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    Default The Pokemon Saga

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever fan fic, so I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to be constructive when you give your reviews. I really appreciate all you can do to help me! Also, the whole story will be rated PG, unless otherwise specified by the chapter. Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: As of chapter 7, the whole thing will be rated PG-13, just in case.

    Note: Chapters 5 and on will all be beta-read by Absol6028. I'll still give credit to him individually in every chapter.

    Another Note: There is now a PM list. Yay! If you want in, post it in your review!

    PM List:
    Absol6028 (He's my beta-reader, so... duh.)
    Chimpchar (Convinced me to make a PM List.)
    Kutie Pie


    Chapter 1: Alakazam
    Alakazam was bored. Yet another annual conference to travel to. Only 30 minutes to travel over 5,000 miles for the annual meeting between the leaders from every species of Pokemon. Alakazam shut his eyes and held up his spoons. He twisted them to the right, then back to the left. He vanished.


    Alakazam reappeared at the annual Pokemon conference. As it had been since the start of time, the conference was at Mt. Silver. Alakazam took in the beautiful scenery. It was snowing lightly, and the cold sent a shiver up his spine. As he looked around, Alakazam could see both the Johto and Kanto regions, along with the Indigo Plateau. And as usual, the conference was filled with the hustle and bustle of old friends reuniting, and other Pokemon meeting for the first time.

    “Hello! Good to see you old friend!”

    Alakazam turned around and smiled at the sight of Azelf, his old mentor. Azelf had taught Alakazam to hone his psychic powers many years ago.

    “Hi Azelf! How has the lake been?”

    “It’s fine, but kind of boring. Wouldn’t kill you to visit more often.”

    The two made small talk for a few minutes, catching up with what had happened over the last year.

    “By the way, Arceus told me to ask you something.” said Azelf.

    “Arceus? What would he want from me?”

    “He just wants you to do the newbie introduction. Have fun!” Azelf said sarcastically.

    “Oh yeah. I sure will. See you later.”

    “Bye!” said Azelf, as he floated away.

    Alakzam was honored, yet annoyed, by this request. Only some of Arceus’ most trusted Pokemon were asked to do things for him, but newbie introduction was one of the last things he wanted to do. Alakazam would have rather mingled with other Pokemon, but he teleported to the base of the mountain, where all new leaders were supposed to meet. Here he saw 4 Pokemon. An Umbreon, a Vigiroth, a Dunsparce, and a Deino.

    “ Welcome to the annual Pokemon conference,” he began. “You may have heard about this from your previous leaders, but were never told about it in full. Here, the leaders of each species of Pokemon, who were appointed by Arceus himself, meet and discuss issues and news that has happened throughout the last year. You are appointed to this position for life, and will only be replaced if you die. Now that you are leaders, you may not evolve." The Deino looked very alarmed at this. Alakazam continued. "I'm sorry if you wanted to evolve, Deino, but you are a leader now. You can't evolve. Arceus will bless you with an Everstone later to ensure this. Anyway, in your position, you are basically the leader of all other Pokemon in your species. So if anything bad happens to your species of Pokemon, you will be held responsible and required to fix it.”

    “All by ourselves?” the Dunsparce asked nervously.

    “Of course not. You can ask other leaders for help at any time,” Alakazam explained.


    “Vigiroth!” Alakazam exclaimed. “Calm down. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Well, any more questions?" No one spoke up, so he continued. "Now come with me. It will start soon.”


    The conference was starting inside a secret cave in Mt. Silver that Arceus had created just for this event. There was a huge throng of Pokemon in the cave, with the smaller ones, like Sunkern in front, and the larger ones, like Steelix, in the back. There was a massive pond for water Pokemon, and many flying Pokemon were hovering in the air. In the front of the cave were places reserved for legendary Pokemon. Alakazam was sitting with the new leaders. Suddenly, a large, red Pokemon shouted from the front of the room.


    “Good evening!” chanted the rest of the Pokemon in the cave.

    Arceus then stood up. “Thank you Groudon. Before we begin, I would like to start with attendance. This will be called out in alphabetical order, as it has been since the beginning of time.”

    Alakazam turned to the new leaders. “When he calls out your name, shout ‘Here!’ Make sure to be clear and audible when you speak.”

    Attendance proceeded as normal, with Alakazam calling out his name between Aipom and Alomomola like he had for the last 30 or so years. Then, Arceus called out.


