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    Status: OPEN

    Fics: Hero's Path: Cole, a member of the storied Journeymen League, embarks on a new quest to rediscover his inner fire after the Omega War. Accompanied only by six trusted pokemon, he tries to escape the demons of his past as he journeys towards the Edge of the World.

    Reviews Given: I follow the Fictionpress Review Game Depth requirement in all my reviews. It can be found []here[/url]. Also, I will never use "No spelling and grammar issues, good job," as a review point. That's cheating my system, and I'm a man of my honor.
    I may seem a little overly-critical in my reviews, but I'm not being harsh. I simply believe that if you sugarcoat and soften your blows, the message will not go through. Also, I try to balance every critique with something I liked.

    Reviews Wanted: I expect what I give, or at least a review of a decent length that addresses points to improve/fix/what have you.

    Story Qualifiers: I don't like fakemon, nor do I fully understand the concept of pokemorphs, so I won't review anything like that, simply because my review would come off as negatively biased. I also don't particularly care for fics where the only plot is romance. I have nothing against romantic subplots, but... I find full-out romance rather dull. However, I love journey fics, so I'm happy to review those.

    Reciprocates Within: Usually within 24-48 hours. But in incredibly rare circumstances, I'll play it safe and say four days.

    Completed Exchanges: None
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