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Thread: Xosis presents: Journey of Red (PG-13)

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    Default Xosis presents: Journey of Red (PG-13)

    So I decided to try my English skills at writing a fan-fiction. It's going to be sort of my version of traditional Pokémon story with guy named Red (very original, right?). I can't promise that I keep writing this forever, but probably for a while. I'm trying to make a story that would be like my ideal version of Pokémon animation or comic plot, so it might end up being a lot like animation, or not. Any kinds of comments are welcome. Especially I hope that you tell me if I've used a wrong word some place and about grammar mistakes. I rated it PG-13, if you disagree with this, please tell me! So here, I present you: Journey of Red!

    Chapter 1: Romance Dawn

    Nidorino was only barely able to dodge Gengar's Shadow Punch.
    ”Nidorino, use Take Down!” Trainer yelled.
    Nidorino ran towards Gengar and tried to jump on him with all his weight. Of course this Poison-type Pokémon simply went through Ghost-type.
    “What was he thinking?” Commentator asked, “Even a kid knows that Normal-type attacks have no effect on a Ghost-types!”
    “Gengar! Finish it with Psychic-attack!” Older lady commanded.
    Gengar's eyes started to glow blue and in the next moment Nidorino was proclaimed to be unable to battle.

    “As expected from grandma”, Red said.
    Red was a 16-year-old boy who lived in a town of Pallet, in the Kanto-region. He wasn't any taller or fatter than the average boys of his age. He had a white skin and gray eyes. His hair was sort of brownish. The boy was wearing a red waistcoat that had a white collar. Under the waistcoat he was wearing a black t-shirt. Red had also light blue jeans and black-and-red shoes. On his head, he had red cap with white peak and a white half circle in front.
    It was very important day for Red, as he was about to start his very own Pokémon -journey through Kanto. He had waited this day for all his life. The day when he would get his first Pokémon.
    “Have you already chosen which Pokémon you're going to choose?” Asked Red's mother as he came downstairs.
    Red eyes turned in to the corner of small living room. There was an old Venysaur called Fred sleeping.
    “I've decided ages ago to choose Bulbasaur”, Red anserwed, “like you did”

    After eating his breakfast Red thanked her mother and said his good-byes to her. Then he took his yellow backpack and left outside where small little Pallet Town greeted him with sunny weather. He started to walk though this village towards the big corral where world-famous professor Oak waited for him with three starter Pokémons.
    On his way to the corral he ran into an another 16-year-old of his town. It was his old friend and rival from the school, Blue Oak, grandson of professor Oak. Blue had auburn spiky hair that pointed little left. He was white and his eyes were little more browner than Red's. He was wearing a black shirt blouse with short sleeves and purple jeans. His shoes were also black. On his waist he had white bag.
    Boys greeted each other with a high-five.
    “Big day”, Blue said.
    “Indeed it is”, Red answered smilig.
    The two continued their journey towards the corral. They talked about how long they had been waiting for this day to come and stuff like what they had done on their summer vacation. Soon they started talking about Pokémon.
    “I'm gonna go with Charmander”, Blue told Red.
    “Really? I guess that you have the advantage then, as I am choosing Bulbasaur”, Red said.
    “Hm.... And here I was hoping for some more challenge”, Blue said with a little disappointed tone.
    Red remembered well this part about Blue. He had always been the one who wanted the most challenging tasks in school and one who always beat all the video games on the hardest mode. Blue had always wanted to be the very best, and only doing things the most hard way seemed to be the answer to everything.
    “Is anybody else leaving Pallet today?” Red asked.
    “Yeah... I think that girl called Green from our school is staring her journey also”, Blue told.
    “Blond with big boobs?”
    “No, brunette”
    “With big boobs?”
    Blue only laughed.

