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    Thank you for the reply. I may have phrased my second question wrongly. When I was talking about Normal type moves, I meant the ones that do damage. These, while they can get STAB damage, if used by a normal type pokemon, can never be super effective against any pokemon type. Therefore, I am not allowed to use them. Status moves cannot get STAB damage, because, well, they aren't doing any damage in the first place. I was not aware of the Hoenn pokemon abilities you mentioned, though. Thanks a lot for the info!

    A few more questions, if I may:
    1) Let's say I want to catch Chansey. I saw on Bulbapedia, and here on serebii, that she is located in Safari zone. She has 1% probability to appear in the Entrance area, and 4% in Area 2. Now, according to this article, on FireRed, we have the following pokemon in Area 2:

    a) Nidoran (male) - 20%
    b) Exeggcute - 20%
    c) Rhyhorn - 20%
    d) Paras - 15%
    e) Nidorino - 10%
    f) Nidorina - 5%
    g) Venomoth - 5%
    h) Chansey - 4%
    i) Tauros - 1%

    Chansey comes at level 26. So, if I have a lv 26 Pokemon as the first pokemon in the party, and I use repel, naturally, every pokemon below level 26 won't appear. My question is, how will the % chances get distributed if I use repel?. Will they get distributed equally for the rest of the pokemon that are above level 26, or will they go towards a specific pokemon? (ie, will every pokemon equal to/above lv 26 get a slight boost in % chance of appearing, or will all this % chance go to one pokemon?)

    My 2nd question is rather simple: What do I need in terms of games, consoles, and extra accessories, in order to complete the National Pokedex at least up to Generation 4 (up to HG/SS)? What's the least amount of the above that I can buy and still be able to fully complete it (mostly by trading with myself, and getting the event legendaries from GTS trades). Last but not least, is there an active trading community going, in order to trade valuable items/pokemon that aren't obtainable anymore? (eg. Mystery Gift event tickets for Deoxys/Mew, or event pokemon like Celebi/Arceus in HG, etc)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the huge post.

    EDIT: Will I have any problems if I buy US region games? (I am from Greece, Europe)
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