(1)Read all the rules.
(2)My pokemon are legit so you shoudn't trade me hacked pokemon.If you trade me a hacked pokemon you must repay it.
(5)Negotiations must take place here.If you vm,pm me i'll ignore you. VM me only for time arrangements.
(6)Trades have to be done within two weeks.If a trade isn't completed within two weeks it will be canceled.

(1)You can see my friend codes in my signature and in my profile.
(2)My time zone is EST .
(3)IV's are put in the following order: HP/Atk/Def/Sp.A/Sp.D/Speed
(4)Everything in my thread is available in V Generation.
(5)I don't like RNG'ing, I enjoy old fashion luck breeding for some reason. Old habits die hard. On occasions i will RNG, but thats only if I get frustrated with my breeding.

Pokemon White
FC:3697 2021 1247

(1)EV Training. I Use power items, vitamins and pokerus. If you are not ok with either of this methods then I am not the trainer for you.
(2)Cloning. I don't really ask for anything. I just play nice. I realize not everyone can clone, so i do it for free.

(1)I use the following AR codes. EV/IV CHECK. Fast Egg Hatch. Max Items. Max Money.
(2)I love requests, specially when its for a novelty pokemon/set. DONT BE SHY.
(3)I'm one of those people who doesn't believe in having tons of clones of the same pokemon on every thread. None of my pokes are redis unless specified.
(4)The reason my EV'd are at LVL100 is because 5th gen doesn't have the Auto level up deal 4th gen had. It really blows.
(5)All pokemon can be nicknamable.

(1)EV Trainers, don't need credentials. I'm new, so I'll give new trainers a shot.
(2)Someone to help me make my thread "Prettier". Unlimited credits to whomever helps out.
(4)Gastrodon with Earth Power.
(7)BW2 move tutors
(8)EV'd Rotom W
(9)Shiny Egg Move Pokemon
(10)I need Most DW Females, and DW Males with good natures and IV's

All types comming soon
Grass Types(Some Available UT)

    Spoiler:- GRASS:

[b]Fire Types (Some Available UT)

    Spoiler:- Fire:

Bug Types (Some Available UT)

    Spoiler:- BUGS:

Psychic (Some Available UT)

    Spoiler:- Psychic:


    Spoiler:- BREEDS: