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Thread: いぬととり(Inu to tori) Dog and Bird Together

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    Default いぬととり(Inu to tori) Dog and Bird Together

    Chapter 1

    Rufus yawned and stretched across the soft green grass that lay along Route 36. The warm autumn sun brushed against his milky tanned skin. A flock of Spearow flew lazily overhead, cicrcling around passing clouds that occasionally sheltered the boy from the sun. At sixteen he was on his way to start his Pokemon adventure, with his best friend, Falkner, who just the day before had awarded him his first Pokemon League badge. As Rufus closed his eyes, Angelo, his Smeargle, broke free of its'Pokeball and began to paint a picture on the ground. Letting the serenity of the day get to him, Rufus allowed himself to fall asleep, confident that Falkner would show up soon.
    After about thirty minutes of uninterrupted sleep, the boy awoke to a sudden pressure on his chest. Startled, he jumped up, almost knocking over and spilling his supply bag that Falkner has dropped onto his stomach. "What was that for, Fal?"

    Falkner stretched, reaching his left arm out towards the sky. "You were sleeping and you forgot your bag at home. I had to suffer through the lecture your mom wanted me to give you. She even made me repeat it to her so that I'd make sure you heard it later too." Falkner turned around and grinned at his comrade menacingly.

    Rufus gulped and got to his feet, slinging his pack around his shoulder. Trying to avoid the lecture he began to walk along the route, stopping to notice Falkner's change in appearance. "'re not wearing those ugly socks you normally where..."

    Falkner scoffed and walked along side Rufus, "They aren't ugly, they are traditional for the gym. My father wore these garments, as did his father and so on....Don't think a change of subject will spare you. As punishment you have to carry my things until we reach National Park." Tossing his bag onto Rufus's back, the older male walked ahead a bit on the trail and checked his Poketech.

    ", what do you think we should do in preparation for the next battle," Rufus asked, trying to get Angelo to take the extra bag for him.

    Falkner stopped for a moment and thought about what he knew of the Johto league. " will be going against, Whitney I believe, she uses normal type Pokemon so Angelo won't be at a disadvantage but not at an advantage either. Fighting type would be a dead ringer against it but so far Angelo only know Shock Wave...theoretically he could use Sketch on a fighting type Pokemon, but we;d have to go south to Union Cave, which is blocked off due to the ruin project...we'll just have to see what we can find in at National Park I guess..."

    "Alright then! Let's get going!" Rufus eagerly sprinted forward, passing Falkner and making his way past the road to Ecruteak City. "Last one there has to carry the other's things the rest of the day!"

    Falkner laughed and sprinted after the other, easily catching up. As they ran the sky overhead began to become cloudless, giving birth to a beautiful sunny afternoon in Johoto.

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    Chapter 2

    By the time the two reached the front gates of National Park the sun had already made its way to the center of the sky. Slightly out of breath, Falkner leaned up against a beam and looked back towards Rufus who was slowly approaching with Angelo at his heals. “Haaa, I win. ..You,…have to carry my stuff the rest of the day.”

    Rufus sighed and dropped the bags into the grass and keeled over. “Damn. It’s so hot today. It’s supposed to be Autumn! Let’s get inside, I need some water.”

    Falkner laughed dryly and helped Rufus get back on his feet before making his way to the front door of the visitors center. Tired from running, Falkner sunk into a leather couch and waited as Rufus purchased two bottles of water from a lady at the front desk. Settling in next to Falkner, the exhausted trainer began to drink his water, enjoying the cool sensation that was slowly spreading through his hot body. “Ahh, that feels so much better. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke before I could make it to my second badge. Speaking of which, we should find something to tell us what Pokemon are in the area.”

    Falkner took a swig from his bottle and then sat aside as he leant forward and pulled a book full of pictures and facts about National Park. “This might have something,” he said quietly as he scanned through several pages about the history and operation of the park. “It really doesn’t say much other than this place is home to many Pokemon….wait, here’s something. “

    Rufus slid over and rested his chin on Falkner’s shoulder as the boy pointed out a precautionary warning posted by the Park rangers. “What is it Fal?”

    “It says to beware of wild Pinser. Although rare they are highly aggressive when provoked and will use Focus Blast on anything that startles it. If you use Angelo’s Sketch on it, you’ll be able to use Focus Blast against Whitney!”

    Rufus leapt to his feet and pulled on Falkner’s wrist.” Let’s go then, I’m all charged up again. It’s time to find a Pincer!” After collecting their things, the duo and Angelo entered the park and set off for the areas of tall grass.

