Ask questions here about the FR/LG games, and refer to the first few posts for info on various aspects.

Note that there is a Contest Guide thread, and a Battle Frontier Help thread.

Below is a general FAQ for FRLG followed by (stuff)


3rd Generation Pokedex
Fire Red and Leaf Green's Page
3rd Generation Attackdex
3rd Gen Berrydex
Game Mechanics
Wireless Adaptor/Mystery Gift FAQ
FrLg Glitch Report Thread
Breeding Help/Egg Chain Discussion
EV's/IV's Help
Pokerus FAQ
Shiny FAQ
Mechanics of the Roaming Pokemon (Entei, Raikou, Suicune)

Plus some other websites that would be useful:
Smogon's List of 3rd Generation Tiers
Smogon's Competitive Pokemon Movesets
Gamefaqs's Fire Red Version Walkthroughs/FAQs
Gamefaqs's Leaf Green Version Walkthroughs/FAQs
Psypoke's Psydex (has all the XD tutor moves)