 5-star rating, so Challengers were lucky to get inside it for free. Also, each room has two beds, so the challengers were randomly paired up with another challenger of their gender. Nate was paired with a challenger called Tommy, while Cyndy was coupled with a challenger named Daisy. But, as fate would have it, their two rooms were right next to each other.

    Nate was seen at the Baggage Claim, along with Cyndy, who was sitting on a bench near the snack bar, still reading her guidebook.

    The baggage claim is a metal building right next to the dock. Inside it has a track with the most recent plane’s baggage on it, where the visitors can pick it up. There are few benches around the snack bar which served all sorts of foods.

    Nate waved to Cyndy and she waved back.

    Suddenly, he noticed that his suitcase had passed right by him, so he ran over to it and grabbed it off the track.

    “Phew, close one.” he sighed with relief.

    Someone chuckled from behind him. When Nate whirled around, he saw his roomate there.

    He had messy silver hair under a grey fedora and pale blue eyes. He had on a white shirt with a black long-sleeved waistcoat, a silver belt, a pair of dark violet pants, and a pair of grey slip-ons.

    “So, you are the one who will be rooming with me.” Tommy said.

    “Yeah.” Nate replied.

    Then, a woman entered the Baggage Claim, with a crowd of men trying to get a date out of her. She had long violet hair under a chestnut-colored ski cap and deep blue eyes. She had on a white tank-top, a necklace with a seashell, a pair of glossy blue pants, and a pair of violet high-heels.

    Cyndy groaned, realizing who she had been paired with. It had been none other than the world-famous pop singer, Daisy Flowerpetal. Normally, a girl would have flipped if she had been paired with THE Daisy Flowerpetal, but Cyndy wasn’t as shallow as most girls. She knew that this woman was a conceited brat, always used to getting what she wanted.

    Daisy got to track of baggage and got her bag. Her bag was plastered with pictures of none other than herself.

    Nate noticed that Tommy was oogling at Daisy.

    “Um, Tommy?” Nate waved a hand in front of his face.

    “Have you ever seen such a beautiful woman?” Tommy said, never taking his eyes off of Daisy.

    Nate groaned.

    He walked over to Cyndy and said, “We really need to get some smarter friends.”

    “Yeah.” Cyndy agreed, watching Daisy venomously as she walked out.

    Then, Tommy walked up with his bag.

    “Well, ready to go?” Tommy said.

    “I thought you were busy gazing at Daisy.” Nate said smugly.

    At the mention of Daisy, Tommy blushed and said, “Sh-shut up!”

    Cyndy slapped herself.

    “I’ll meet you at the hotel room, Tommy.” Nate said as he walked off.

    And with that and a huff, he and Cyndy walked off and out into Poketopia.

    Poketopia was a huge island city and had all sorts of Pokemon-themed buildings. But what Poketopia was most famous for was the colosseums. Each of the main areas of Poketopia had a colosseum, and were named after the name of the area they were in. Like the Gateway Colosseum was located on the edge of Poketopia, right by the sea. It had a metal battlefield with four areas of seating for spectators. The corridors connecting them were underwater, so the spectators could watch the calming nearby reef filled with Water Pokemon before going to see a heated battle. But the Gateway Colosseum was only open at night, so there was always a Coffee Shop open in the Colosseum, so the spectators and battlers will always be awake.

    And, not surprisingly, Nate, Cyndy, Tommy, and Daisy had signed up for the Gateway Colosseum Tournament, which was coming up that night. After which, they went to their hotel rooms.

    Inside Cyndy and Daisy’s room

    Daisy plastered pictures of herself on the walls, while Cyndy was trying her best to ignore her by staring out the window.

    Their room had a bathroom and a kitchen. The beds were made of the finest wool and had white blankets with pokeball motifs on them. There was a red carpet on the floor and a pair of sinks in the bathroom. There was expensive shampoo in the claw foot tub and glass shower.

