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Ok, so I have the ROM game for Fire Red...and I'm a little confused. How do I trade? It keeps saying my wireless adapter isn't properly connected, but that doesn't make sense; I'm on a computer. So, how do I fix this? Also, I have found a lot of websites that have codes for cheats and stuff, but none of the ones I enter seem to take affect? Is there some website with legit cheats/codes I can use? And also, how do I use them? I know how to enter them...it's the using part that is killing me. Any reply would be greatly appreciated just PM me.
First, We can't help you due to Serebii.net rules. You should really read the rules. I sent you a PM about this by the way.

There are no "↑↑↓↓←→←→BA"/Konami code in Pokémon that I'm aware of. I can say if the functionality is out there you need to look on sites that may help you with your emulator. Serebii.net is not such a place.

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I was wondering about training for the Elite Four. I've tried rematching trainers at One Island (that group of five on the path to Mt. Ember people mentioned) but the Pokemon are so underleveled there, that they really don't give much experience. The Wild Pokemon on Victory Road gave more XP, and I've even slowed with them. I don't know if my party has terribly slow growth rates or if I'm just too impatient for this level grinding stuff (which seems unlikely because I have no problem with it in the beginning of the game, nor did I ever have a problem with it in Blue).

My pokemon are all level 47, and their growth rate is at a crawl. I have the training weights (or whatever that item is called) that you get from Giovanni's gym after you beat him that's suppose to promote growth, and I've been using it with Exp. Share to train pokemon that would have trouble training against the local types. But it's a painfully slow process. Any suggestions?
On the Pokémon that has the Macho Brace equipped, gets double the amount EVs you get from each battle. EV which boost the stats of Pokémon, but not the level.

I have beaten the E4 with Pokémon at Lv 46 and above. Mind you I did have a Level 55 Pokémon, and I did plan my ahead and knew which Pokémon to bring out after when I got the chance. I did have a good coverage of attacks.