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Thread: DarkZekrom's EPIC Art Shop

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    Default DarkZekrom's EPIC Art Shop

    Please go to second post for Zac4564's art! He makes things like Banners and Userbars

    This shop is co-owned by Zac4564

    1. All Sppf rules apply.
    2. Do not make a request if our waiting list is full
    3. Be specific, if you are not clear, there will be confusion; most likely
    4. No flaming, spaming, or trolling.
    5. Be patient, some requests take longer than others, and we have lives outside of this, we might not be able to get it to you immiedately.
    6. No more than one request at a time, and no more than 3 consectutive requests.
    7. You get three strikes, and you are banned.
    8. Be willing to give credit where credit is due. (Give Credit for the art or an automatic strike [day long ban])
    9. We always appreciate the Thank you post, so don't hesitate to make the post (It's not considered spam)
    10. Try to make it easy (not weedle and Dialga or things like that.)
    11. NO LUDICOLOS (too large of a color pallette)
    12. If we can't finish your request, feel free to make an easier request, such as Shadow Pokemon, rotomify, or egg.
    13. Put in your post if you did not read the rules.

        Spoiler:- NEW:

    Zekromaster826's waiting list: Status: OPEN
        Spoiler:- Waiting List:

        Spoiler:- What Zekromaster826 can do:

        Spoiler:- Strikes:

        Spoiler:- Happy Customers:

    Happy Requesting!
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