    It didn't take much time until the boys were at Oak's corral. All around them they saw different kinds of Pokémon running, or playing or resting. Red had always wondered how someone was able to take care of that many Pokémon and if they all were really Oak's. Suddenly boys started to hear an very alarming sound. Heavy stomps came from the other side of the corrals fence. The two saw a very angry looking Rhyhorn rampaging right towards them.
    “Iron Tail!” Yelled someone.
    Suddenly boys saw how Raichu appeared and hit Rhyhorn with it's tail that had turned into iron. Rhyhorn fall down and boys were saved. Next, they saw professor Oak himself walking towards them. He waved his hand first. Then he took Poké Ball from his pocket and summoned Rhyhorn in it.
    “I'm terribly sorry boys”, Oak said, “This Rhyhorn was just sent to me and it became very angry when it was released from it's ball by somebody else than it's trainer”
    “Yeah... well thanks for saving us...”, Red said still shocked from the situation.
    “So you're here for your Pokémon, yes?” Oak asked, “Let's get inside then”
    Professor Oak's house looked very big from the outside, but inside it didn't feel that big. Reason for this was that most of the house was covered by his laboratory that was full of shelves with different kinds of Poké Balls in them and by some weird technical devices that Red had never seen.
    Oak led boys to the very middle of the laboratory where they found weird device that had three Poké Balls in it.
    “What is that device?”, Red asked.
    “It's not”, Blue said quickly.
    Red looked at Blue wondering what he meant.
    “It's just a very complicate looking table where grandpa likes to keep new starters”, Blue explained.
    Red smile uncomfortably when he saw professor getting little red in the face.
    “How about if we get down to business”, Oak said quietly.
    Then he took one of the Poké Balls from the table and threw it on the ground. Poké Ball opened and a Bulbasaur came out. Bulbasaur looked very confident and proud. Then professor took next ball and threw it. Out came Charmander. Charmander looked kind of shy and humble. Next came out Squirtle. This little guy looked calm, like it knew that everything would turn alright.
    “Bulbasaur, Grass- and Poison-type. Charmander, Fire-type. Squirtle, Water-type”, Oak listed, “Which will you choose?”
    Red looked at Bulbasaur and smiled.
    “My name is Red. How about it? Will you come with me?”
    “Bulba!”, Bulbasaur growled proudly.
    Oak handed over Bulbasaur's Poké Ball and told Red to keep good care of Bulbasaur. Red thanked and was about to call Bulbasaur into it's ball, when Blue suddenly stopped him.
    “Aren't you going to name it?”, Blue asked.
    Red looked embarrassed and so Bulbasaur looked like it wasn't that pleased about being chosen by Red after all. How could Red have forgotten something this important? Calling Bulbasaur just Bulbasaur would be as weird as calling human a human. Red had actually chosen the name before hand.
    “I'll be calling you Judas, okay?”, Red said to Bulbasaur.
    Bulbasaur nodded his head and returned to his ball. Red and Oak turned to Blue who was alredy crouched over Charmander.
    “Name's Blue and I want you to be my first Pokémon. I'll be calling you Amin”, Blue said to Charmander with friendly tone in his voice.
    Charmander swallowed and nodded. Blue took Poké Ball from Oak and summoned Charmander into it.