    “So, you are my roomate.” Daisy said back inside the bedroom.

    “Yes.” Cyndy replied, turning to Daisy.

    “Well, I think we should establish which beds we get.” Daisy said, “I think I should get the bed next to the window.”

    “Why? So you can gaze down to your admirers, you selfish brat?” Cyndy said venomously as she turned back to the window.

    ‘The nerve! She thinks that she can talk to me any way she wants?!’ Daisy thought angrily.

    “Oh, you better hope you don’t face me in a battle. Because if you do, you’ll regret insulting me every single day of your life.” Daisy smirked at the thought.

    Inside Nate and Tommy’s room

    Tommy and Nate’s room was pretty much the same as Cyndy and Daisy’s, except that the posters of Daisy weren’t on the wall.

    “So, you like Eeveelutions, huh?” Tommy asked his new roomate.

    “Yeah. Although I could never get Umbreon since I always get tired at night.” Nate said.

    “Well, I have quite an array of Pokemon myself.” Tommy smirked.

    “Is that a challenge?” Nate asked, smirking as well.

    “I’ll be seeing you in the Gateway Colosseum. On the battlefield.”

    “You’re on.”

    On a nearby rooftop

    Two figures in black cloaks were watching the four roomates through their windows, but they were watching Nate the most.

    “So, you think this boy has the power to stop us.” one cloaked figure said.

    “I know he does.” the other cloaked figure said.

    “Very well then. Send the grunts after him in the Tournament.”
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    Hmm that is a LOT of dialouge....hmm what sort of literary style are ya going for here? Thing is it's a lot of talking and no descripting, or mooding, or well basically setting up the stage is it were. Not being mean here, I just don't quite see the diection this is taking...
    You see I am simply one hell of a Nobody

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    Chapter 3: Battle Number 1

    Night had fallen over Poketopia and neon was lit all over the island. But most people were heading to the Gateway Colosseum to see the Tournament. But no person was more excited than Nate.

    “Come on, Cyndy! We’ve got to get going!” Nate called out as he headed through the Shopping District of the Gateway.

    “I’ll be there in a minute! My ‘Roomate’ is trying to pick out what she wants to wear during the battle.” Cyndy called out angrily.

    She was near the doors of a closeby pink building with the words ‘Jigglypuff Clothes Designers’ neatly printed in neon above the doors.

    “Well, why don’t you just tell her that she’ll just get dirty on the battlefield?!” Nate called back to her.

    “You know what? That’s not a half bad idea!” Cyndy smirked.

    She walked into the store and, a few moments later, walked back out with Daisy. She was luckily still in her normal attire.

    “Well, come on! We haven’t got all night!” Nate called out to them.

    And he ran off to the Gateway Colosseum, with Cyndy and Daisy running after him. Soon enough, he reached the Gateway Colosseum. He stopped to marvel at it.

    “Well, if you’re done gawking at it, go on in!” a familiar voice said from behind him.

    He turned around and saw Tommy behind him, tapping his foot.

    “Heh. Sorry.” Nate said as he walked into the colosseum.

    The reception room was full of trainers. The walls were painted white and there were banisters with Pokeballs on them everywhere.

    He went to the front desk and saw a woman there. She had pink hair under a nurse’s cap and crystal blue eyes. She had on a white doctor’s suit.

    “Hello. I’m Nurse Joy.” she said.

    “Hi. I’m Nate. I believe I registered for the tournament.” Nate said, putting his hand on the desk.

    “Do you have your Battle Pass?” Nurse Joy asked.

    “Right here.” Nate fished his Battle Pass out of his pocket and handed it to Joy.

    After putting the Pass under the scanner, Nurse Joy looked up to monitor.

    “Well, you’re in luck. It looks like you have the first battle.” she said.

    “Right.” Nate nodded.

    “Good luck.” Cyndy said from behind Nate.

    He stepped out of line and went into the trainer’s room.