    There was dead silence in the room.


    Still nothing.

    “Darkrai. If you can hear me, listen. If you are pulling another one of your tricks, I suggest that you stop now, so we can continue the conference.” Arceus waited for a minute, then sighed, shaking his head.

    Many of the Pokemon started murmuring to another. They knew that if someone skipped the conference that Arceus would punish them. And no one wanted that to happen. Arceus was slow to anger, but breaking his rules could mean trouble for Darkrai when he did show up.

    “Everyone! Please be quiet!" Arceus said, with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Who here was the last to see Darkrai?”

    We has. We has just been visiting the Darkrai one weeks ago todays.” A Spiritomb had spoken.

    Arceus was suspicious of this, but kept it to himself. “Good. Where did you see him?"

    "Well, we mights have been willings to tell fors a price.

    "Spiritomb. Need I remind you what happened the last time one of your kind tried to trick me?" Arceus had said this non-chalantly, but it was clear that he wasn't going to be played for a fool.

    The Spiritomb shivered at the thought of what had happened to his former friend and shrunk back into the shadows. There was silence in the cave now. No one knew where Darkrai was, or what to do about it. But Alakazam had an idea. A bit of information stored away in his brain for many years came to mind.

    “I know where he is. Darkrai told me many years ago that he never left his home at New Moon Island except to come to the annual Pokemon conference. So, I think we should send a search party there to look for him. If he isn’t at New Moon Island, then we can assume something has happened to him.”

    “Good thinking Alakazam,” praised Arceus, looking a little relieved. “The search party should consist of some who can teleport there so we can get figure this out as fast as possible. So, that would be Alakazam, Xatu, Gardevoir, Claydol, and Beheeyem. Find Darkrai as quickly as possible, and if he is not there, report back to me immediately. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, Arceus.” They all answered in unison. Alakazam was excited by this prospect. Arceus trusted him enough to send him on a search mission? Things were looking better and better today. Although, he didn't like the thought of Gardevoir being on the search party. There was just something too... familiar about her. But Alakazam just shook off the funny feeling that he had. He just hoped that they found Darkrai soon. He was one of the few Dark type Pokemon that Alakazam got along with. Alakazam teleported away, and the others followed suit.


    2 days earlier, at New Moon Island

    Darkrai was lonely. He had been exiled here hundreds of years ago after causing trouble with humans’ dreams. Darkrai hadn’t meant to hurt anyone, he couldn’t help it. His powers just took effect.

    “Well, at least the Pokemon conference is coming up soon. I’ll get to see everyone there.”

    Suddenly, Darkrai sensed something. It was a trainer, rowing up to his island on a boat. The trainer looked to be about in his mid-20’s, and looked like he lifted weights in his spare time.

    “Finally, someone here on this island besides me! I wonder if he’s friendly?” Darkrai thought to himself.

    The trainer rowed up to the shore and ran his boat aground. Now that Darkrai had a closer look at him, he saw that the trainer had a string of Poke Balls around his neck. The trainer walked along the beach and spotted the small path that led to a clearing in the middle of the island. He looked around cautiously, noticing the lack of noise on the island. There were no cries of bird Pokemon, no buzzing of insect Pokemon. Absolute silence. When the trainer came to the clearing on the center of New Moon Island, Darkrai appeared in front of him.

    “Hello!” said Darkrai. It had been centuries since he had talked to a human, and Darkrai didn’t understand that the trainer couldn’t hear him. “Would you like to have a battle?”

    The trainer didn’t seem to pay any attention to what Darkrai said. Instead, he took a small capsule out of his pocket. It was purple, with pinkish lumps on the top of it. It was engraved with the letter “M.” Darkrai didn’t understand what this was. Darkrai had thought that the trainer’s Pokemon was in this capsule. But the trainer threw it at Darkrai.

    “W-W-What’s happening to me?” cried Darkrai as he was enveloped in light. He felt a sharp pain, like something was being injected into the back of his skull. Suddenly, Darkrai didn’t feel like breaking free. He just felt very tired. All he wanted to do was take a nap. He…was…so…sleepy…

    Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! The Umbreon that didn't have any speaking parts was a shout-out to bobandbill, because of the Umbreon in his Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum Fan Fic. Like I said, please review! I gladly appreciate it!
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