    Falkner called out Pidgeotto as he slowly followed behind Angelo and Rufus, who were dealing with a swarm of Caterpie. The bird spread its wings and took flight, enjoying the nice autumn day. “Pidgeotto, go out ahead and weed out all the Caterpie and Weedle.” The Pidgeotto gave out a small cry and circled around the area, picking up the small bugs and tossing them aside.

    For what seemed to be two hours the duo went around the park, fighting off bug and grass Pokemon in an attempt to find a Pincer . “Fal, I’m close to giving up. This is ridiculous; we haven’t seen so much as a trace of a Pincer."

    Pidgetto flew down and nuzzled Falkner as the gym leader patted Rufus on the back. “It’s only been a few hours. I’m sure we’ll find one soon.”

    Frustrated Rufus kicked a rock which ricocheted into a large group of bushes. “Ah crap…that hurt.” Slumping down, he picked up his foot and tugged off the shoe to make sure he wasn’t bleeding.

    Falkner laughed a bit and ruffled the other’s hair as he walked forward a bit. Irritably, he began tugging on his ear, as if something were stuck in it.

    “What’s up Fal,” Rufus said, removing his sock then rubbing his toes a bit for comfort.

    “I hear this …low humming, maybe more of a buzzing noise…” the older boy said, still fidgeting with his ear.

    Rufus shrugged and was able to pull back on his sock and shoe before he too began to hear it. “Hey, what is that?”

    Falkner turned back to the other and opened his mouth to say something when a swarm of Beedril caught his eye. “Dude! Run, I think you pissed off some Beedril!” Turning heel, Falkner began to sprint towards the fountain at the center of the park, leaving Rufus behind.

    Not bothering to tie his shoe, the young trainer bolted straight up and ran away, Angelo returning to his ball for safety. Flailing, the boy continued to run as far as he could to get away from the angry Pokemon, in hopes he wouldn’t be stung. As he continued to run, a shoelace got caught underneath his other foot, causing him to tumble into a bed of tall grass and the Beedrill to fly over head. Luckily he was unnoticed, or so he thought. Standing up he gave a little cheer for safety only to be head butted in the back by a Pinser. Crindging he turned around and fell back onto his butt and began to scoot away. “Co-come out Angelo and use Sketch on his Focus Blast!”

    Angelo popped out of his Pokeball, looking both ways to make sure the Beedrill were gone before turning his attention to Pinsur. For a moment the two stared off until the bug roared and used its Focus Blast move, knocking over Angelo who quickly used Sketch before being knocked into Rufus. Swooping down, Pidgeotto came to the rescue, rapidly poking at the wild Pokemon until it fainted. Gracefully the bird cried out and then returned to Falkner who stuck the Pokeball into his bag.

    “Thanks Fal…we were almost done in…” Rufus said hugging Angelo a bit.
    Falkner laughed a bit and helped his friend to his feet. “Can’t let you go getting killed by some bug Pokemon when I’m traveling with you. What would other bird trainers say?”
    “Yeah , yeah. I’m exsausted…let’s go relax and enjoy the day.

    Falkner nodded and found the two a nice spot under a shady tree. The bird trainer rested his back against the tree as Rufus sat perpendicular to him and laid his head in the other’s lap. “Hey, puppy-breath, find a different pillow…” Rufus had already fallen asleep from the fatigue of the day,” Damn it, you’re already out.” Falkner sighed and brushed his hand against the other’s bangs before resting his head on his shoulder and nodding off himself.

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    Chapter 3

    Rufus yawned loudly as he sat up to stretch, the sun was just setting at the edge of the park and the guards were about to ready their patrols. After nudging Falkner softly, Rufus began to put on his shoes and getting their things together.

    Falkner stretched a bit before getting to his feet. He scanned the amber sunset before lazily focusing his eyes on something brown in front of him. “Hey…Rufus, is that a Pokemon?”

    Rufus stood up and walked over to the object, examining it carefully, he noticed that it was indeed a Pokemon, in fact, a sleeping Hoothoot. “Yeah, it’s asleep though. A Hooter. “
    Before Rufus could move, Falkner whipped out a Fast ball and chucked it at him, pegging Rufus and ricocheting off the boy and onto the bird Pokemon.

    “Tch!!!! What the hell was that for,” Rufus yelled angrily as Falkner picked up his new Pokemon.

    “Sorry. My bad. Want me to kiss it,” Falkner joked pressing his lips gently against the other’s shoulder before dashing off to the Southern exit.