    There were benches along the walls and potted plants in the corners. Hanging from the ceiling was a huge monitor, which showed the battlefield from a helicopter’s view.

    There were a lot of trainers in the room, but there were some Nate didn’t recognize from the line on the dock. They were huddled in a corner and were wearing cloaks. And they looked mean.

    ‘Those’ll probably be tough competitors.’ Nate thought excitingly, ‘I can’t wait!’

    Then, the last trainer got in the room and the announcer started speaking.

    “Welcome, trainers, to the Gateway Colosseum!” he exclaimed, “Here we will be seeing trainers duke it out for a chance to battle the Gateway Colosseum Leader, Joe!”

    The crowd went wild at the mention of Joe.

    ‘That’s my cue.’ Nate thought as he rushed to the blue corner of the battlefield.

    When he got to the darkened elevator, the doors closed. He let out a cry of excitement as the elevator zoomed up. When he got to the top, his eyes took a little while to get used to the bright light. But when they did get used to it, he experienced a thrill like none other when he saw the number of people cheering for him.

    “In the Blue Corner, we have Nate, a trainer all the way from Pallet Town!” the announcer exclaimed.

    The crowd went even wilder at his name.

    “And in the Red Corner, we have Daisy, a world-famous pop star!” the announcer exclaimed as none other than Daisy got to the trainer box by the elevator.

    “Are you READY, Trainers?!” the announcer exclaimed, “This will be a three on three single battle with no substitutions!”

    “I hope you’re ready for this, darling.” Daisy said to Nate.

    “Of course I am!” Nate replied.

    “Come on out!” Nate and Daisy exclaimed in unison as they threw their Pokeballs into the ring.

    Out of Nate’s Pokeball came the red fox, while Daisy’s Pokeball let out a small green humanoid Pokemon with a dress of leaves and flowers on it’s head.

    The announcer was apparently getting heated up, for he yelled, “In the Blue Corner is Flareon and in the Red Corner, Bellossom! I hope you’re ready for a battle, because here we go!”

    “Bellossom, quick! Use Attract!” Daisy called out.

    Bellossom let out a string of pink hearts at Flareon, which evaporated on contact.

    “What?!” Daisy exclaimed.

    “My Flareon is a girl, so Attract won’t work on it!” Nate said smugly.

    Daisy glowered at him.

    “Now, Flareon, use Flamethrower!” Nate called out.

    Flareon let out a torrent of flames at Bellossom, and it would’ve made it faint, if Daisy didn’t order a Protect move.

    Bellossom put a shield of light around itself, which blocked the flames.

    “More power to me. Brick Break!” Nate called out.

    Flareon rushed at Bellossom, and shattered the shield, dealing double damage to Bellossom.

    “Now! While they’re distracted! Use Sunny Day!” Nate exclaimed.

    Flareon let out a howl and the Colosseum instantly heated up, as if it was under intense sunlight.

    “Bellossom, Solarbeam!” Daisy called out.

    “Oh, no!” Nate cried out as Bellossom let out the deadly beam of light.

    ‘Thank you, Nate. Thank you very much for that Sunny Day.’ Daisy giggled as Flareon got enveloped in the ray of deadly light.

    When the light cleared, Flareon had fainted.

    “Oh, my! In an amazing comeback, Daisy had used her own opponent’s move against them!” the announcer exclaimed.

    “Flareon, return.” Nate called Flareon back to her Pokeball.

    “Great work, girl.” Nate said to the Pokeball as he returned it to his belt.

    He tossed out a another Pokeball and yelled, “It’s your turn, Glaceon!”

    The light-blue fox came out.

    “Now! Before they can use Attract! Use Ice Shard!”

    Glaceon let out a barrage of shards of ice at Bellossom, causing it to faint.

    “Bellossom, return.” Daisy returned her Pokemon to her Pokeball.

    She sent out another Pokeball and yelled out, “Go! Lopunny!”