    “Now that you have gotten your Pokémon. I'm going to say couple of words to you”, Oak said.
    Red and Blue started to listen with much interest.
    “Your journey through Kanto won't be easy. You're going to have to sleep outside a lot and you're going to make food yourself outside a lot too. You're going to experience lot of battling and training. But you'll always have your Pokémon beside you, so you won't have to be alone. Be sure to take care of your Pokémon so they'll take care of you too. To help in the beginning, I'm giving you these”
    Professor Oak handed over five empty Poké Balls and a Pokédex for both boys.
    “With Poké Balls you can catch yourselves new wild Pokémon. You can carry up to six with you. If you carry more, the latest will be locked and you will not be able to open it!”, Oak explained.
    “So we can't catch more than six then?”, Red asked.
    “Oh don't worry, you can. After you've caught seventh Pokémon you go to the Poké Center, where you will find special computers which you can use to transfer your Pokémon here. I will take good care of all your Pokémon, so you can safely catch as many as you want”, Oak told.
    “How about this Pokédex. What does it do?”, Blue asked.
    “Pokédex is my special creation to help trainers on their journey. It works as an encyclopedia of Pokémon. Anything you need to know about Pokémon, you'll found it there. Also! Pokédex has all the information about you so you can use it as an I.D. Pokédex is also connected to your Poké Balls via wireless connection. It keeps count about your Pokémon registering everything that you've caught. When you buy some new Poké Ball's you register them in your Pokédex. This is how your Poké Ball's know if they need to be locked when you have too many with you. Get it?”
    “Mmm... Sure...”, Red answered being actually quite confused.
    He looked at Blue, who seemed to be little confused as well. Maybe everything would be clear when they'd get to see it in practise.

    Oak walked boys outside. Red was excited. Talks had been talked. He had gotten his first Pokémon. Now it was finally time to start going! He opened his Poké Ball, letting Judas come outside to walk with him.
    “Hey Red”, Blue said, “And Judas... was it?”
    “Yeah... what is it?”, Red asked.
    “How about a little warm up match between your Judas and my Amin?”, Blue suggested taking his Poké Ball from his belt.
    Red looked at Judas which growled with little excitement. Red nodded to Blue. Oak just shake his head, as he had guessed that this would happen.
    “Let's go Amin!”, Blue shouted while throwing his Poké Ball.
    Ball hit the ground and out came Amin. Little Charmander looked a little scarred, but seemed ready to battle anyhow. Red and Blue nodded to each other. Battle was about to begin!
    “Judas, Tackle-attack!”, Red shouted.
    Judas started running towards Amin with much confidence.
    “Amin dodge it and use Growl!” Blue commanded.
    Judas tried to tackle Amin with his side, but Charmander jumped backwards and let out a huge growl from its mouth. Judas' face twisted in a painful way as his ears filled with irritating noise.
    “Judas, don't let it bother you, it's just noise!”, Red yelled, “Keep on using Tackle!”
    Bulbasaur shook it's head and rushed towards Amin again. This time Tackle-attack did manage to hit, sending Amin a little farther and to the ground. Amin rose up with a little difficulty. He looked at his trainer asking for command.
    “Just use growl again Amin! Keep using it for some time while dodging Tackle-attacks”, Blue told Amin.
    Once again the growl filled the are making Judas a little irritated, but he didn't allow it to show and just kept on using Tackle as his trainer had told him to do. Bulbasaur rushed towards Charmander and tackled, but Fire-type dodged with a jump to the left. Amin kept on growling.
    Red started wondering what Blue was trying. He was making Charmander only dodge and use Growl. Growl was attack that didn't do any damage at all. He thought that Blue would be harder one to beat.
    “Come on Judas! We will win this!”, Red yelled, “Tackle!”
    Judas hit it's body against Amin's with full force. It was a clear hit, but much to Red's and Judas' surprise it didn't look that powerful. Blue's Charmander simply had to take few steps backwards, without even falling to the ground. Amin gain some confidence and smiled a little.
    “It was a clear hit!”, Red wondered.
    Bulbasaur looked puzzled too.
    “Why do you think Amin's been using Growl all this time?”, Blue asked.
    Red was a shocked. He quicky took out his Pokédex.
    “Growl-attack. Pokémon growls at opponent making opponent's attack power lower”, said the voice of Pokédex.
    Red was ashamed of himself. How could he have forgotten such a basic thing? Simply relying on pure power without actually thinking anything.
    “Amin! It's time for a counter-attack! Use Scratch!”, Blue commanded.
    Amin did was it was supposed to. It rushed towards Bulbasaur and used it's claws to scratch Grass-types face. Judas was pushed by attacks force a step behind, which Blue saw as an opening and commanded his Charmander to use Scratch again.
    Red was confused. His shame bothered him too much, making it hard to concentrate on battle.
    “Um... um... Eh... Use... Um...” He kept mumbling, “Growl!”
    Judas growled but it was no use. Amin's Scratch-attacks kept getting through. Soon Bulbasaur fell down with his eyes spinning around.
    “Bulbasaur is unable to battle!”, Oak proclaiemed (he had started to referee without saying it to the kids)
    “Nice job Amin”, Blue said proudly.
    Amin growled happily while his owner took out Poké Ball and summoned him back.
    “I'm sorry Judas... I really am...”, Red said.
    Bulbasaur snarled little angrily. He just wanted to get back in his Poké Ball to rest. He was disappointed. Red didn't seem that good trainer. But only time would tell...
    Red summoned Judas back in it's ball. He didn't say anything, just stared at ground. Was he really ready for this? Such a mistakes should be only done by ten-year-old, but not 16 like Red himself was.
    “Oh come on Red...”, Blue said, “Don't start whining now will you?”
    Red rose his head.
    “That's right. It was your first battle, anybody could have done a mistake like that. You can't lose your confidence now. You've got to get grip of yourself and think about Judas. You have to proof him that you are worth training him”, Oak instructed.
    “Don't start being emo man... It's retarded”, Blue said.
    “Oh yeah... right...”, Red said and smiled a little.
    He sure didn't want to be like those irritating emo main-characters that show many comics had. They were stupid. He was indeed still a young kid, with a lot to learn. Blue and Red said good-byes to professor and walked some time together. Then Blue gave Red his Town Map because Red had forgotten to buy one, and went back home to get a new one. Red himself continued towards Route 1.

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    Chapter 2: Battling for respect

    At the beginning of Route 1 there's a little hamburger bar. Red was inside the hamburger bar sitting in a comfortable sofa, sipping his cola. Judas, Red's first Pokémon, Bulbasaur by species, was lying next to him, resting with his eyes closed. Red had been walking for a while since losing his first Pokémon-battle against his friend Blue. When Red had arrived to the Route 1, he had decided to rest a little bit and try to make Judas forgive him for their embarrassing lost.
    “You are still a little pissed off for me, right?”, Red said.
    “Bulba!”, Judas growled angrily.
    Judas had never faced a defeat before this. When he was in a Starter Pokémon Breeding Center he was probably best of the all Bulbasaurs. He always won the training battles, he learned how to use Growl faster than any other Kanto-starter there. Some breeders even discussed about him being maybe even too good for a newbie trainer.
    “But you really should understand that it was my first real Pokémon-battle ever”, Red said, “I was nervous and arrogant”
    Judas didn't say anything. He had won his first battle ever at the Breeding Center, so shouldn't he be given a trainer who's able win their first battle too?
    “Oh come on! Let me try one more time!”, Red begged, “I'll proof it to you. I am better than you think. Next battle we end up in, I'll it to you!”
    Judas sighed, “Bulbah bul bul bulbah”
    What he meant was that if someone's once a loser, he'll be always a loser. Or at least this is what Red thought Judas was saying, based on his voice. Now Red started to be pissed off for his Bulbasaur.
    “Oh, stop being so arrogant! Who do you think you are? Some kind of master Pokémon that has taken over the world?”, Red whined.
    Judas didn't answer. Then Red had an idea.
    “Well... I guess you're scared that you'll lose again, huh?”, Red said mockingly.
    “'Ssaur?”, Judas growled angrily.
    “It's not like the lost wasn't at all your reason? Maybe you weren't the one that was good enough”, Red kept on going
    Bulbasaur screamed now harder than ever, making the whole bar take fright. Red knew that he did it. Judas would battle with him again, and he'd be able to show Judas that he's good enough trainer for Judas.

