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Thread: Your Top Ten Animes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Darkness View Post
    1. Gintama
    2. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari/Nekomonogatari: Shiro/Monogatari Series: Second Season/Unreleased stuff
    3. Clannad/After Story
    4. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
    5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    6. Kill la Kill
    7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    8. Uchuu Kyoudai/Kyousougiga (TV)
    9. Aria The Animation/The Natural/The Origination
    10. Nagi no Asukara
    I guess it's time to rearrange this, I got at least 2 new ones and I think I'm kicking out the ones where I enjoy the manga just as much. And damnit, I'm going to do 15, not 10, because that helps cover my tastes a lot better than just 10

    1. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari/Nekomonogatari: Shiro/Monogatari Series: Second Season/Hanamonogatari/Unreleased stuff
    2. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
    3. Clannad/After Story
    4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    5. Kill la Kill
    6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    7. Uchuu Kyoudai
    8. Barakamon
    9. Aria The Animation/Natural/Origination
    10. Nichijou
    11. Nagi no Asukara
    12. Chihayafuru/2
    13. K-ON!/K-ON!!
    14. Angel Beats
    15. Hidamari Sketch/Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
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    1. Tokyo Ghoul
    2. Terra Formars
    3. Free! Eternal Summer
    4. Akuma no Riddle
    5. Love Stage!
    6. Hanayamata
    7. Love Live! Season 2
    8. Mekakucity Actors
    9. Bakumatsu Rock!
    10. Noragami

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    In no specific order:
    Any Gundam series that isn't: Seed, Seed Destiny, or AGE
    Cowboy Bebop
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Gurren Lagann
    Eureka 7
    The Disappearance of Haruhi
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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousHeartless View Post
    Kill la Kill is finished. Time to update.

    1. Kill la Kill. I have no words. If you like TV or just anything at all, go watch this anime. Now.
    2. Trigun. Disregarding Badlands Rumble, I still really love this.
    3. Gurren Lagann. I should rewatch this.
    4. FMA Brotherhood.
    5. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple.
    6. School Days. Nah, just kidding. Persona 4: The Animation.
    7. Fullmetal Alchemist. Probably would be one higher, but the fact that I find Brotherhood overall better is a bit of a bad thing for it.
    8. Soul Eater. I rewatched the ending. The finale episode was so bad that it knocks the whole series down.
    9. Angel Beats
    10. I can't think of a proper 10th, so Dragon Ball Z just because it inspired Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which I absolutely adore.
    Been 8 months, let's do this.

    1. Trigun. After the excitement died down over KLK ending, I realized I still love it, but Trigun is better.
    2. Kill La Kill. Like I said, still love it.
    3. The Devil Is A Part-Timer. My new favorite comedy.
    4. FMA Brotherhood.
    5. The World God Only Knows
    6. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God
    7. Hellsing Ultimate.
    8. Gurren Lagann.
    9. Log Horizon
    10. Persona 4: The Animation
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