    A large bipedal rabbit with woolly hands, ears, and feet appeared.

    “Glaceon, time for OUR Attract!” Nate yelled.

    Glaceon let out a string of pink hearts out at Lopunny. Almost immediately, the Rabbit Pokemon got hearts in it’s eyes as it got hit by the hearts.

    “Now, Glaceon! BLIZZARD!” Nate called out.

    Glaceon let out a torrent of snow and wind at Lopunny, which caused massive damage. Yet Lopunny was still in love with Glaceon.

    “Lopunny, snap out of it!” Daisy pleaded.

    Suprsingly, that seemed to do the trick, for the hearts disappeared from it’s eyes.

    “Great! Mirror Shot!” Daisy ordered.

    A myriad of colors appeared in front of Lopunny and a blizzard was let out from it, but it was twice as large and powerful as Glaceon’s.

    “Glaceon, Dig!” Nate called out.

    Glaceon leaped into the ground just before the blizzard was about to hit it.

    “Lopunny, listen for it.” Daisy said.

    Lopunny listened for a few moments and suddenly, it heard something right below it’s feet!

    “Lopunny, move to the left!” Daisy ordered.

    After Lopunny did so, Glaceon leaped out of the ground right where Lopunny was.

    “Now! Sheer Cold!” Nate exclaimed.

    Glaceon let out a wave of ice, which encased Lopunny in ice before the ice shattered. Then Lopunny fainted.

    “Lopunny, return.” Daisy called the Rabbit Pokemon back to it’s Pokeball.

    ‘I see what his strategy is. He uses Dig to get close to my Pokemon, then uses Sheer Cold to finish it off.’ Daisy thought, ‘But, I bet he wasn’t counting on me to have an Ice type.’

    “Let’s do it, Sneasel!” Daisy let out her last Pokeball.

    A short black humanoid Pokemon with razor-sharp claws on it’s hands and feet, a red crested tail, and a long, elf-like red ear on one side and a regular black ear pointed on the other appeared.

    ‘She’s using Ice against Ice, huh? She must have some kind of strategy.’ Nate thought.

    “Sneasel, Brick Break!” Daisy yelled.

    Sneasel rushed at Glaceon, dealing massive damage since it was an Ice type.

    “Now! Sheer Cold!” Nate smirked, knowing that this battle was in the bag.

    “Destiny Bond!” Daisy ordered.

    When Sneasel fainted from the ice, Glaceon was suddenly surrounded by an aura of violet energy, and it fainted too.

    “Return.” the trainers said as they called their fainted Pokemon back.

    “And that’s the game! The Blue Corner has pulled off an impressive victory!” the announcer said.

    “What?!” Daisy exclaimed.

    “I still had one Pokemon left, so when Sneasel fainted, it means I won.” Nate smirked.

    Daisy simply said, “Hmph!” as the elevator went back down.

    The crowd went wild as Nate fist-pumped into the air as he relished in his victory.

    However, some spectators weren’t celebrating. Namely, they were the two cloaked people that were watching Nate from his Hotel window.

    “You stay here and watch his battles. When the time is right, crush him.” One of the men said to the other.

    “As you wish, master.” He said.

    Then the other person vanished into thin air.

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    Chapter 4: A New Evil

    After healing his Pokemon, Nate waited impatiently in the Trainer room. He was tapping his foot as he saw Tommy and Cyndy win their first battles. Those mean-looking people were really tough, as they beat every single opponent with ease. But Nate got a bad vibe from them, and he got the feeling they were more than what they appeared to be.

    Finally, it was his turn again. This time he was battling one of those cloaked people. When he got back to the battlefield, he saw an evil glint in his opponent’s eyes. But as soon as he saw it, it went away.

    “This will be a three-on-three single battle! Are you READY, trainers?!” the announcer said again.

    “I hope you’re ready for a tough battle.” Nate said to his opponent.

    “I will not lose.” the man said without emotion.

    “Go!” Nate sent out his first Pokemon.

    “Stand by, Absol.” the man sent out his Pokemon.

    Out of Nate’s Pokeball came the yellow fox, while out of the man’s Pokeball came a black Pokemon with white fur. It had a razor sharp fin-like thing on the side of it’s head and a black razor tail.

    “Ready, set, BATTLE!” the announcer exclaimed.

    “Jolteon, use Pin Missile!” Nate called out.

    Jolteon’s already sharp fur grew even more pointed and it shot the fur out towards Absol.

    “Dodge.” the man said.

    The Absol ran out of the way at frightening speeds, causing the Pin Missile Attack to fall to the ground, useless.

    ‘Wow, that Absol is fast.’ Nate thought in wonder.

    ‘Let’s see it try to dodge this.’ he smirked.

    “Shock Wave, Jolteon!” Nate called out.

    “Destiny Bond.” the man said.

    Jolteon let out a wave of lightning, which hit the constantly moving Absol thanks to it’s 100% accuracy. Luckily, it didn’t defeat it, so Destiny Bond didn’t take effect.

    “Thunder Wave on the ground!” Nate ordered.

    Jolteon let out a wave of violet lightning on the ground that spread everywhere. Even the swift Absol couldn’t evade it, so it ended up Paralyzed.

    “Now it can’t dodge anymore.” Nate said with a smug grin on his face.

    Suprisingly, the man started to chuckle. That chuckle then evolved into a maniacal cackle.

    “What is so funny?” Nate asked the man, wondering why he was laughing.

    Without answering, he whisked his black cloak off and a man was revealed from the cloak. He had blonde hair under a ski cap and eyes as black as night itself. He had on a black jumpsuit with black and violet shoes and gloves. And on the chest of the suit was a violet tornado.

    “I am Naps, a servant of the Flying Branch!” he proclaimed.

    “Now! Absol, Razor Wind!”

    The Absol stopped moving and let out razor-sharp gale of wind at Jolteon. Being surprised by the sudden attack, the Lightning Pokemon was hit full force by the attack and was thrown into the nearby wall, causing it to faint.

    “I won’t stand for this! Go, Vaporeon!” Nate sent out his next Pokemon.

    Out of Nate’s Pokeball came the large blue fox with fins.

    “Vaporeon, Bubblebeam!” Nate ordered.

    “Destiny Bond!” Naps yelled.

    Vaporeon let out a stream of bubbles, which caused the Absol to faint.

    “Vaporeon, return!” Nate returned Vaporeon to it’s Pokeball before Destiny Bond could take effect.

    “Go, Flareon!” Nate sent out the Flame Pokemon.

    “Go, Hochkrow!” Naps sent out the Big Boss Pokemon.

    “Fire Blast!” Nate ordered.

    Flareon let out a HUGE wave of Fire towards Honchkrow, nearly defeating it.

    “Honchkrow, Screech!” Naps ordered.

    Honchkrow let out a piercing wail, which caused Flareon to hold it’s ears in pain, along with Nate.

    “Spinda, Dizzy Punch!” a voice called out from the sidelines.

    A small panda-like Pokemon with strange swirls on it’s body leaped out and punched the Honchkrow with a punch with it’s star-surrounded arm, forcing it to stop it’s horrible screeching.

    A teenager followed after it. He had blue trimmed hair and ocean blue eyes. He had on a black suit with a red bowtie, a pair of pants, and a pair of black dress shoes.

    “Colosseum Leader Joe!” Naps exclaimed fearfully.

    “I demand that you leave this colosseum at once.” he said.

    “In your wildest dreams!” Naps mustered his courage back up, “Honchkrow, Dark Pulse!”

    Honchkrow let out a wave of darkness from it’s beak, but was blocked by Flareon’s Iron Tail.

    “Did you forget about someone?” Nate said smugly, walking down the battlefield.

    “Now will you leave?” Joe asked.

    Without answering, Naps fished out a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground, leaving Nate and Joe coughing. When the smoke cleared, Naps and his Honchkrow were gone.

    “The Flying Branch of what?” Nate wondered aloud.

    “I don’t know.” Joe admitted.

    “Anyway, those were some great battling skills out there. I would be honored if you would battle me.” Joe said.

    “But what about the tournament?” Nate asked him.

    “The tournament doesn’t matter anymore.” Joe said, “When I say I want to battle a Trainer, I mean it.”

    “Very well then. But can I have some time to heal?” Nate asked.

    “Sure.” Joe nodded.

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    Chapter 5: The Blows of Joe

    Many trainers and some spectators had left the stadium, disappointed that they would not be included. But, Cyndy and Tommy had stayed behind.

    Them and Nate were seen by the Coffee Shop, drinking Hot Chocolate on a table. The Coffee Shop consisted of a metal counter with a Coffee Machine on it and a number of tables.

    “So, what do you think that guy meant by being a servant of the Flying Branch?” Nate asked his two companions, swishing his hot cocoa back and forth.

    “You got me there.” Tommy said, sitting up in his chair and putting his finger and thumb to his mouth.

    “Well, with the three of us working together, there’s nothing we can’t do.” Cyndy said, putting her hand on Nate’s shoulder.

    “Whoever said it was going to be the three of you?” an all-too-familiar voice said from behind them.

    Two of them groaned while the other, AKA Tommy, immediately sat straight up. And sure enough, a certain woman pranced into the area.

    “Daisy. What are you doing here?” Cyndy asked venomously.

    “Temper, temper. And here I was about to help you.” Daisy said.

    Without waiting for an answer, Daisy said, “Of course, without my help, you won’t be able to find out about that man before they strike again.”

    “So, here’s the deal. I believe I have some information on this Flying Branch. If I give it to you, will you let me help you stop them?” Daisy asked.

    Nate and Daisy were about to answer, but Tommy beat them to it.

    “Of course, Miss Flowerpetal.” he said dreamily.

    Daisy smirked and said, “Very well then.”

    She sat down at their table and said to a nearby waiter, “A Cappuccino, if you will, darling.”

    The waiter blushed and said, “Right away, ma’m.”

    When the waiter came back with the Coffee, Daisy took it off the serving palette and took a sip of it.

    “Now, will you leave me and my comrades here? We have much to discuss.” she suggested to him, putting the mug on the table.

    “Of course, ma’m.” the waiter blushed and then walked off to another table.

    After the waiter left, Daisy fished a folded flyer out of her pocket and placed it on the table.

    “What’s this?” Nate asked skeptically.

    “You’ll see.” Daisy said.

    She unfolded it. On the flyer were the words ‘Poketopia Labs’ in violet with seventeen symbols surrounding it.

    “Are you kidding me? This is just a-” Cyndy was interrupted by Daisy pointing at one of the symbols.

    It was a violet tornado, just like the one on the suit of Naps.

    “Wait, I’ve heard of Poketopia Labs. They’re supposed to be developing new technology for Poketopia to make it more fun for trainers.” Nate said.

    “That’s why I think their name and motive is just a cover-up.” Daisy said, “I mean, if they’re supposed to be making new attractions for Poketopia, then why would they attack you, Nate?”

    Daisy let this sink in for a moment.

    “Will Nate please come to the Battlefield?” the speakers came on.

    “Go on. We’ll figure this out later.” Cyndy urged Nate.

    Nate nodded and got up. He ran to the battlefield and when he got there, Joe was in the Red Corner Box.

    “This will be a three-on-three battle! Only the challenger will be able to substitute! Are you READY?!” the announcer said as the remaining crowd went wild.

    “Go!” both opponents sent out their first Pokemon.

    Nate sent out the lavender fox, while Joe sent out his Spinda.

    “BEGIN!” the announcer started the battle.

    “Spinda, Dizzy Punch.” Joe ordered his Pokemon.

    Spinda quickly teeter-tottered over to the lavender fox and punched it with it’s star-covered hand.

    “A brilliant move right from the start by Joe!” the announcer yelled.

    “Espeon, Psychic!” Nate ordered his Pokemon.

    The lavender fox’s eyes glowed white and Spinda got surrounded by the same white aura. It was carried up into the air and then slammed into the ground, which resulted in it fainting.

    “Spinda, return!” the Joe said as he returned Spinda to it's Pokeball.

    "I'm impressed. You actually managed to beat one of my best Pokemon." Joe said.

    "But you'll never beat my next one!" he said confidently, "Go, Delibird!"

    A small, bipedal red an white bird that was carrying a sack appeared out of Joe’s Pokeball.

    “Espeon, Return!” Nate ordered his lavender fox.

    Espeon quickly rushed at the opponent Delibird, surrounded by hearts. When it hit, it dealt massive damage.

    “You must have quite a bond with that Espeon of yours, considering it did quite a bit of damage.” Joe said, “But just bonds won’t defeat me!”


    Delibird let out a huge blizzard, which froze Espeon in a block of ice. Suddenly, the ice disappeared as a berry floated through the ice and into Espeon’s mouth.

    “What?!” Joe exclaimed, stepping back in surprise.

    “Espeon, Zen Headbutt!” Nate ordered.

    Espeon’s forehead was surrounded in a myriad of colors and it hit Delibird with it’s head, causing to it to faint.

    “How could Espeon brake out of the ice?” Joe questioned Nate.

    “I attached a Lum Berry to Espeon, just in case you confused her.” Nate smirked, “But I guess it works for freezing as well.”

    “Time for my most powerful Pokemon, Drifloon!” Joe sent out his last Pokemon.

    The Pokemon looked like a violet balloon with a yellow x on the face, a pair of strings attached to the bottom, and a cloud on the top of the face.

    ‘Espeon is at a disadvantage against a Ghost type.’ Nate thought to himself.

    “Drifloon, Ominous Wind!” Joe ordered.

    “Espeon, Endure!” Nate ordered.

    Espeon braced for the attack, and when the violet wind blew hungrily at Espeon’s feet, she stood her ground tightly.

    “Now, Mirror Shot!” Nate smirked.

    Espeon’s attack put a myriad of colors in front of it and an Ominous Wind was summoned, only much bigger. It blew Drifloon into a wall, so it fainted.

    “And that’s the battle! The challenger has won! And without losing any Pokemon, might I add!” the announcer said.

    “Espeon, return.” Nate returned his Espeon to her Pokeball.

    Suddenly, a helicopter zoomed in on the colosseum. Joe and Nate put their arms to their eyes, trying to avoid the dust from getting in their eyes. A woman jumped out of it and laid a swift karate chop on Nate's neck, knocking him out. The woman had long red hair and crimson eyes. She had on a black suit, a pair of violet boots, and a pair of night sky pants.

    Back in the Challenger’s Room, Cyndy, Tommy, and Daisy, outraged that their comrade had just been attacked, rushed towards the Blue Corner.

    On the battlefield, Joe inquired of the woman, “Who are you?! And what do you think you’re doing to my challenger?!”

    “My name is Suseke, and I’m here to take this boy away.” she said as she swung her prize over her shoulder.

    “Hey, let him go!” Cyndy, Tommy, and Daisy had arrived.

    “Hmm, let him go, you say?” Suseke said, “I’m afraid I cannot do that.”

    She suddenly ran for the edge and leaped off of it. Everyone in the colosseum gasped. Then, the same helicopter from before zoomed up into the sky, with Suseke inside it. She still had Nate unconcious. It flew off towards the sea, leaving everyone in the colosseum in total shock.

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