    “Excuse me but, are you Red?” Asked somebody.
    The one who asked was a very cute girl. She was a little shorter than Red, and white colored. Her eyes were blue, and hair long and brownish. On her head she had a white hat with red strap and red half circle (hat was probably same design as Red's one). She was wearing a light blue top and red mini-skirt. She had light blue socks and white-and-red shoes. She also had a yellow bag.
    “Yes. I am Red. And you are?”, Red answered.
    “My name's Green. We actually went to same school”, girl explained.
    “Oh right! I heard that you started your Pokémon-journey today too?”, Red remembered.
    “That is true, and I am here to challenge you in to a battle!”, Green challenged.
    This was exactly what Red was hoping for. Another trainer, newbie as well. It was time to proof that Red was trainer worth Judas' respect.

    Only a little moment and Red and Green were outside at a little field of grass. They both only owned one Pokémon each, so it was decided that battle would be one against one. Judas was already on the field, ready to face his opponent. Green took out her Poké Ball and threw it on the ground shouting:
    “Fight Nereus!”
    Poké Ball hit the ground, opened and out came Squirtle. Squirtle looked pretty easy going. Red was sure that it was the same Squirtle that he had earlier seen at the Oak's laboratory. Squirtle made a little greeting act with his hand towards Judas and Red. Judas nodded back and smiled rather evilly.
    “Let's get going then!”, Green yelled, “Nereus, start with Bubble-attack!”
    Nereus took breath and blew some bubbles out of his mouth. There were only few bubbles, but they flew rather quickly through air towards Judas.
    “Dodge to the left and use Growl-attack!”, Red shouted.
    At the same time he took Pokédex out of his pocket and quickly searced for Bubble-attack.
    “Bubble-attack. User sends damaging bubbles towards the opponent. Might lower opponent's speed”
    Judas dodged bubbles and started growling. Green's Squirtle covered it's ears, but it didn't help much.
    “Squirtle, interrupt his Growl with Bubble-attack!”, Green shouted.
    “Better to dodge Judas! They might not hurt a lot as you are a Grass-type, but they might lower your speed!”, Red told to his Pokémon.
    Bulbasaur took couple of steps to the right, but couple of bubbles still hit him. Like Red had said, they didn't hurt that much, but the stickiness might end up being problem.
    “Nereus, Tackle!”, Green commanded.
    Squirtle started running towards Judas. Suddenly, before Judas managed to dodge, his eyes popped wide open, like he had realized something. Sadly because of this he wasn't able to dodge Neurus' Tackle, which hit hard, making Bulbasaur fly in the air. However, in the air Judas made a somersault in the air, ending up his bulb pointed towards the opponent. Then with a quiet “bloff!” a little seed was shot out of the bulb. Seed flew through air and pierced it's way inside Squirtle's skin. Judas landed smiling quite proudly, even thought Nereus seemed like everything was okay.
    Red quickly checked his Pokédex. He found out that what Judas had just done was a move called Leech Seed, a Grass-type attack that shoots a little seed inside the opponent. Shooting the seed doesn't do any damage, but when battle goes on, seed sends some energy from opponent to user a every once in a while.
    “Excellent Judas! You've learned Leech Seed!”, Red shouted.
    “Hah, like that would save you from losing”, Green said.
    “Oh but you'll just see!”, Red answered, “Judas, we're going to win this! I have a plan”
    Judas shouted back for Red. This would really be it for Red. If his plan would work, Judas would accept Red as his trainer.
    “Nereus, use Bubble!”, Green shouted.
    “Dodge and use Growl!”, Red commanded.
    Pokémon did what they were told to do. Nereus shot some bubbles that were rather easily dodged by Judas, who then started growling. Squirtle was about to cover it's ears when it suddenly twitched because of the pain that Leech Seed caused as it send some of Nereus' energy to Judas.
    “Come on Nereus, you can handle it! Use Tackle!”
    “Just run away Judas!”
    Squirtle started chasing Bulbasaur to tackle it. It looked a little like children playing game of tag. Red told Judas to use Growl again. Squirtle bit the tooth and continued trying to make his Tackle-attack hit. Every once in a while Water-type twitched because of pain.
    “Stop that useless chase!”, Green screamed rather angrily, “Bubble-attack!”
    Squirtle stopped and started shooting bubbles.
    “Go through the bubbles and use Tackle!”, Red shouted.
    Judas hesitated for a moment, but decided to do as he was told to. He rushed true bubbles quite easily. It seemed that his Growl-attacks had made Squirtles attack-power so much lower that a Grass-type like Bulbasaur didn't get almost any damage at all.
    “DODGE, TURTLE, DODGE!”, Green screamed.
    Nereus was about to jump away, but then seed hurt him again, making an opening that allowed Judas' Tackle to get through. Tackle hit hard enough to send Squirtle flying and when it hit the ground again it was unable to battle. Green looked very disappointed. She took her Poké Ball and summoned Nereus in it. Without saying a word she left.

