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Thread: The Magicka club!

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    Ehm... Were I am?

    Cool The Magicka club!

    For all the magicans liking to fuse elements! Talk about an epic spell, intense battles and more in the magicka universe! If you are interested in getting it, talk to another member. We can rewiev it exclusive for you. If you felt: OMG OMG I HAVE TO BUY IT!, join us here!
    We must have rules, here they are<
    1 No spamming.
    2 Follow all SPPF rules.
    3 Dont be rude: man crossing yr fricking water whith my bolt suced you up in a *BIP*. Nothing like that please.
    4 Dont ask for personal information, other than timezone and/or player name.
    5 Breaking any of these will result in a strike. One us a warning, two is a 12h ban, three is a 24h ban, four is a week ban, five is infinite ban.
    (Each month, you will be taken away a strike. Banned forever always have five strikes. Exploiting this for yourself=infinite ban.
        Spoiler:- Ban list.:

    [B] Thats the rules, here are your joining form[B]
        Spoiler:- Form:

    None, exept for me!

    Join us, all magicka fans!

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    You're not bringing people with poor grammar to concentration camps and gassing them, are you?

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    I am the most unlucky of all shiny hunters. I have been hunting for 2months now but I have been playin pokemon for 10yers so I'm no noob. My first encounter was a zigzagoon on my way to battle my rival for the first time in ruby... One problem; you have NO poke
    Oballs! Haha and I'm Sr for Mudkip and encountered the infamous Poochyena.

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