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Thread: What are your favorite Pokémon spinoff games?

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    Default What are your favorite Pokémon spinoff games?

    There are so many interesting Pokémon spin off games so which ones are your favorite?

    Some of my favorites are the mystery dungeon games. They have really good stories, characters, and personality to them.

    I also like the puzzle games, Puzzle League, Puzzle Challenge, Trozei, and Battle Trozei. I find them really addicting.

    Another favorite is Pokémon Art Academy. As someone who likes to draw, it's an essential for me.

    There are tons of other spin offs I like too but those are my personal favorites.

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    I think the spin-offs are some of my favorites from the franchise outside of the main games. There's something a bit more fun about them that satiates me.

    Pokémon Puzzle League is my all-time favorite. Puzzle games are my weakness, and very addictive. I swear to you I suffered withdrawals when I realized I was playing it too much one year. My best memory of the game was defeating Mewtwo the first time I fought him in a minute-and-a-half. (It was Very Hard mode, but still, considering Gary's final battle always gave me a hard time, reaching Mewtwo was shocking and rewarding for me.)

    Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire was another addictive spin-off as next to puzzle games, pinball was another weakness of mine. If I had the original, I'd probably like that just as much, although the Ruby and Sapphire version was prettier to look at. I don't remember what happened to our copy, but I remember getting almost all of the Pokémon but one--I don't remember which, though, and I don't think we ever got it. Either way, I got the highest scores on both fields.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is probably the best the franchise has ever given us. I never thought I'd like the games as much as I did since I've never played a dungeon crawler prior to it. The characters and story were the most surprising if the games, I honestly never expected Pokémon to take a turn for the dark.

    Pokémon Snap was a lot of fun. We sadly don't have our copy anymore (I don't remember what happened to it), but it was a game I played a lot even if I never fully understood how the pictures were scored. I wonder if I could do so much better with it nowadays if I could play it again.

    Pokémon Stadium was nice since it was mostly my brothers and I who played it. When it wasn't Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, or Smash Brothers, we used Stadium to compete with each other. I believe we only beat the Gym Leader Castle once (that first time around, anyway), and we reached Mewtwo once (actually... twice now that we finally reached Round 2 a few years ago lol). The Kids Club was nice, and the GB Tower was an awesome feature. We never got Stadium 2 for some reason, although we had rented it from Blockbuster once.

    I've seen Chuggaaconroy's let's play of Colosseum and that was enjoyable. I regret overlooking it as a kid, and I'm sad I may never get the chance to play it for myself.
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    Mystery Dungeon is my favourite spinoff, I liked the story and gameplay of them better than the main games

    I have Conquest but haven't really gotten into it yet (Possibly due to the fact I got a 3ds shortly after)
    Pokémon Snap and Colosseum, I haven't played but would like to eventually.
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    Well first off for me is the PMD series cuz all the games were amazing hee hee. My second favourite spin-off game is Pokemon Pinball, which was my first spin-off game. I just wish I had my old cartridge. ^^; O and the Ranger games are excellent too, especially Shadows of Almia.

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    My favorites are PMD explorers of Sky, all of the pokemon ranger games, The pokepark games, and Pokemon Conquest

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    Favorite game of Mystery Dungeon - Time because it is the only one I currently have and it is enjoyable.
    Favorite game of Ranger series - Ranger 3 because there are many legendary pokemon in it.

    I also enjoyed Rumble Blast game as it is a neat idea of having Toy Pokemon and using them to collect others.
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