    “You know, I didn't know that Green's Squirtle would get twitched again right there during your last Tackle”, Red said.
    Judas looked at Red with a interest. He and Judas had now been walking together for a while since the battle. Red had decided to let Bulbasaur to walk himself for a while, so that they could spend some time together and maybe talk or something.
    “I thought that your speed would be enough to hit, or that if you hadn't hit then you would have been able to do another Tackle from a close and hit with it”, Red said.
    “Bulba...”, Judas said wondering if he really could have done another Tackle so quickly.
    “World is big and we've just started our journey. There's going to be more battles. Victories and loses”, Red said, “But you've got to promise me something”
    “You can't start blaming me every time we lose. Losing is part of life too, you know”
    Judas started to feel a little regret. Maybe he really had been a little too proud of his power? He really hadn't experienced that much. He didn't even realize how many Pokémon-species there were in the world before he came from Breeding Center to professor Oak's corral.
    “Bu... Bulbassaur ssaur!”, Judas growled.
    Red didn't know what Judas said to him, but he felt that he got the idea. He and Judas would be together for a while, maybe even forever, and that meant that they'd better become good friends.
    “Know what, friend? I haven't told you yet, have I? My goal”, Red asked.
    Red smiled
    “I'm going to be the very best Pokémon Trainer in the world! And you're going to be my right-hand-man Judas”

    It was a beautiful summer evening on the Route 1 from Pallet Town to Viridian City. Sun had started to set, making the air colored red. There weren't almost any clouds at all, so there was no need to be afraid of rain. Rattatas and Nidorans ran on the ground through tall grass. Pidgeys and Spearows flew on the sky or rested on the trees. Red and Judas walked on a path that was crossed over by many of these Pokémon. Red had started to wonder what Pokémon should he catch. There were Normal-, Poison, and Normal-/Flying-types on Route 1. Not that Red was certain if it was the type that he wanted to base his choosing.
    “What do you think Judas? Which Pokémon should I catch first?”, Red asked.
    Judas started to look around. No one seemed to be doing anything especially interesting. Every Pokémon on the road seemed rather normal. As an answer Judas just growled something that didn't really mean anything for Red.
    “Right... Nothing seems to look that special...”, Red said with a bored tone.
    Sudden scream woke Red from boredom. He looked in to Judas who nodded. They ran towards the high noise that they heard.
    They ended up at a little field in the middle of tall grass and some trees. In the middle of the field there was a kid looking horrified. In his arms kid had a Geodude that seemed have gotten it's *** kicked. For a Red's surprise in front of this kid there was a Spearow that looked quite normal. Red went to the kid.
    “Hey kid, what's going on?”, Red asked.
    Kid pointed at the Spearow.
    “That... That Spearow was able to beat my Geodude”, Kid said, “It's capable of using Steel Wing!”
    Red took his Pokédex.
    “Steel Wing. User transforms it's wing in to steel and hit's it opponent with it. Might rise users defense”
    Red looked at Judas trembling with excitement. Spearow that uses Steel Wing? That one must be caught!

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