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    Quote Originally Posted by Feralninja View Post
    All three of those things could likely be tracked. If you guys had debit/credit cards and those kids were stupid enough to try and purchase things with them, you could trace recent transactions. If they had a shred of common sense, well, there are other ways. Many cell phones come equipped with GPS software, mostly for using map applications, but it can also be used to track down lost or stolen phones. Not sure how exactly, but I know it can be done. Some car keys also have a tracking chip, for just such a reason as this.
    Believe you me, Feral, we're smart enough to have figured this stuff out on our own. The phones, unfortunately, need to be turned on for us to track them with the GPS systems. We know where they were before they thought to shut off the phones, but they figured it out within an hour of stealing the stuff. We know who did it, and have an idea of where they live, but it's in an entirely different city from our own. We filed a police report, but response on that would require the cop to actually give a shred of respect for our case. We don't know that we'll ever get any of this back, but we're trying. It seems sort of hopeful, but the officer said so himself that the chances of us having any success with this are slim to none. My mom told me to completely abandon hope, but she's a pessimist, and Nox's family is more optimistic about this. We're sort of just doing damage control until we have the opportunity to take action. This really seriously sucks, though. I mostly just feel bad that both of us are paying for this, not just me.. We both lost hundreds of dollars' worth of games, phones, wallets, keys, etcetera.
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