    Rufus tailed after Falkner, a hint of red glowing from his cheeks. Hurriedly they made their way south into Goldenrod, not wanting to be bothered by the authorities after dark. Making their way through the city, the boy found a small hotel and rented a room. Exhausted, the boys kicked off their shoes and fell onto the single full-sized bed that was in the room.

    “I’m still really tired,” Rufus moaned flipping off his shirts and tossing them aside. “I hope I’ll be okay to face off against Whitney…but with Angelo’s new move, I’ll be able to battle in my sleep. “

    Falkner snorted a bit as he undid his belt and slid out of his Hibari and into the small bed. “Don’t be so cocky. Whitney may be prissy, but she isn’t a pushover. You’ll be lucky that Angelo can use Focus Blast.”

    Rufus sighed and tossed off his jeans and flopped into bed. “I guess…could they have given us a more smaller room,” he asked as he tried to keep his legs from crossing Falkner’s”

    “What’d you expect for such a cheap price? Be happy we don’t have to camp out and go to sleep,” Falkner grumbled as he tried to find the right spot on his pillow. “Night Ruff.”
    “Night Fal…”

    The two slept peacefully throughout the night, though, somehow they managed to intertwine their fingers, as if subconsciously reliving a night of their childhood sleepovers. The two would runaround and explore Sprout Tower, then crash wherever they got tired. They held hands, scared to be separated during their sleep.


    Rufus lazily opened his eyes and focused in on a slow breathing Falkner. Quietly he lay there, trying not to disturb the other’s sleep. Already the excitement of challenging Whitney was rushing through his veins, the anticipation almost consuming him. Unable to hold back, he gently slipped out of the covers and untangled their fingers, having not noticed before made him blush slightly. After dressing, he slipped out of the room and made his way down Main Street, stopping only to get a bagel for breakfast. By the time he had finished munching it down, he had arrived in front of the Pokemon Gym. “Ready Angelo,” he asked as he released the Smeargle from its ball.

    The Pokemon nodded and quietly followed the boy into the main hall that was lined with lace and streamers. A young girl with pink hair perked up a bit at the two’s arrival and quickly went to stand at her end of the battle field.”Please to make your acquaintance. I’m Whitney, the Normal Type Gym leader. And I uh…” The girl paused for a moment…and took out a note card and began to read through it. “…And I will accept you, the Trainer. Point at trainer…oh,” the girl pointed at Rufus and continued on, “Please step forward. Call out your Pokemon when you are ready to battle.”

    Rufus blinked a bit then stepped forward onto his platform while Smeargle went out to the field. A clefairy lazily danced along waiting to begin. “Alright, I Whitney, take your challenge. Go, Clefairy, use Metranome!” The girl pointed forward as the Clefiary began to dance a bit. Suddenly a great flash burst forth from it, causing Smeargle to fall onto its tail and rub its eyes. “Alright then , now use double slap on his Smeargle!”

    Rufus stood shocked for a moment not knowing what to do as Angelo was slapped. Snapping out of it he began to cheer on his team mate. “Come on Angelo use focus blast and knock that ball of fluff over.” Angelo nodded and began to focus, taking the Clefairy’s blows. Finally, it released devastating pulse, sending the unsuspecting Clefiary into a wall. “Yeah! A direct hit!”

    Whitney pursed her lip a bit, trying to prevent it from quivering. “You won’t…you won’t get away with that so easily next time! Come out Miltank and stop this bully! Use rollout!”

    The Miltank gave a short cheer before rolling into a ball and barraging Angelo. “Just use focus blast on it,” Rufus yelled not noticing the Miltank had doubled back. Rufus watched in horror as Angelo was once again delivered a heavy blow. Thinking Angelo had fainted he, almost started off onto the field only to see the Smeargle’s tail flick about. “Alright! Way to dodge boy! “ Rufus swept the sweat from his forehead. “Alright, use Shock Wave before impact then follow up with Focus blast this time!”

    Angelo nodded and sent out a wave of electricity, causing the Miltank to stop rolling and lay paralyzed on the ground. Focusing once more, the Pokemon then sent out another wave of energy that smashed into the paralyzed Miltank.

    Upset, Whitney sank to her knees and began to sob. “No fair! You meanie!” Hurt, the girl began to toss rocks at Angelo and Rufus who attempted to dodge them. As the girl continued her tantrum, a few girls came out and helped her into the other room while one approached Rufus. “Sorry about that…she is a little sensitive. Here is your Plain badge. Good luck with the rest of your journey!”

