Welcome. To people who arent aware of the previous club, the Lacrosse Players/Fans Club, this is a club intended for fans of the sport of Lacrosse. Lacrosse ( derived from the French phrase "La Crosse" meaning literally "The Stick") is a sport invented by Native Americans. It was discovered by the French who watched the Natives play it. The French brought it to Canada, and it is still popular there. Lacrosse, or Lax for short, is most popular in Canada, Maryland and New Yorkof the USA, and is growing in other parts of the US, mostly in California, the Carolinas, and Ohio, making Lacrosse one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game is played on a field with 11 (12 in Women's) people on each team. Everybody on either team holds a metal/titanium/aluminum stick called a shaft. Attached to the tip of the shaft, is a pocket with a net strung inside to catch, throw, and cradle the ball. You earn points in the game by shooting the ball into the goal. The team with the most goals at the end wins.

I have designed this club for fans of the sport to talk about anything about the sport. Yes, this also inflicted the women's game.

1. Follow all SPPf & Club Rules applying to this club.
2. Use proper grammar here. I am a huge Grammer nazi
3. Don’t flame, please
4. Don’t ask to be a co-owner. That decision is up to me.
5. If you are going to post here, be sure to tell everyone (including me) that you would like to join this club.
6. NO ONE -LINERS! I despise them so.
7. Stay on topic. No talk about baseball
8. Don’t argue with me unless if you wanna get slashed.
9. Violations of any of these rules will get you three minutes in the penalty box (jk, you get a warning. Three warnings and you're banned.
10. Have fun, OR ELSE!