    With that the girl ran off to comfort Whitney with the others, leaving Angelo and Rufus to celebrate. After a quick high five, he returned Angelo to his ball and quickly ran back to the hotel. Bursting through the door he greeted a rather displeased Falkner. “Look! I got it! I got the badge!”

    Falkner scowled and rose from the bed, already dressed and packed. “Well, that’s good for you. I’m going home. “

    Rufus stared blankly at the other as his arms sank to his sides. “What…?”
    Annoyed, Falkner pushed on Rufus’s chin, making the boy’s mouth close with a “cluck”. “One. Don’t hold your mouth open like you are a Slowpoke. Two, you ditched me. We’re supposed to be traveling together .”

    Rufus scratched the back of his head and looked up at the ceiling. “Sheesh, I don’t remember you being so touchy. Anyway, the only reason I didn’t take you with me was because you looked so tired. I thought you’d like the sleep…don’t be like that.”

    Falkner looked back at the other and glowered a bit then sighed. “Fine. But if we are to stick together, you must do something for me.”

    Rufus gulped as Falkner gave him a small grin and lead the way out the door.

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    Chapter 4

    Rufus sighed as he watched Falkner practically pressed his nose against the window. The condition for them to stay together was that he'd let Falkner take him on the Bullet Train. Already Falkner had received a Swellow in a trade and spent most of Rufus's money on food and they hadn't even made it half way to Saffron. The upside to this was that there were two gyms in Saffron City and he'd be abel to get right off the train and onto his Journey. Sighing he leaned over and took a nap.

    Moments later he felt his companion shake him vigorously. "Hey. We're here you lazy dog."

    Rufus grimaced and swatted Falkner's grip away and stood up to stretch out. "Stop shaking me bird brain...." Sighing he grabbed his bag and walked out of the station with Falkner and into the busy streets of the City. "Alright, seeing as Angelo would be weak against Fighting type I should go to Psychic gym and have him sketch a move then take it to the next gym!"

    Hurriedly, Rufus ran up to the largest gym to find that it had been closed down for renovations. Not giving up his enthusiasm he took off towards the next gym, with Falkner close behind. Upon reaching the Fighting Dojo he sank to his knees and turned back to Falknet. " lost its gym status..."

    Falkner laughed and cupped his companion on the shoulder. "Well that's bad luck. But fighting gyms are easy. My father used to battle with Chuck in Jhoto and would easily take him down in just a couple of moves."

    Rufus sighed and tried to block out Falkner's rant about how great his father was. As he stood up to brush himself off Falkner tapped him on the shoulder and shoved a map into his face. "This city is surrounded by others with gyms. Why don't we go to Celadon City? They have an amazing mall with battle supplies that might help you."

    Rufus looked to fall and began to walk towards the west exit. "Alright. Let's get going then. Time to get my second badge!"

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    Chapter 5

    Running far ahead of Falkner, Rufus leaped over a couple of a row of bushes and high-tailed it towards a large building in the distance. Since disembarking from Saffron City, he had caught a Growlthie and a Houndour, and had Angelo sketch a Water Pulse from a Wartortle. Unfortunately that Wartortle was owned by an angry researcher who chased them out of the reservoir they were cutting through.

    Falkner had taken to the sky’s atop his Pidgeot and followed close behind Rufus, gliding gracefully in the breeze. “Yo! Dog breath, next time you think of taking a short-cut, leave me out of it.”

    Rufus laughed and stopped in front of the gym. “Well, I got us here didn’t I?”

    Grimacing, the blue haired boy withdrew Pidgeot into his ball and landed next to Rufus. “After nearly getting us detained for trespassing.” Looking to his companion, he cupped the other on the shoulder with his palm and led him forward and into the building. “Let’s go get you your badge.”

    Pumped up, Rufus punched his fist into the air and ran out of the other’s grasp and into the lush green stadium full of exotic plants and grass Pokemon. “Let’s do this!”

    Spotting the leader at the end of the stadium, the duo approached the woman to find her quietly snoozing in a patch of sun that leaked through the overgrown windows. Clearing his throat, Rufus reached forward and tapped the girl on the shoulder as Falkner walked to the sidelines to watch the show. “Excuse me. Miss? I’m here to take your Gym challenge,” Rufus squeaked out, trying to hold back his increasing excitement.

    “Mmm,” the girl hummed as she opened her brown eyes and looked up at Rufus. “It seems I dozed off yet again. Forgive me.” The woman smiled sweetly as she rose to her feet and brushed off her bright pink kimono. “My name is Erika, leader of the Celadon Gym. If you wouldn’t mind stepping to your side of the field, we can begin once you are ready.”

    Rufus blinked and walked back to the other side of the field, a bit surprised that the woman was so quick to get the battle over. Pulling out a Pokeball, he tossed it high up into the air and released his new Houndour. “Come on out Hour!”

    Erika sighed and sent out a Victreebel. “When you are ready.”
    Rufus nodded and pointed forward. “Alright Hour! Use Fire Fang!” The dark Pokemon let out a bark and began to rush forward towards the Victreebel, its’ mouth wide open and glowing with embers.
    Erika smirked, “Victreebel, use Poison Powder!”

    The plant Pokemon began to wiggle its’ leaves and layer itself in a fine purple powder. Letting the attack of Hour’s hit, it screamed out in pain and shook the Houndour away. Burnt from the bite, it shivered and glared at the smaller Pokemon.

    Having ingested the powder from the Victoreebel’s leaves, Hour began to stagger, feeling his body being overtaken by a fever. As the two Pokemon stared each other down, the shook violently, both suffering from each other’s added status affect until Vicotreebel fainted with Hour falling soon after. Concerned for Hour, Rufus called him back to his ball and caressed it carefully. “You did a good job….I’ll get you to the Pokecenter soon.”

    Falkner leaded back in his chair and mused to himself. “Bet he didn’t see her sacrificing Victreebel like that in an attempt to get rid of his Houndour. But I bet she didn’t count on him having more than one fire type.”

    Erika smiled and tossed another ball from her Kimono, sending out a Vileplume. “Now let’s make this fast. I’d like to return to my nap.”

    Rufus smiled and tossed out Keith’s Pokeball and let the Growlthie run around the field in excitement. The boy looked up and caught the girl’s surprised look.

    Falkner chuckled to himself and leaned forward to watch. “Yup. She defiantly wasn’t counting on him having another fire type.”

    “Alright !Vileplume! Use Petal Dance,” the gym leader shouted as the Flower Pokemon began to rapidly spin and shoot out flower petals out towards Keith.

    Surprised, the puppy Pokemon gave out a small bark and began to leap backwards. “Keith, use ember on the petals!” Barking in agreement, the Pokemon began to shoot flames from its’ mouth, incinerating the petals. “Now! Use Flame Wheel before Vileplume regains its’ composure!” Barking once more the Puppy pokemon took off in a dash , letting its’ body catch fire before rolling into a ball and hitting the Vileplume dead on. Doubling back, Keith took a stance in front of Rufus and watched for the results.

    Not having been able to recover from the Petal Dance, Vileplume was unable to continue on battling. Frowning, Erkia returned the Pokemon to its’ ball and reached into a bag. “I concede defeat. You have the upper hand and I know when to quit,” pulling out a small badge she tossed it over to the boy and sat back down in the sun. “Good luck on your journey. I’d get your Houndour to a PokeCenter soon. Victeerbel’s poison is very strong.

    Rufus knelt down and hugged Keith excitedly as he fastened the badge to his backpack. “We did it! I’m so proud of you.” Reaching into his Pocket he withdrew Hour’s Pokeball and stared at it. “You did good too…I’ll get you to the Pokemon Center right away.

    Returning from the sidelines, Falkner led Rufus out of the Gym and let him outside. “Hey, hurry and take Pidgeot so you can heal up Hour. I’ll meet you in front of the Deprartment store okay?”

    Rufus sighed and clutched onto Hour’s Poekball, “Thanks Fal. I’ll make sure to be as fast as I can.”

    Falkner nodded and handed his friend one of his beloved Pokemon’s ball and watched as Rufus quickly mounted the bird and soared off into the city.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    All healed up, Rufus wandered over to a bench in front of the Department store and found Falkner staring up into the sky. Smiling he tossed Pidgeot’s ball back into the other’s lap and took a seat down next to him. “We’re all healed up. Thanks for letting me borrow Pidgeot.”

    “No prob. Here, take this,” Falkner said tossing a small charm at Rufus. “I won it from a machine on the roof. I kept trying to get one of a Skarmory but was only able to hook the Arcanine next to it. Knew you’d appreciate it more than me.”

    Rufus smiled at the charm then attached the Arcanine charm to his Pokegear and looked up into the sky with his friend. “Thanks. So where is the next gym?”

    “Heh. You’re already wanting another battle? Well, we can cut back through Saffron and go down towards Vermillion. If I’m not mistaken there is a gym there. There are also really big boats I want to see. I hear some are even taller than the buildings there.”

    Rufus laughed and stood up. “Well, then let’s get going. Time to go get my third gym badge!”

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